Theory: average bus factor = 1 - anarcat
«But unless economics of technology production change significantly in the coming decades, this problem will remain, and probably worsen, as we keep on scaffolding an entire civilization on shoulders of hobbyists that are barely aware their work is being used to power phones, cars, airplanes and hospitals. A lot has been written on this, but nothing seems to be moving.»
for-toni  free-software  programming  maintenance  idealogging  bus-factor 
10 hours ago
Tim Harford — Article — How this climate change economist changed my world
«It is only when we ponder the tail risk that we realise how dangerous climate change might be. Local air pollution isn’t going to wipe out the human race. Climate change probably won’t, either. But it might. When we buy insurance, it isn’t because we expect the worst, but because we recognise that the worst might happen.»
climate  economics  environment  idealogging  via-danny-yee 
2 days ago
Jeannette Ng, John W. Campbell, and What Should Be Said By Whom and When – Whatever
«So when Jeannette Ng stands up and calls Campbell a fascist, what I can say is: It’s not the argument I would have made (in no small part because, again, I literally never thought to make it), but it is an argument to be made. Nor is it a facile, unserious or utterly indefensible argument, for the reasons I note above, and for other reasons as well –seriously, go have a deep dive into some of the things Campbell believed and espoused; the Venn diagram for “Things Campbell Said” and “Things Fascists Say” is, uhhhhh, overlappy. One doesn’t have to agree (or know if one agrees) with Ng’s fundamental proposition to accept that she has a perfect right to say it, and by saying it, to force us to haul out Campbell’s track record and words to examine and interrogate.»
fascism  politics  sfnal  awards  writers  john-scalzi  john-w-campbell  history  race  racism  2019  2010s 
2 days ago
The Second Canon | Philip Jenkins
«English-speaking Protestants lost the Deuterocanon not through any calculated theological decision, but through publishing accident, and at quite a recent date. Prior to the early nineteenth century, Anglo-American Bibles included the apocryphal section, but this dropped out as printers sought to produce more and cheaper editions. Increasingly too, during the nineteenth century, anti-Catholic sentiment encouraged Protestants to draw a sharp line between the two variant Bibles. If Catholics esteemed books like Maccabees and Wisdom, there must be something terribly wrong with them. In the nineteenth century US, the right to use particular Bibles – Catholic or Protestant – was one of the major forces driving Catholics to create their own parochial school system, independent of the public schools. That supposed “rejection” of the Bible in turn further fueled popular anti-Catholicism.»
bible  christianity  canon  religion  history  apocrypha  text  catholicism  protestantism  1500s  lutheranism 
2 days ago
Indelible Lines — Jeremy Wagner
Another one for indexing the current drift of the Discourse™. Like a good chunk of this line of thinking: Relatable but also kind of missing the practical and legal picture. "don't fuck with the money" is cutting, succinct, partially accurate, and conflates too many motivations.
politics  open-source  free-software  law  ethics  licensing 
7 days ago
thoughts on rms and gnu -- wingolog
«One could describe GNU as a set of software packages that have been designated by RMS as forming part, in some way, of GNU. But this artifact-centered description does not capture movement: software does not, by itself, change the world; it lacks agency. It is the people that maintain, grow, adapt, and build the software that are the heart of the GNU project -- the maintainers of and contributors to the GNU packages. They are the GNU of whom I speak and of whom I form a part.»
gnu  rms  fsf  free-software  free-culture  2019 
7 days ago
Haunt — dthompson
Neat: «Haunt is a simple, functional, hackable static site generator that gives authors the ability to treat websites as Scheme programs.»
warelogging  free-software  scheme  blogging  via-mastodon 
7 days ago
Daryl Morey, Hong Kong, and the NBA’s Convenient “Non-political” Stance - The Ringer
«Tilman Fertitta, the Rockets’ owner, occasionally goes on CNBC to praise Donald Trump, from whom he bought an Atlantic City casino in 2011, and to say things like “Obamacare does not work.” He has no problem then turning around and declaring that the Rockets are a “non-political organization” to make nice with China, because what he means by “non-political organization” is that he thinks hundred-dollar bills are nice, and also fuck you.»
china  capitalism  politics  money  hong-kong  protest  twitter  social-media  basketball  nba  authoritarianism 
9 days ago
Parsing/Notes/Moving Parsoid Into Core - MediaWiki
«During the 2016 Parsing Team Offsite, the parsing team decided to evaluate a port of Parsoid into PHP so that it can be integrated into MediaWiki core. That was not a commitment to evaluate that immediately. But, for a bunch of reasons, that evaluation continued to be on the backburner. However, since then, a number of things have transpired which have introduced a lot of momentum behind attempting to move Parsoid into MediaWiki core. In the rest of this document, we are going to explore this direction including the why, how, risks and concerns.»
parsoid  mediawiki  parsing  for-wikimedia  wikimedia  wiki  markup  javascript  php 
9 days ago
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