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BDD Editor
So whether you are new to Behaviour Driven Development (BDD) or an old hand then you’ve come to the right place.

Use the Feature Editor to create your own BDD features without worrying about syntax and format.

If you find you don’t know where to start or you’re getting caught up on scenario outlines, tables, and backgrounds in your feature files then try browsing our sample files to give you a starting point for your Three Amigos sessions.
bdd  web-based  testing 
april 2019 by pfctdayelise
Automated Threat
Web Applications
OWASP Automated Threat Handbook
provides actionable information and
resources to help defend against automated threats to web applications
security  web-based  appsec 
february 2018 by pfctdayelise
Write your words
750 words - super simple private app to write 750 words/day.
writing  web-based 
february 2013 by pfctdayelise
Image Crop Tool.
web-based image cropping tool. v nice
useful  web-based  images 
october 2012 by pfctdayelise — the best meeting tool since pen & paper*
ok I don't have a meetings tag. and I don't want to start one. but this is a nice interface for taking minutes. the end.
work  web-based  useful 
january 2012 by pfctdayelise
mod_wsgi-pycon-sydney-2011.pdf - modwsgi - mod_wsgi - PyCon Conference Slides - Sydney 2011 - Python WSGI adapter module for Apache. - Google Project Hosting
Slides from 'Hosting Python Web Applications' presentation at Sydney PyCon 2011. This talk was also presented at Asia Pacific PyCon. The talk is not exclusively about Apache/mod_wsgi, but does talk about some of the different ways of running Apache/mod_wsgi.
pyconau  python  web-based  apache  mod_wsgi 
august 2011 by pfctdayelise
Vendor Map from The Real Story Group (formerly CMS Watch)
diagram showing CMSs, wikis ("collaboration"), blog engines, etc etc etc
graphs  web-based  software  cms  wiki 
august 2011 by pfctdayelise
Draftastic is a new kind of collaborative editor. We make it simple for any number of people to edit the same document at once without getting in each other’s way.

Co-authoring a paper? Copyediting the next big novel? Brainstorming that business plan? Sick of mailing Word files back and forth? Draftastic can help.
prose  versioncontrol  web-based 
january 2011 by pfctdayelise
Welcome to the Web API for the boilerpipe Java library.

boilerpipe provides algorithms to detect and remove the surplus "clutter" (boilerplate, templates) around the main textual content of a web page.

Just call to highlight the main content of an arbitrary URL.
opensource  web-based  compling 
november 2010 by pfctdayelise
Annotator | Open Knowledge Foundation

Open-Source Annotation Toolkit for Inline, Online Web Annotation

Simple javascript (+backend) library for web-annotation. Main goals were and are:

* Annotation of arbitrary text ranges
* Annotate any web (html) document
* Easy to use — 2 lines of javascript to insert this in your web page/app etc
* Well-factored and library-structured — easy to integrate and easy to extend
javascript  web-based  text 
november 2010 by pfctdayelise
IdeaTorrent is what can be defined as an "open innovation software": it lets people submit their ideas, brainstorm them, and vote on them. The most popular ideas and requests are then easily assessable.
That's a very interesting mean for a project to have an insight on the demands of his user base!
Used by Ubuntu. development seems a tad stalled?
opensource  web-based  feedback  collaboration 
june 2010 by pfctdayelise
Welcome to GLAMkit — GLAMkit v0.5.0 documentation
GLAMkit is a free, open source Web framework built on top of Django, specifically for the GLAM (Galleries, Libraries, Archives and Museums) sector.

The framework is made up of loosely-coupled components, most of which can be used as standalone apps, or as part of a larger GLAMkit ecosystem. Our loosely-coupled design approach makes it easy to integrate GLAMkit functionality into existing Django sites.
glam  django  opensource  web-based 
may 2010 by pfctdayelise
Webmin is a web-based interface for system administration for Unix. Using any modern web browser, you can setup user accounts, Apache, DNS, file sharing and much more. Webmin removes the need to manually edit Unix configuration files like /etc/passwd, and lets you manage a system from the console or remotely.
linux  web-based 
march 2010 by pfctdayelise
Tornado Web Server
Tornado is an open source version of the scalable, non-blocking web server and tools that power FriendFeed. The FriendFeed application is written using a web framework that looks a bit like or Google's webapp, but with additional tools and optimizations to take advantage of the underlying non-blocking infrastructure.
python  web-based  opensource 
september 2009 by pfctdayelise
Talk to Me: 5 Great Translation Tools
1. Forvo: Forvo is a fantastic crowdsourced language site where users submit, rate and share audio clips in order to practice proper language pronunciation. 2. Babelfish. 3. Google Translate. 4. TweetTranslate: The service integrates with your Twitter profile and allows you to translate your tweets into more than 40 languages. 5.BabelWith.Me: BabelWith.Me allows users to chat in more than 45 different languages.
translation  web-based 
july 2009 by pfctdayelise
The Long Tail - Wired Blogs
Terrific survey of free business models online

From Box UK, a survey of business models used by the top Web apps, most of them variations of ad-supported Free and Freemium. In the chart below, the largest segment (ITA) is ad-supported, the second largest (ISV) is Freemium. After that is referral (ITR) and then the sale of virtual goods (IPV), such as the gifts in Facebook.
freemium  web-based  business  useful 
march 2009 by pfctdayelise
Video Conferencing Reduces Travel Costs And More | Collaborynth
Dimdim is a web based Video Conferencing facility. Being flash based it is designed to support the three most popular browsers (IE, Firefox and Safari), and provide a consistant interface to all participants. It has the ability to host a white board, desktop sharing and more. It is hosted externally however there is an Open Source version of the conferencing software which could be downloaded and installed within an organisation.
nonprofit  video  videoconferencing  communication  web-based 
march 2009 by pfctdayelise
Aviary - Raven
web-based vector editor. looks shiny. uses flash.
vector  web-based  images  editing 
february 2009 by pfctdayelise
Getting Real
book written by the people from 37signals - looks like a handbook for how to boostrap a web-based service startup.
startups  web-based  books  useful 
january 2009 by pfctdayelise
Wish list - Autonomous
This is a list of useful software services that would be well-served with Open Service implementations. Some may also be candidates free software P2P implementation.
freeservice  freesoftware  web-based 
august 2008 by pfctdayelise

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