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Is Coding the New Literacy? | Mother Jones
A nuanced and thoughtful look at the benefits of "computational thinking" (as opposed to insisting everyone must learn to program). Looks at how computer science is treated in the US K-12 curriculum.
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june 2014 by pfctdayelise
Policy: Twenty tips for interpreting scientific claims : Nature News & Comment
Policy: Twenty tips for interpreting scientific claims

William J. Sutherland,
David Spiegelhalter
& Mark Burgman

20 November 2013

This list will help non-scientists to interrogate advisers and to grasp the limitations of evidence, say William J. Sutherland, David Spiegelhalter and Mark A. Burgman.
science  education  useful 
december 2013 by pfctdayelise
Aim for the Stars | Foundation Blog - Applications for 2011 Grants are Open!
Applications for 2011 grants are now open and the Foundation is inviting girls and women across Australia whether they are an academic, an athlete, an artist or even an archaeologist to apply. An opportunity exists for all females striving to achieve their goals.

Aim for the Stars is offering grants which include the following:

* $1,500 "Kickstart" grant – 12 to 16 years
* $1,500 "Environmental grant – 12 years and above
* $3,000 "Individual" grant – 16 years and above
* $3,000 "Athlete with a Disability" grant – 16 years and above
* $6,000 "Group" grant - 2 or more people 12 years and above

Grant applications close 12 November 2010. Grants will be awarded at the discretion of the Foundation, to deserving applicants who meet the criteria and best demonstrate their aspirations to further their education and/or personal development.
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october 2010 by pfctdayelise
Video – Students Building Legacy with Wikipedia | November Learning
I would like to share a video that was developed by Pat Kyle, a teacher in the Washington D.C. Public School System who worked with a group of students on the early stages of a project called Stories from Shaw. These students, with the help of Pat, a local public librarian and others within the community, are working to build up a written history of places in their community for inclusion within Wikipedia. Their first piece, still in progress, was written about Shiloh Baptist Church.
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march 2010 by pfctdayelise
The beauty of "Some Rights Reserved": Introducing Creative Commons to librarians, faculty, and students
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november 2008 by pfctdayelise
start · Rip Mix Learners
Get students to record lectures and lecture notes to share with other students. brilliant!
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october 2008 by pfctdayelise
Powerset Blog : Survey: College students love Wikipedia (profs not so happy)
(survey of 200 students) - Though 90% of students have used Wikipedia to complete an assignment, a surprising 73% of students have been explicitly told by their professor not to use Wikipedia.
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september 2008 by pfctdayelise
Educational Media Awareness Campaign - Wikiversity
Goals: 1. To help educators make the best use possible of the internet in terms of finding media to use in their learning resources.
2. To help educators integrate media into their learning resources both correctly and legally, paying attention to re-usability for others and permissions issues.
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august 2008 by pfctdayelise
Wikipedia:Wikipedia Signpost/2008-05-09/Dispatches - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Two university projects in short succession have shown strikingly different outcomes with respect to the relationship between Wikipedia and educational institutions.
wikipedia  education 
may 2008 by pfctdayelise
Wikipedia project is a class act - web - Technology -
UNSW Prof has just completed a 10-week project with his advanced immunology class, requiring students to correct errors and fill the gaps in Wikipedia articles related to immunology.
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february 2008 by pfctdayelise

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