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Unanswered emails were the bane of my life - until I spent a month in search of inbox nirvana
I renegotiate the terms of this week (with myself) and instead resolve never to check emails on my phone. This is because, as Gomes tells me, it is a “really, really stupid” thing to do. He describes a crushingly familiar scenario: you skim through emails on your phone, and half-read one that stresses you out. You can’t read it properly because it’s on a small screen which is “psychologically frustrating”, and you can’t reply because you get distracted – you so half-read it three times, growing more and more anxious, before you finally sit down at your computer, and realise it wasn’t as bad as you thought. To prevent myself from checking my email on my iPhone’s browser, I move the Safari icon so that it is nine swipes away. It works. I feel simultaneously triumphant and riddled with self-loathing.
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february 2018 by terry
Email isn’t the thing you’re bad at
So here’s the thing that you’re bad at, which is why none of the fifty different email apps you’ve bought for your phone have fixed the problem: when you get these messages, you aren’t making a conscious decision about: how important the message is to you; whether you want to act on them at all; when you want to act on them; what exact action you want to take; what the consequences of taking or not taking that action will be. This means that when someone asks you to do a thing, you probably aren’t going to do it. You’re going to pretend to commit to it, and then you’re going to flake out when push comes to shove. You’re going to keep context-switching until all the deadlines have passed. In other words: The thing you are bad at is saying ‘no’ to people.
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april 2016 by terry
The triumph of email
“Email has evolved into a weird medium of communication where the best thing you can do is destroy it quickly, as if every email were a rabid bat attacking your face,” Paul Ford wrote last year. “Yet even the tragically email-burdened still have a weird love for this particular rabid, face-attacking bat.”
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january 2016 by terry
Google's Eric Schmidt has these 9 rules for emailing
"7. Don’t yell. If you need to yell, do it in person. It is FAR TOO EASY to do it electronically."
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january 2015 by terry
Email Is still the best thing on the internet
"All this to say, email has soaked up many of the great things about the current web. It's pretty. It's convenient. Algorithms work over the raw feed to simplify the flow of information. Email, generally, is mobile-friendly and renders beautifully on all devices. These are the things that the current generation of web companies strive to accomplish. And look at old email, doing all that effortlessly."
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january 2015 by terry
Sentenc.es - a disciplined way to deal with e-mail
"three.sentenc.es is a personal policy that all email responses regardless of recipient or subject will be three sentences or less. It’s that simple."
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january 2015 by terry
Email overload? Read this.
"1. Keep your to-dos outside of your inbox. 2. Don’t respond to emails right when you get them. 3. Check your email only once or twice a day and don’t do it in the morning. 4. Train people to not expect immediate responses from you over email. 5. Have prewritten responses ready for the most common emails you get." I know the theory, just difficult in practice…
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december 2014 by terry
Email advice: how to take back control of your inbox
"Are you losing control of the number of unread emails in your inboxes? Do you feel like the working day and perhaps even the weekend could be spent just trying to stay on top of the deluge of messages? At this point does email feels like it's fundamentally broken? You're not alone. But BBC Click's LJ Rich thinks she has the solution..."
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december 2014 by terry
A(nother?) system for email productivity
"3. Anytime you're not checking email, close your email software. This way, you're not draining your subconscious energy continuing to wonder if you're getting messages. And definitely turn off any email notifications—audio and visual—for when a new email comes in. You don't work in a nuclear power plant (and even if you did, the truly urgent stuff wouldn't come via email.)"
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october 2014 by terry
Could work emails be banned after 6pm?
In many jobs, work email doesn't stop when the employee leaves the office. And now France has decided to act. It has introduced rules to protect about a million people working in the digital and consultancy sectors from work email outside office hours. Those are taken to be before 9am and after 6pm. The deal signed between employers federations and unions says that employees will have to switch off work phones and avoid looking at work email, while firms cannot pressure staff to check messages.
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april 2014 by terry
Email, the Godzilla of the enterprise
"Email crosses all lines and boundaries. Until we can find a better, and easier, way to work everywhere with everyone, email is not going anywhere. We can only hope that email can be a productive tool and not a burden in the next several years because like Godzilla, email is here to stay."
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april 2014 by terry
An E-mail Charter (didn't this used to be just called etiquette?)
We're drowning in email. And the many hours we spend on it are generating ever more work for our friends and colleagues. We can reverse this spiral only by mutual agreement. Hence this Charter...
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february 2014 by terry
Taming the Emailstrom III: 15 tips for sending emails
"Part III of a three-part series offers 15 tips for sending emails that focus on email creation and delivery. Part I provides 11 basic suggestions to control email, including setting a strong foundation, managing the flow of messages, and clearing your inbox."
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november 2013 by terry
Taming the Emailstrom II: 11 ways to better manage incoming emails
"Part II of a three-part series offers 11 tips to better manage incoming emails throughout the day – both at your desk and when you’re on the go – so you don’t feel like all you’re doing is triaging messages from others."
e-mail  productivity  recordsmanagement 
november 2013 by terry
Taming the Emailstrom I: 11 ways to control email
"Part I of a three-part series offers 11 basic suggestions to help you control email. Tips are provided for setting a strong foundation, managing the flow of messages, and clearing your inbox."
e-mail  productivity  recordsmanagement 
november 2013 by terry
An account of how mySociety used email as a customer support system
This is something I should be bearing in mind, as we're going through a little thing at work about help desk systems and how we can make better use of them.
helpdesk  e-mail  productivity  from iphone
may 2013 by terry
Automate common or repetitive tasks with Quick Steps - Outlook - Office.com
Quick Steps is a new feature in Microsoft Outlook 2010 that applies multiple actions at the same time to email messages. This helps you quickly manage your mailbox. For example, if you frequently move messages to a specific folder, you can use a Quick Step to move the message in one click. Or, if you forward messages to your manager or peers, a one-click Quick Step can simplify the task.
outlook  e-mail  productivity 
november 2012 by terry
Should I Send This E-mail? [infographic] | Daily Infographic
Another work day, another 100+ e-mails to read. Actually, I have my filters set up to lower that number to about 10 e-mails per day. But the point is, you’re tired of getting countless e-mails that are simply distractions from your life goals. Today’s infographic is going to hopefully prevent you from looking like a fool by determining which e-mails are appropriate to send.
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march 2012 by terry
Shortmail Opens Up New Front in the War on Email - 410 Labs
Shortmail's features are designed to relieve the burden of email overload. By requiring messages to be under 500 characters, Shortmail users are allowed to focus on the most important information, and are sending a clear message that their time is valuable.
e-mail  productivity 
february 2012 by terry
Inbox 10,000: Some Thoughts After A Month Away From Email | TechCrunch
"Further, another thing I learned in not responding to emails is something I’ve long suspected: one of the biggest problems with email is that when you do respond, it often prompts another response in return. This is due to the very thing I just mentioned: people think it’s rude not to respond. This creates a vicious cycle of a potentially perpetual email chain. And it often happens fast and furious.By not responding, you cut this chain off before it begins. And again, most emails are unnecessary, so an even greater percentage of responses are unnecessary. We shouldn’t feel bad not responding."
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january 2012 by terry
A "zero email" policy that makes zero sense - Good Experience
"According to this article (also covered by the WSJ), the French IT company Atos has discovered that its employees are becoming less productive because of the increasing onslaught of email. ... the CEO announced that the company will BAN EMAIL. This is a technology company with 74,000 employees. No more emails - internally, at least, as a few people outside the company still use the tool. If you work in X business, shouldn't you make sure your employees are good at X?"
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december 2011 by terry
Outlook Today: Your morning coffee before the onslaught - Outlook Blog
"Let's take a look at your morning. Chances are it takes you a while to wake up. You may need a shower, a shave, some coffee, breakfast, and maybe a chat with your loved one. Then—and only then—will you feel steady enough to wrestle with that onerous inbox of yours. I am very much this way: The last thing I want to do first thing is jump right into email. It's tempting, I know. How beautiful those bolded folders are with their brilliant blue unread mail counts, just itching to take over your brain, your time, and your life."
productivity  outlook  e-mail 
november 2011 by terry
Inbox Heroes: For Ari Meisel, Co-Founder of Less Doing, Email Is a Game | Betabeat
"The very first thing I do is set limits. There has to be some sort of benchmark as to whether or not your productivity system is working. I get about 400 emails each day but my limit is no more than 10 emails in the inbox at any given time. If I find that I’m consistently over that limit, either my system isn’t working or I need to be more efficient at dealing with the emails I do have in the inbox. The limit can really be anything, but it should be something realistic."
e-mail  productivity 
october 2011 by terry
Inbox Heroes: Mark Hurst, Author of Bit Literacy | Betabeat
"Ironically enough, many productivity systems only add to the stress. You know the kind: "Just add plug-in X, configure setting Y, install widget Z, and use this particular app and this 19-step process and you'll *begin* to get a handle on it." This may work well for software engineers who debug compilers for fun, but the other 99.9 percent of users are unlikely to adopt such a complicated system, no matter how effective it is for the elite few who can get it up and running."
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october 2011 by terry

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