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About Freeseer — Freeseer 3.0.0 documentation
Freeseer (pronounced free-see-ar) is a free, open source, cross-platform application that captures or streams your desktop. It’s designed for capturing presentations, and has been succesfully used at many open source conferences to record hundreds of talks (which can be seen at Though designed for capturing presentations, it can also be used to capture demos, training materials, lectures, and other videos.

Freeseer is written in Python, uses Qt4 for its GUI, and Gstreamer for video/audio processing. Freeseer is based on open standards and supports royalty free audio and video codecs.

Freeseer can be used by everyone but is aimed at organizations and personalities who are actively involved in conferences or events and have to record many presentations and talks in a short period of time.

Freeseer will be most useful for:

Presenters who want to record their own talks using a simple application that has virtually no learning curve, and covers all their basic needs.

Conference Staff who want easier ways to manage the recording of talks, and record talks with top audio and video quality.

Instructors like professors, bloggers, or consultants who want an easy way to record their lectures, tutorials, or training material to later share with others.
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YouTube - Printing books from Wikibooks
screencast of the MediaWiki extension called Collections on Wikibooks. see also PediaPress
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by Anne Gentle. How to log in, create a new chapter, edit it, insert images, and rearrange the chapter order.
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