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Kate Heddleston
Improving Diversity Does Not Mean Lowering the Bar
november 2015 by pfctdayelise
Take action now on STEM skills shortage: Women in Tech panel
While it's essential for coding to be a part of the national curriculum, Australia needs both short and long-term strategies that address the 600,000 strong STEM skills shortage.

This was the major conclusion of a Women in Tech event hosted at the Hey You offices in Sydney as part of Start Up Week whose panel included Deputy Opposition Leader Tanya Plibersek, founder and CEO of Posse Rebekah Campbell, Member for Griffith Terri Butler, founding director of Red Balloon and host of Shark Tank Naomi Simson and Managing Director and Principal Consultant of We Know HR Jodette Cleary.
geekfeminism  australia  startups 
october 2015 by pfctdayelise
Toptal Scholarships For Female Developers | Toptal
Toptal are offering 12 scholarships worth $5000 and one-on-one mentoring, over 12 months, to girls and women aged 13 and over anywhere in the world.
geekfeminism  scholarship  women 
october 2015 by pfctdayelise
Weather forecasters predict better services for women
"Conference on the Gender Dimensions of Weather and Climate Services
Universal Access" organised by the World Meteorological Organization.
weather  women  geekfeminism 
november 2014 by pfctdayelise
Velma Magazine | Code. Design. Start.
" Austin’s first and only women in tech publication.
Code. Design. Start."
september 2014 by pfctdayelise
Volunteer to help mentor one of 16 women starting a career in programming - Meta Stack Overflow
Stack Exchange is looking for women developers to be mentors for women taking part in a developer bootcamp. Their post generates over 100 comments in 5 hours with no shortage of hand wringing about "sexism" (by preferencing female mentors) and "affirmative action". There is even the dire warning, "The distance from here to C+= is not far." [C+= :]
august 2014 by pfctdayelise
Puzzle Trouble: Women and Crosswords in the Age of Autofill | The American Reader
Essay on the numbers and experience of women in the crossword-making field.

A “pastime of privilege,” puzzle-making requires very specialized skills and offers very little compensation. In this sense, it’s remarkably well suited to the brogrammer culture skewered on shows like HBO’s Silicon Valley—spaces buzzing with mental agility and free-floating virginity. It’s not that women aren’t up to the challenge of tech-based constructing...but the decline in female puzzle-makers may be a symptom of the aesthetics of tech culture, not the technology itself.
geekfeminism  games  crosswords 
august 2014 by pfctdayelise
On Balancing Career and Family as a Woman of Color -
Certainly, being confronted with a racist potential babysitter won't top most people's lists of most challenging life moments. It doesn't even top mine. But the incident was a painful reminder that for women of color—including women who are as privileged as I am, working in the same kinds of high-pressure circles—questions about work and life and career can be far more complicated than for similarly situated white women.
geekfeminism  women  work  race  usa 
august 2014 by pfctdayelise
This Is What Tech’s Ugly Gender Problem Really Looks Like | Business | WIRED
“Hire a young guy in a hoodie,” he said. “I laughed,” Atwood remembers. “Then I said: ‘That’s a great point, but the reason why there’s no solution on the market today is because this isn’t a 21-year-old-kid-in-a-hoodie problem.’”
july 2014 by pfctdayelise
Tinder, Women, and the Question Every Investor Should Ask | TIME
In that simple question—”Do you have a woman co-founder?”—men must acknowledge the lack of gender diversity on their founding teams, often for the first time.
geekfeminism  startups 
july 2014 by pfctdayelise
Women in male-dominated industries: A toolkit of strategies (2013) | Australian Human Rights Commission
"This toolkit is designed to assist leaders in organisations to develop and implement constructive and sustainable strategies to increase the representation of women in non-traditional roles in male-dominated industries. It provides practical suggestions and examples of different kinds of workplace strategies and mechanisms across four areas of: attraction, recruitment, retention and development of women. "
geekfeminism  women  work  australia 
june 2014 by pfctdayelise
Is Coding the New Literacy? | Mother Jones
A nuanced and thoughtful look at the benefits of "computational thinking" (as opposed to insisting everyone must learn to program). Looks at how computer science is treated in the US K-12 curriculum.
geekfeminism  education  programming 
june 2014 by pfctdayelise
Katie Miller - Keynote: Composing a Functional Community on Vimeo
Katie Miller, co-founded of women's functional programming group Lambda Ladies, has given a keynote at the Erlang User Conference entitled "Composing a Functional Community". Slides are at
geekfeminism  functionalprogramming  video 
june 2014 by pfctdayelise
FOSS4G 2014 » Discounts and Grants
" Because we believe that a diverse community is a stronger community, we’ve dedicated 50% of our funds for women and minority attendees — these people have been traditionally underrepresented in the open source community and we believe it is important to work to bring that to an end."
may 2014 by pfctdayelise
Born With Curiosity: The Grace Hopper Documentary | Indiegogo
Closes June 7, raising US$45,000 for a documentary on Grace Hopper.
may 2014 by pfctdayelise
Mobile User Experience Conference 2014
Mobile UX conference happening in May in Virginia with nearly 50% women speakers.
april 2014 by pfctdayelise
San Fran tech types: what you need to know to move to Oakland | Live Work Oakland
"And most importantly, I’d like these young dudes coming to my town to actually see ALL the people coming up in tech in Oakland around me–the many Black, Latino, queer, female, and trans folks who, like all of us, show up in so many different ages, styles, and sizes, but who have a place, just like the white bros do."
april 2014 by pfctdayelise
Women in Tech Panel Event | New York City | General Assembly
Women in Tech panel in NYC on April 3rd, proceeds from ticket sales going to the Girls Who Code organisation.
march 2014 by pfctdayelise
Spyware's role in domestic violence
[trigger warning: domestic violence]

"In a Victorian study last year, 97 per cent of domestic violence workers reported that perpetrators were using mobile technologies to monitor and harass women in domestic situations.

"Two-thirds of the 46 victims interviewed said they were made to feel like they were being watched or tracked, yet less than half told somebody about it.

"One victim's partner was monitoring her emails after hacking her account and another had her Facebook page saturated with graphic information by a former partner. One woman was tracked to a refuge using a GPS-based smartphone application."

The Australian Law Reform Commission is currently running an inquiry into privacy laws in the digital era. [link:]
geekfeminism  domesticviolence  australia  privacy 
march 2014 by pfctdayelise
"A community dedicated to ensuring women are always part of the public dialog" - halls of 'fame and shame' for conferences, panels etc which don't have many/any women
geekfeminism  women  conferences  speaking 
march 2014 by pfctdayelise
Motherboard Podcast | Conversations with mothers in the tech industry
The Motherboard Podcast, "A podcast of conversations with mothers working in technology, sharing their stories, challenges, triumphs, and ideas for change", which held a successful Kickstarter campaign in Dec 2013, has just published its first interview, with UX designer Máirín Duffy.
geekfeminism  women  podcast  motherhood 
march 2014 by pfctdayelise
Yoga and a healthy breakfast to get women hacking
Interview with Tammy Butow, organiser of Girl Geek Dinners Melbourne, about the upcoming She Hacks hackathon taking place in Melbourne and Sydney.
geekfeminism  ggd  melbourne 
march 2014 by pfctdayelise
Open Sourcing Feminism: The Challenge of Collective Intelligence in 2014 | Loomio
Interesting reflections from Vivien Maidaborn, one of the two female founders of, on women's participation in "civic-tech" and open source.
geekfeminism  floss  civic-tech 
march 2014 by pfctdayelise
Twitter / KaporCenter: What does the pipeline to tech ...
What does the pipeline to tech look like for Black + Latina/o communities? (infographic)
february 2014 by pfctdayelise
An Interview with Porpentine, Maker of Mutant Feminist Cyber Games | The Hairpin
"90% of making a game is dealing with the physical and emotional exhaustion of constant harassment, misogyny and transphobia in my field. The rest is where I come in."
geekfeminism  games 
january 2014 by pfctdayelise
IT HAPPENED TO ME: I Am Part of a Comics Community Where Men Continually Rape and Abuse Women and No One Cares | xoJane
"Let’s continue to find ways to grow as a community of [comics] fans and creators, to include everyone and give us a safe and welcoming place to call home." (Textbook case of male privilege includes not being socially excluded despite repeated events of creepiness. )
january 2014 by pfctdayelise
Interview with Susan Murphy, Genius Grant-Winning Statistician | The Hairpin
Interview with Susan Murphy, a statistician who received a Genius Grant from the MacArthur Foundation in 2013.
january 2014 by pfctdayelise
Game On Ladies |
A guy logs into his wife's Mass Effect account and is shocked, truly shocked, at the gendered abuse that gets slung his way.
january 2014 by pfctdayelise
The Hour of Code - ELLE
ELLE piece on's Hour of Code. Brief interviews with Adda Birnir (founder of, Rachel Ober (software developer at, Erin Kidwell (developer & creative technology consultant), Laura Brown (engineer at
december 2013 by pfctdayelise
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