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Terms of Service; Didn't Read
We are a user rights initiative to rate and label website terms & privacy policies, from very good class A to very bad class E
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august 2012 by pfctdayelise
International Free and Open Source Software Law Review
The International Free and Open Source Software Law Review (IFOSS L. Rev.) is a collaborative legal publication aiming to increase knowledge and understanding among lawyers about Free and Open Source Software issues. Topics covered include copyright, licence implementation, licence interpretation, software patents, open standards, case law and statutory changes.
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july 2009 by pfctdayelise
PILCH - Welcome to PilchConnect
V cheap seminars, useful advice for not-for-profits in Victoria
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april 2009 by pfctdayelise
Wikisource:United States copyright case law - Wikisource
wow. awesomely useful and interesting index of US court cases relating to copyright law. Wikisource rocks.:D
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december 2007 by pfctdayelise

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