Tumble Polisher Smooths Parts With Ease | Hackaday
When you’re 3D printing parts, it’s easy to create pieces with all manner of complex geometry. However, you’re often stuck dealing with unsightly layer lines and other surface imperfections. [reitter_m] chooses to get around this through the use of a tumble polisher of his own design.

The polisher uses a drum made out of a glass jar sourced from IKEA. A 3D printed gear is printed to size, and then fitted around the outside. This allows the drum to be turned by a motor fitted into the base of a 3D printed cradle. A simple gear motor is used to spin the drum nice and slowly, powered by a 12 V, 500 mA supply.
hackaday  3dprinting  polishing 
5 hours ago
HalloWing Badge Image Viewer @ Adafruit
This mini guide will show you how to display graphics on the HalloWing's TFT screen using CircuitPython. This can be a lot of fun when paired with the lanyard if you'd like to make your own personalized conference badge or "HELLO MY NAME IS:" sign!
adafruit  led  badge  circuitpython  python 
9 hours ago
MONSTER M4SK | Adafruit Learning System
Peep dis! Have you always wanted to have another pair of eyes on the back of your head? Or outfit your costume with big beautiful orbs? The MONSTER M4SK is like the Hallowing but twice as good, with two gorgeous 240x240 pixel IPS TFT displays, driven by a 120MHZ Cortex M4 processor that can pump out those pixels super fast. You'll get the same quality display as our Raspberry Pi Eyes kit but without needing to tote around a full Linux computer
led  adafruti  mask  eyes  cosplay  halloween 
9 hours ago
Rezz-Inspired NeoPixel Glasses | Adafruit Learning System
Build your own REZZ inspired glasses with NeoPixels and CircuitPython. 3D print the parts and use the Adafruit ItsyBitsy M4 to make hypnotic NeoPixel animations! Learn how to solder components and get started programming with CircuitPython.
adafruit  neopixel  glasses  wearable  python  circuitpython 
9 hours ago
RFC 2502 - Limitations of Internet Protocol Suite for Distributed Simulation
The Large-Scale Multicast Applications (LSMA) working group was
chartered to produce documents aimed at a consensus based development
of the Internet protocols to support large scale multicast
applications including real-time distributed simulation. This memo
defines services that LSMA has found to be required, and aspects of
the Internet protocols that LSMA has found to need further
development in order to meet these requirements.
rfc  ietf  simulation  multicast  distributed 
11 hours ago
Austere Engineering Hack Chat | Hackaday
For most of us, building whatever it is that needs building is something that occurs in relative comfort and abundance. Sure, there are cold workshops and understocked parts bins to deal with, but by and large, we’re all working in more or less controlled environments where we can easily get to the tools and materials we need to complete the job.

But not all engineering is done under such controlled conditions. Field operations often occur miles from civilization, and if whatever you need is not in the back of the truck, it might as well not exist. At times like this, the pressure is on to adapt, improvise, and overcome to get the job done, especially if people’s lives and well-being are at stake.
hacakday  austere  engineering  disaster  adtinc 
11 hours ago
Tomu USB computer| Crowd Supply
Tomu is a programmable computer that fits inside a USB port. It is user-programmable, has two buttons and two LEDs, and can be used for everything from a hobbyist device to a U2F security token.
tomu  arm  usb  hardware  crowdsupply  opensource 
11 hours ago
Electric Unicorn Is Our Kind Of Rideable | Hackaday
When [Charlyn] took a unicorn rocking horse in to work, it was an instant hit. Naturally, the people wanted more, and suggested it needed electric propulsion. Naturally, she rose to the challenge, and Rocky the Unicorn got a motorized upgrade.

The build consists of a frame built out of PVC pipes, hooked up with Formufit fittings.
hackaday  transportation  unicorn  whimsy 
12 hours ago
Teardown: BilBot Bluetooth Robot | Hackaday
Historically, the subject of our January teardown has been a piece of high-tech holiday lighting from the clearance rack; after all, they can usually be picked up for pocket change once the trucks full of Valentine’s Day merchandise start pulling up around the back of your local Big Box retailer. But this year, we’ve got something a little different.

Today we’re looking at the BilBot Bluetooth robot, which over the holidays was being sold at Five Below for (you guessed it) just $5 USD. These were clearly something the company hoped to sell a lot of, with stacks of the little two-wheeled bots in your choice of white and yellow livery right by the front door. With wireless control from your iOS or Android device, and intriguing features like voice command, I’d be willing to bet they managed to move quite a few of these at such a low price.
hackaday  robotics  robot  bluetooth  mobile 
12 hours ago
MNT Reform: oepn source DIY laptop
Modern laptops have secret schematics, glued-in batteries, and mystery components all over. But Reform is the opposite — it invites both curious makers and privacy aware users to take a look under the hood, customize the documented electronics, and 3D-print their own parts.
laptop  linux  hardware  opensource  reform 
13 hours ago
Materialise Medical 3D Printing
Materialise Medical has pioneered many leading medical applications of 3D Printing and is enabling researchers, engineers and clinicians to revolutionize innovative patient-specific treatment that helps improve and save lives. Discover our open and flexible platform of software and services which forms the foundation of certified Medical 3D Printing.
medical  3dprinting  health  materializemedical 
13 hours ago
Inputs Of Interest: Tongues For Technology | Hackaday
Welcome to the first installment of Inputs of Interest. In this column, we’re going to take a look at various input devices and methods, discuss their merits, give their downsides a rundown, and pontificate about the possibilities they present for hackers. I’ll leave it open to the possibility of spotlighting one particular device (because I already have one in mind), but most often the column will focus on input concepts.

Unless you’ve recently bitten it, burned it, or had it pierced, you probably don’t think much about your tongue. But the tongue is a strong, multi-muscled organ that rarely gets tired. It’s connected to the brain by a cranial nerve, and usually remains undamaged in people who are paralyzed from the neck down. This makes it a viable input-driving option for almost everyone, regardless of ability. And yet, tongues and mouths in general seem to be under-utilized as input appendages.
hackaday  input  tongue 
13 hours ago
RasterCarve Converts Images To CNC | Hackaday
In particular, he decided to write his own program to engrave images, converting a photo into a toolpath that can be cut. The result is RasterCarve, a web app that converts an image into a GCode that can be fed into a CNC machine.
hackaday  cnc  images  online 
Wireless Modular sensor platform.

Control devices through a scriptable engine running on top of a microcontroller. Device has 2 SIMs, 2G, 3G, LTE, WiFi, LoRa, GPS and BT5
iot  hackaday  sensors  solar  wireless  lora  modular  internetofthings 
2 days ago
(2) Woof Woof TV @ YouTube
Wonderful collection of doggie videos (lots of golden retrievers).
dog  video  youtube  humor 
4 days ago
First Impressions of the DIY Omnipod Loop System
If you're looking to get started with a DIY automated closed loop system for diabetes control, and you love the tubeless Omnipod patch pump -- your time has arrived! Big news hit recently that diabetes Do-It-Yourselfers have finally been able to hack into the Omnipod to allow building a homemade AID (automated insulin delivery) system around that patch pump.
diabetes  diy  health  medical  pump  loop 
4 days ago
EV Rider: Electric Mobility Scooters, portable vehicles and Power Mobilizers
EV Rider, LLC supplies scooters, parts and power mobility products for people with limited mobility throughout the USA and internationally to Canada, Australia, Israel, New Zealand, Guatemala, Mexico, Peru, Uruguay, and Spain among others.
electric  scooters  mobility  disabled  transportation 
4 days ago
Arduino RGB Color Picker – Pick Colors From Real Life Objects @ Instructables
Easily pick colors from physical objects with this Arduino based RGB color picker, enabling you to recreate the colors you see in real life objects on your pc or mobile phone. Simply push a button to scan the color of the object using a cheap TCS34725 colour sensor module and you’re given the RGB color values as well as an indication of the measured color on an RGB LED.
arduino  color  picker  project  instructable  tutorial 
4 days ago
Biomechanical Environments Laboratories @ Texas A&M
Multi-scale Biomechanics and Biomechanical Engineering: Applications in Medical Technologies and Human Performance. Includes Orthopedic biomechanics, tissue mechanics, human performance, and vascular, lymphatic, and cell biomechanics.
texas  a&m  biomechanical  engineering  research  academics  medical  health 
4 days ago
Noodoe Watch: World's First Smartwatch for Artists
Make your artwork part of your attire with Noodoe, the smartwatch that’s a boundless canvass for self-expression.
wearable  art  artists  canvas  dyi  wearables  watch 
4 days ago
The Latest 3D Printed Fad: Flexible Armor And Pangolin Cosplay | Hackaday
[David]’s impromptu demo was something no one had ever seen before. It’s 3D printed tiles embedded in fabric. This is the beginning of 3D printed flexible armor, a great method for cosplay builds, and a really cool way to add another trick to your 3D printing toolkit.
hackaday  3dprinter  cosplay  wearables  armor 
4 days ago
Sophy Wong Is Designing The Future Of Wearable Technology | Hackaday
Thankfully, we have designers like Sophy Wong. Despite using tools and software that most of us would associate with mechanical design, her artistic eye and knowledge of fashion helps her create flexible components that conform to the natural contours of the wearer’s body. Anyone can take an existing piece of hardware and strap it to a person’s arm, but her creations are designed to fit like a tailored piece of clothing; a necessary evolution if wearable technology is ever going to progress past high-tech wrist watches.
hackaday  wearables  makers 
4 days ago
DIY Projects That Teach You How to Make Wearables
Did you know there are DIY projects that will walk you through making your own smartwatch or wearable?

They’re great if you’re not satisfied with buying wearables or you want something unique! Of course, you will need to know a bit about the inner workings of modern tech. In particular, you may need experience with soldering, to connect some components.

We have covered this topic before, but only on an individual basis. This content will provide a more comprehensive look at the options available to you.
diy  wearables  blog  article 
4 days ago
Unique Construction System for Makers | Totemmaker.net
Unique Construction System with Cuttable Parts. Tailor made for building Electronics and Modeling together.
totem  maker  education  kit  modular 
4 days ago
Makedo - Cardboard Construction
Makedo is the most open-ended toy construction system ever because the reusable tools work with cardboard; a universally available, free and unlimited building block.
cardboard  maker  kits  online  engineering  creativity  education 
4 days ago
How to Connect Your Amazon Echo to IFTTT | Tom's Guide
By connecting your Echo to IFTTT, you can do anything from control your lights to find your lost phone. Here's how it works
glenn  ifttt  echo  amazon 
4 days ago
Motorized Inline Skates Run On Makita Power | Hackaday
Inline skates can be fun, but like most wheeled contraptions, they’re even better when motorized. With just such a goal in mind, [The Real Life Guys] decided to whip up a set of powered skates, running on Makita power!

To get power to the ground, the third wheel on each skate is modified to have a sprocket attached. A Makita drill is then fitted to the skate, transferring power to the wheel through a 90-degree gearbox and a chain drive. The drill is controlled by removing the trigger from the shell and hooking it up with an extended cable.
hackaday  drill  skate  powered 
5 days ago
Cathode OS X Vintage Terminal Emulator Review - YouTube
A quick review of some of the features in Secret Geometry's Cathode, an awesome retro terminal app for OS X. http://www.secretgeometry.com/apps/ca... I dug out an old 'clicky' keyboard for the occasion. :)
cathode  emulator  terminal  macosx  video  youtube 
5 days ago
A dog never dies, he's just sleeping in your heart
But don’t get fooled. They are not ‘dead.’ There’s no such thing, really. They are sleeping in your heart, and they will wake up, usually when you’re not expecting it. It’s just who they are.

I feel sorry for people who don’t have dogs sleeping in their heart. You’ve missed so much. Excuse me, I have to go cry now.”
philosophy  dog  poetry  article 
6 days ago
Nolo: Legal Encyclopedia, Legal Forms, Law Books, & Software
Thousands of do-it-yourself products, including legal forms, online documents, books and ebooks, and software. Generate a customized estate planning form like a will, a living trust, or a power of attorney in just minutes. Get all the most common business forms you'll need to operate your business, or create an LLC yourself. Our products are in plain English, created and updated by attorneys and legal editors.
law  legal  business  software 
6 days ago
Automate Your Life With Node-RED (Plus A Dash Of MQTT) | Hackaday
For years we’ve seen a trickle of really interesting home automation projects that use the Node-RED package. Each time, the hackers behind these projects have raved about Node-RED and now I’ve joined those ranks as well.

This graphic-based coding platform lets you quickly put together useful operations and graphic user interfaces (GUIs), whether you’re the freshest greenhorn or a seasoned veteran.
hackaday  nodered  automation  mqtt 
6 days ago
A Deep Dive Into Low Power WiFi Microcontrollers | Hackaday
The Internet of Things is eating everything alive, and the world wants to know: how do you make a small, battery-powered, WiFi-enabled microcontroller device? This is a surprisingly difficult problem. WiFi is not optimized for low-power operations. It’s power-hungry, and there’s a lot of overhead. That said, there are microcontrollers out there with WiFi capability, but how do they hold up to running off of a battery for days, or weeks? That’s what [TvE] is exploring in a fantastic multi-part series of posts delving into low-power WiFi microcontrollers.
hackaday  power  lowpower  arduino  18650  esp8266  battery  energy 
6 days ago
Jefferson Innovation - YouTube
In the summer of 2014, Jefferson reintegrated Thomas Jefferson University (TJU) and Thomas Jefferson University Hospitals (TJUH) and began the process of reinventing the academic health center. The basis for this transformation is our “Blueprint for Strategic Action,” which calls for Jefferson to operate around four pillars – Academic, Clinical, Innovation and Institutional Advancement.

As the Innovation Pillar, it is our job to foster ideas and convert them into products and services. The Innovation Pillar is where we test new business models and nurture entrepreneurialism among employees, students and the Jefferson
youtube  innovation  video  jefferson  univerisity  health 
7 days ago
Jenax - Flexible Battery
J.Flex is Jenax’s innovative flexible, solid-state, fast charging, rechargeable lithium-ion battery. Without sacrificing power, J.Flex can fully bend and move with your device to enable your new breakthrough technology.
battery  flexible  litium  power  mobile  iot  internetofthings  energy 
7 days ago
Tao of Seneca : free PDFs from Tim Ferriss' blog/podcast
The Tao of Seneca: Letters from a Stoic Master is a small thank-you gesture to all of you — three volumes of Stoic writing starring Seneca, complete with original illustrations, profiles of modern Stoic figures, interviews, original Japanese and Chinese calligraphy to match themes, and much more. It’s totally free and you can download the PDFs below. Sharing is encouraged. Kindle versions are coming shortly, but it’s easy to get the PDFs on your Kindle now (instructions below).

I hope you find Seneca’s wisdom as life-changing as I have. I also owe a very special thanks to my entire team and all of the contributors who took part in the project. Thank you!
pdf  ebook  free  philosophy 
8 days ago
music-beat-detector: analyzes a music stream and detects any beat.
A library that analyzes a music stream and detects any beat. It can be used to control lights or any magic effect by the music wave.
github  node  javascript  music  beat  tony  drum 
8 days ago
aubio, a library for audio labelling
aubio is a tool designed for the extraction of annotations from audio signals. Its features include segmenting a sound file before each of its attacks, performing pitch detection, tapping the beat and producing midi streams from live audio.
dsp  audio  library  music  tony  beat 
8 days ago
aubio : collection of tools for music and audio analysis.
This package integrates the aubio library with NumPy to provide a set of efficient tools to process and analyse audio signals, including:
* read audio from any media file, including videos and remote streams
* high quality phase vocoder, spectral filterbanks, and linear filters
* Mel-Frequency Cepstrum Coefficients and standard spectral descriptors
* Detection of note attacks (onset)
* Pitch tracking (fundamental frequency estimation)
* Beat detection and tempo tracking
drum  tony  music  beat  audio  python 
8 days ago
beat-detection · @ GitHub Topics
Here are 19 public repositories matching "beat detection"...
github  beat  tony  music  drum 
8 days ago
Beat Detection On The Arduino | Damian Peckett
For a recent music event, I set out to design a circuit that would flash and synchronise a set of LEDs to a music beat.
music  beat  tony  arduino 
8 days ago
Recognize a snare drum sound ? - Processing 2.x and 3.x Forum
am doing an project where I am displaying information on a snare drum only (not a all drum kit!). My goal is to give simple feedbacks to the user using a microphone as detection tool.
tony  drum  music 
8 days ago
How to Mirror iPhone to Philips Smart TV
Multiple mirroring options for phones and tablets including iPhones.
mirror  video  ios  mobile  android 
9 days ago
How to Connect an Embedded System to AWS IoT Core with MQTT - Hackster.io
Learn how to connect to an IoT embedded system using the AWS IoT Core service and the Netburner MODM7AE70 system using MQTT protocol.
mqtt  iot  internetofthings  aws  momentship  button 
9 days ago
Piezo Vibration Sensor - Large - SEN-09196 - SparkFun Electronics
This basic piezo sensor from Measurement Specialties is often used for flex, touch, vibration and shock measurements. A small AC and large voltage (up to +/-90V) is created when the film moves back and forth. A simple resistor should get the voltage down to ADC levels. Can also be used for impact sensing or a flexible switch.
sparkfun  piezo  sensor  sound  music  tony 
9 days ago
Detect bass drum hit (arduino.cc)
So, my question is what can I use to detect that drum hit? Since it is on a stage to begin with, there will be lots of vibration going on at all times so whatever does the detecting has to be durable enough to handle this without giving the "it was hit" signal.
arduino  drum  sound  tony  music 
9 days ago
Better Angels
Better Angels is a citizens’ organization uniting red and blue Americans in a working alliance to depolarize America
politics  activism  nonprofit  socialnetworking 
10 days ago
BrickLink - Buy and sell LEGO Parts, Sets and Minifigures
In case you missed it, BrickLink and the LEGO Group are celebrating 60 years of the LEGO brick with the AFOL community by realizing unique designs with truly original themes.
lego  online  store  ebay 
11 days ago
Lego Raspberry Pi Case (for a & B Model) : 8 Steps (with Pictures) - Instructables
After looking at many very cool designs, I discovered a girl named Biz over at raspberrypi.org had made a case out of Lego and had the proper x & y dimensions, 9 x 13. So I ran the “Lego Digital Design” (LDD) software I had installed quite awhile ago, and plugged away.
lego  raspberrypi  case  instructable  tutorial 
11 days ago
republicEn : Conservative and concerned about climate change
We’re energy optimists and climate realists.

Members of republicEn are conservatives, libertarians, and pragmatists of diverse political opinion. We stand together because climate change is real, and we believe it's our duty and opportunity to reduce the risks. We believe in the power of American free enterprise to deliver the innovation to solve climate change.
climatechange  climate  environment  activism 
11 days ago
Web Bluetooth Scanning
This document describes a Web Bluetooth API method to scan for nearby Bluetooth Low Energy devices in real time.
bluetooth  scanning  webbluetooth 
11 days ago
Cozy Mark IV by Aircraft Spruce | Light Aircraft DB & Sales
The Cozy MK IV is a high-performance, 4-seat, homebuilt / experimental canard aircraft from Aircraft Spruce. It has a range of about 1,000 miles and a top speed of 200 mph.

The Cozy MKIV features dual control and two-axis trim. Built with composite ensures a very strong construction, resistant to corrosion and fatigue. Composite construction also offers great protection to the occupants.
aviation  airplane  kit 
11 days ago
Path to Fly : A blog about the adventure of learning to fly, building and flying airplanes
Blog documenting flying and building airplanes. Main author is an MD and (mostly) self-taught engineer at the A&M Health Science Center.
aviation  diy  blog 
11 days ago
Latch Terminals @ SparkFun Electronics
You'll have no need for a screwdriver with this terminal! This is a 3-pin Latch Terminal with 5mm pitch pins. Each pin is rated up to 250V @ 11A and will line up well with the standard 0.1" spacing. Please note that the pins are thick enough (1.20mm OD) that you may need to increase the hole diameter on some boards. Each of the terminals can accept 18-22AWG wire.
sparkfun  diy  terminal 
11 days ago
AARP Innovation Labs: Building a creative workplace out of a tradition of innovation
AARP has long recognized the “longevity economy” — the economic opportunity that America’s older population represents — and it has actively encouraged product developers and marketers to respond to this “longevity economy" with solutions focused on the interests and needs of people age 50-plus.
aarp  aging  innovation  startup  entrepreneurship 
11 days ago
Hacking Menopause with AARP Innovation Labs at Hackster.io
AARP Innovation Labs is looking for the world's best developers who are passionate about finding ways to enhance the quality of life for women before, during, and after menopause. AARP iLabs seeks a science-based approach to wellness and assistive technology, including AI, electronics, software, industrial design, and psychology to enable prime time women to live their best lives.

Femtech is one of the fastest-growing markets in healthcare. Projected to hit $50B by 2025, most of the development to date has been focused on the fertility years- yet nearly 1 in 3 women are currently in a phase of menopause. By 2025 there will be over 1 billion menopausal women worldwide, with 85% of them experiencing symptoms.
hackster.io  aarp  aging  medical  health  femtech 
11 days ago
ArduPilot :: Automatic Tractor
Farming industries is starting adapt on autonomous vehicles and ArduPilot is leading platform when creating small or big autonomous vehicles. Mr. Reimer’s alterations, which he hopes to replicate for other farmers this year, are part of a technology revolution sweeping North America’s breadbasket. Farmers, many of them self-taught, are building their own robotic equipment, satellite-navigation networks and mobile applications, moving their tinkering projects out of machine sheds and behind a computer screen.
ardupilot  autopilot  tractor  opensource  autonomous  agriculture 
11 days ago
Ardupilot: open source autopilot software
Ardupilot is the most advanced, full-featured and reliable open source autopilot software available. It has been developed over 5+ years by a team of diverse professional engineers and computer scientists. It is the only autopilot software capable of controlling any vehicle system imaginable, from conventional airplanes, multirotors, and helicopters, to boats and even submarines. And now being expanded to feature support for new emerging vehicle types such as quad-planes and compound helicopters.

Installed in over 1,000,000 vehicles world-wide, and with its advanced data-logging, analysis and simulation tools, Ardupilot is the most tested and proven autopilot software. The open-source code base means that it is rapidly evolving, always at the cutting edge of technology development. With many peripheral suppliers creating interfaces, users benefit from a broad ecosystem of sensors, companion computers and communication systems. Finally, since the source code is open, it can be audited to ensure compliance with security and secrecy requirements.
arduino  automation  vehicles  transportation  autopilot  opensource 
11 days ago
Medical Hacks | Hackaday
Category "Medical Hacks" at the Hackaday site. 408 articles as of 1/9/2020.
medical  hackaday  articles  projects 
12 days ago
Assistive Technolgy Switch Is Actuated Using Your Ear Muscles | Hackaday
Assistive technology is extremely fertile ground for hackers to make a difference, because of the unique requirements of each user and the high costs of commercial solutions. [Nick] has been working on Earswitch, an innovative assistive tech switch that can be actuated using voluntary movement of the middle ear muscle.
hackaday  assistive  ear  controller  medical  health  diy 
12 days ago
Partnering Medical Students With Barbers to Cut Hypertension in Black Men
Approximately six years ago, members of the Student National Medical Association at the University of Pennsylvania’s Perelman School of Medicine identified the opportunity to improve the health of Black men in their community through the use of barbershops.

Because many men visit barbershops on a regular basis to receive care from trusted providers—much like they would visit primary care practices to see their physicians—previous work in the field of public health has enlisted barbers to deliver health education, screening, and referrals for a wide range of medical conditions.1
activism  health  public 
12 days ago
Blender Open Movies
The iconic Blender Open Movies. Featuring all the production files, assets, artwork, and never-seen-before content.
art  3d  blender  opensource  crossplatform  films  movies 
13 days ago
Alexa Skills Kit: Get Started with the Guide
This guide helps you understand the principles of situational voice design so that you can create voice-first skills that are natural, user-centric, and accompanied by complementary visual design.

The Alexa Design Guide is comprehensive and broken down into multiple sections. To help you get started designing your first skill or refer back to an area of interest, let’s briefly walk through each of the most important areas of the guide.
alexa  amazon  voice  ui  guide  tutorials 
13 days ago
Canvas Infrastructure: open source LMS (Learning Management System)
Canvas is the learning platform that makes teaching and learning (and implementation and adoption and customer support and student success and bragging to your non-Canvas-using peers) easier.
lms  education  opensource  learning 
13 days ago
WOOF - YouTube
Dogs don't bark, they go WOOF! Another epic labor of love! Thank you all so much for 12 Million subscribers! And a big thanks to Ryan and Matt for assisting me in editing this monstrosity!
humor  video  youtube  dog 
13 days ago
Turn A Cheap 3D Printer Into A Cheap Laser Cutter | Hackaday
[Dani Eichhorn] writes in to tell us about how he added a laser to his $200 USD Tevo Tarantula 3D printer, greatly expanding the machine’s capabilities without breaking the bank. The information in his write-up is pretty broadly applicable to most common 3D printer designs, so even if you don’t have a Tarantula it shouldn’t be too hard to adapt the concept.
laser  3dprinting  3dprinter 
13 days ago
Turning Barbershops into Telehealth Centers (Contributed)
In urban neighborhoods, where Internet service and health care can be hard to access, a novel pilot project uses local barbershops and salons as wireless hubs and hypertension screening centers.
healthcare  medical  telehealth 
13 days ago
MIDI Air Drums Let You Play Anywhere | Hackaday
[Maayan Migdal] wrote in to share a really cool drum kit he constructed that has one special twist – no drums at all. Using a simple MIDI device and an Arduino, his “Air Drums” look pretty sweet.

The hack makes use of a pair of garden rakes, which serve as his drum sticks.
hackaday  midi  music  drums  instrument  sandals 
13 days ago
Hacking Diabetes: A network of amateur programmers is transforming the illness with a DIY app @The Walrus
Loop is not a specific device or a ready-made product. Essentially, it’s some lines of computer code that can turn a traditional insulin pump and CGM into an artificial pancreas.
medical  diabetes  diy  opensource 
13 days ago
Houston hackster community hub
Our goal is simple: help hardware makers and hackers from Houston connect, share ideas, and build
hackster.io  houston  community  forum  online 
13 days ago
tasmota/tasmotizer: ESP... The time has come to... Tasmotize!
The full-featured flashing tool for Tasmota. With the great ESPtool from Espressif under the hood, and all required settings by default.
github  tasmota  arduino  esp8266 
13 days ago
Macro screw maker1 2 for FreeCAD
This FREECAD macro creates a screw with or without thread, according to ISO standards.
opensource  cad  screw  online  freecad  tool 
13 days ago
Great Scott Gadgets: Open source hardware for innovative people.
Everything we produce at Great Scott Gadgets is open source, including all our hardware designs, software, and educational content. Our goal is to enable you to do things nobody has done before. We do that by building innovative hardware and software tools and by educating the community both online and through industry events. Most importantly, we support the community by releasing all of our work under open source licenses.
opensource  online  store  diagnostics  hardware  sdr  radio 
13 days ago
Gitpod - Online IDE for GitHub
Gitpod launches ready-to-code dev environments for your GitHub or GitLab project with a single click. Gitpod is not just another online playground, but a full featured dev environment, just like your local IDE.

It includes fully functional Linux terminals, you can install any VS Code extensions and provides all the other good features provided by Theia, the vendor neutral and highly extensible VS Code alternative, we have developed.
ide  github  deevelopment  tool  online 
13 days ago
Free 3D models, CAD files and 2D drawings - TraceParts
All the parts you need for MCAD, ECAD, CAE and BIM. Many different 3D formats provided including STL for 3D printing and all major CAD/CAM software design programs.

Statistics for part library: 818 catalogs, 120M part numbers, 3.7M users, 125M CAD files delivered.
3dprinting  3dmodels  cad  cam  parts  components  library 
13 days ago
NextMind: Direct Brain Command
First brain-sensing wearablefor real-time device control. NextMind combines deep neural networks and neural signals from the brain to transform a user’s intention into direct brain commands, creating a symbiotic connection with the digital world.
nextmind  neural  ui  interface  mind 
14 days ago
Biometric Tattoos, From Wearables To Digital Health | WTVOX
Biometric Tattoos are the future of wearables. Following on a prior article published here on WT VOX, “the future of wearables is not wearable.” Well, it is but not in the wearable form we know these days. As sensors shrink, wearables will shrink too until they disappear inside our bodies.
article  wearables  tattoos  biometric  medical  sensors 
14 days ago
Good Reason Houston: Every Child / Every Neighborhood
Today, we work with parents, students, educators, and community leaders to understand the hopes and needs of all Houstonians and bring those dreams to reality.

Together we can create a future where every child, in every neighborhood, excels in world-class public schools and thrives in the Houston of tomorrow.
houston  education  nonprofit  diversity 
14 days ago
Tools of the Trade for Every 3D Print Master | MatterHackers
After gathering feedback from our technicians, staff and customers, we compiled a list of essentials that every maker will find consistently useful in their every day 3D printed projects. If you have ever wondered what you can do to further streamline your workflow, you've come to the right article for the answer. Continue below to see what tools and tips will save you time and effort producing great, consistent prints from your machine.
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14 days ago
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