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Neurosexism - linuxconfau -
"Neurosexism" lightning talk: Geek feminism-focused review of the book "Delusions of Gender" by Cordelia Fine.

Also, slides:
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february 2011 by pfctdayelise
Bringing robotics to girls
Teaching in London and Melbourne
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september 2009 by pfctdayelise
Making Light: Permission to suck
It works like this:
Don't really know why guys makes comments recounting every woman they've ever worked with in IT.
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july 2009 by pfctdayelise
unicornlaw » Tagalus
It is: "If you are a woman in Open Source you will eventually give a talk about being a woman in Open Source."
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june 2009 by pfctdayelise
Journal of jarich (4909)
Jarich's post about why a Perl blogging competition called "Iron Man" is poorly named, and some mega hostile flaming in response.
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april 2009 by pfctdayelise
Running a small business
interesting! Course (mailing list posts) written for/by LinuxChix.
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june 2007 by pfctdayelise
woot. a local chapter. don't seem to be too active though...
linuxchix  australia 
june 2007 by pfctdayelise

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