Someone has to fill this properly. In the meantime...
John is clearly turned on by mystery solving. Sherlock approves of this. What he doesn't approve of is when Mycroft starts deducing and thereby seducing his John.
character:_sherlock_holmes  character:_john_watson  character:_mycroft_holmes  pairing:_sherlock/john/mycroft  rating:_t  genre:_crack/humour  fanwork:_minifill  fanwork:_dialogue_only 
january 2015
John writes a novel for fun using his own medical experiences and inspiration from Sherlock. He invents House. And he isn't expecting it to be such a big hit...
fanwork:_minifill  genre:_fusion  c/f:_house  trope:_blogging/writing  character:_john_watson  trope:_reading/acting  rating:_g  character:_sherlock_holmes 
january 2015
Sherlock quite obviously uses product in his hair. NO-ONE's hair looks like that naturally. And yet in TGG he uses the presence of hair product to indicate Jim-from-IT was gay. John notices this.
character:_sherlock_holmes  character:_john_watson  pairing:_sherlock/john  trope:_hair/grooming  genre:_pwp  rating:_e  trope:_first_time 
january 2015
Suitor Sherlock
Sherlock decides he wants to date Lestrade, so he goes about courting him the old-fashioned way -- he read up on the internet, or whatever, and he does things like writing overly formal notes and sending flowers to Lestrade's office and just being incredibly gentlemanly and polite, which all goes to pot when Lestrade finally just grabs Sherlock and kisses him and throws all propriety out the window.
character:_greg_lestrade  character:_sherlock_holmes  pairing:_sherlock/lestrade  trope:_letters/emails/notes  trope:_gift  trope:_violin  trope:_music  trope:_first_time  rating:_e  genre:_romance  genre:_fluff  trope:_sherlock_holmes_has_feelings 
january 2015
Dreaming a Memory
When John was little, he had an imaginary friend. It was a man in a giant blue box who would appear in his bedroom sometimes and whisk him away on wonderful adventures. He stopped appearing when John was about ten, and John moved on from it. Now, he's no expert on imaginary friends, but he's pretty sure that coming home to find them in your kitchen drinking tea and prodding a potentially explosive experiment of your flatmate's isn't normal.
genre:_crossover  character:_sherlock_holmes  character:_john_watson  trope:_imaginary_friend  c/f:_doctor_who  rating:_g  trope:_aliens 
january 2015
Unrequited love is a bitch...
Unrequited love is a bitch... ...And therefore we need more fics of it. Any pair, I don't care, but leave it unrequited and hidden. Please to be enjoying this video as musical inspiration.
fanwork:_minifill  trope:_rejection/unrequited  character:_mycroft_holmes  character:_john_watson  pairing:_john/mycroft  rating:_g  genre:_magical_realism  genre:_angst 
january 2015
I can't apologize enough for this fill...
Every so often, when Moran's not off shooting someone for Jim and John's not running around with Sherlock, John and Sebastian meet up for beer. Jim and Sherlock don't know about it, and when they run across each other "on the job" they do their level best to kill each other, but off the clock they bitch about their respective geniuses.
trope:_body_parts  character:_john_watson  character:_sebastian_moran  rating:_t  trope:_assassins/murderers  genre:_crack/humour  fanwork:_minifill 
january 2015
untitled - the one where lestrade is stabbed // Sherlock (BBC) // by anonymous
Reprompt: Doctor!John vs. Detective!Sherlock re: Wounded!Lestrade. I'd love to see a fic in which Lestrade's very badly injured (tortured, wounded, whatever), and Sherlock and John find him in some remote location, far from help. John automatically goes into Doctor!mode, trying to save him, but Sherlock automatically goes into Detective!mode, trying to find out from Lestrade (while the DI's still able to say) what's happened so he can stop who's responsible. The two clash in their "default" approaches as they work on the DI. I think it would make for a great character study for all three of them, as Lestrade tries to cooperate with both as best he can while suffering, and John and Sherlock find a rhythm for working together to meet both of their goals. I'd also like to think that Sherlock, with John's encouragement/example, awkwardly comes around to trying to communicate his concern for Lestrade, above and beyond his comfort zone of investigating what happened.
trope:_injury/medical_emergency  trope:_greg_lestrade_whump  character:_greg_lestrade  character:_sherlock_holmes  character:_john_watson  trope:_doctor/medical_care  trope:_crimes/criminals  genre:_hurt/comfort  genre:_gen  rating:_t 
january 2015
quick microfill, I apologise to everyone for this
Inspired by the comment further up on this page, Sherlock dreams about the kinkmeme. He is very confused the next morning.
fanwork:_minifill  trope:_kink_meme  character:_sherlock_holmes  trope:_nightmares/dreams  rating:_t  genre:_crack/humour  trope:_sleeping 
january 2015
Sarah is Lestrade's ex wife, run with it.
[image]I have this one TOTALLY WORKED OUT guys. Sarah and Greg met back when he was in uniform and she worked in a hospital - he was often there keeping an eye on suspects/victims and they got to know each other, and, well, one thing led to another as they say. They got married and things were OK for a couple of years, but they split up, amicably, because what with him working his way up to DI and her working shifts, they hardly ever saw each other. Even when they were home and awake at the same time, they were, most of the time, too knackered to do anything much about it, and anyway, they both had work to do. They didn’t even manage to go out anywhere for their anniversary. Also, she has a bit of a thing for uniforms. Greg no longer has his and it wouldn’t fit if he did. Not long after, what with the stress of moving, the divorce and so on, she finds the hospital and the shifts too much and decides to be a GP instead. There’s probably some retraining involved in that move, maybe she
character:_sarah_sawyer  character:_greg_lestrade  trope:_doctor/medical_care  pairing:_lestrade/sarah  rating:_t  trope:_hospital  trope:_pre_series  fanwork:_minifill 
january 2015
10:1 it was about Moriarty
Am I the only one curious about the anecdote or joke Seb was telling his chums in the restaurant scene of TBB? As far as I recall, the punchline was "And he's left there trying to cut his own hair with a fork, which as we all know, just can´t be done!" Cue a tablefull of hilarity. What was the story? Any ideas?
character:_sebastian_wilkes  character:_jim_moriarty  pairing:_moriarty/s_wilkes  trope:_travelling  rating:_g  genre:_crack/humour 
january 2015
Mini Dialogue Fill
Asexual!Sherlock/anybody: his idea of pillow talk/"dirty talk." Could be actual sexy talk for the benefit of his partner (because God knows some of us could get off on that voice alone...) or based on what Sherlock finds attractive--"The pores on your nose are spaced with atypical regularity. You always buy milk." Whatever inspires you.
fanwork:_dialogue_only  fanwork:_minifill  character:_sherlock_holmes  character:_john_watson  rating:_g  genre:_crack/humour  pairing:_sherlock/john  kink:_dirty_talk/voice_kink 
january 2015
“I don’t love him, John.”
So, S/L has completely eaten mah brain of late and I just need MAOR. But as a twist from the usual can I have something like this: ten years ago Sherlock gets brought in drug charges or something. Maybe it’s the drug haze, maybe it’s the fact Sergeant Gregory Lestrade, young and incredibly attractive, seems to be the only one with half a brain. In any case, Sherlock is Completely. Besotted. But smitten in a very Sherlock way. He helps him with a case and whatnot and they get close and maybe they get some sexing going on, I don’t know. But eventually it’s Lestrade who calls it quits. He wants to try again with his wife or feels guilty about the age/ professionalism thing. Whatever it is, they don’t really talk until Lestrade becomes DI (DCI?) and asks for Sherlock’s help. Then, add John into the mix. tl;dr A smitten Sherlock was turned down by Lestrade 10 years ago.
character:_sherlock_holmes  character:_john_watson  pairing:_sherlock/lestrade  rating:_g  trope:_rejection/unrequited  genre:_angst 
january 2015
Aliens and Army Doctors (Parent for Additional Parts)
John/alien!Sherlock: The Holmeses are a part of a visiting or conquering alien race. Mycroft, as their leader or a high-ranking official, comes to ground first to investigate the planet and speak with its people. He brings Sherlock, who manages to wander away from him and bumps right into John Watson — or breaks into his flat. Tentacles are optional.
genre:_au  genre:_shippy_gen  trope:_aliens  character:_sherlock_holmes  character:_john_watson  character:_mycroft_holmes  character:_jim_moriarty  character:_anthea  episode:_a_study_in_pink  episode:_the_blind_banker  episode:_the_great_game  genre:_casefic  genre:_crossover  c/f:_arsene_lupin_gentleman_burglar  genre:_science_fiction  trope:_animals  trope:_bamf!mrs_hudson  trope:_birthdays/anniversaries  trope:_codepencence  trope:_cuddling/physical_closeness  trope:_crimes/criminals  trope:_undercover/disguise  trope:_discrimination/bullying  trope:_first_time  trope:_food/cooking  trope:_kidnapping/hostage  trope:_mycroft_holmes_whump  trope:_john_watson_whump  trope:_love_confession  trope:_nightmares/dreams  trope:_police  trope:_politics  trope:_adoption  trope:_protectiveness  trope:_secret/forbidden_relationship  trope:_war/military  pairing:_sherlock/john  pairing:_mycroft/anthea  rating:_e  trope:_reading/acting  trope:_rows/arguments  kink:_food/feeding  kink:_tentacles  trope:_travelling  character:_greg_lestrade  character:_sally_donova 
december 2014
Sherlock fainting after witnessing childbirth. Because dammit, this is a kinkmeme, and such things are NOT outside the realm of possibility.
fanwork:_minifill  character:_sherlock_holmes  character:_john_watson  character:_greg_lestrade  trope:_pregnancy  character:_original_female_character  genre:_kid!fic  rating:_t  genre:_crack/humour  trope:_fainting 
november 2014
A Consulting Detective Carries A Doctor Up The Stairs
John is ickle and it is cute! Could I have some Sherlock carrying John (bridal style) for whatever reason (though hurt!John is love)?
fanwork:_dialogue_only  character:_sherlock_holmes  character:_john_watson  genre:_crack/humour  genre:_fluff  rating:_g  trope:_injury/medical_emergency 
november 2014
So usually the death fics focus on Sherlock or John and how tragic it is for the other when one dies. But I think it would be interesting to see something different. From Lestrade's POV. John gets shot or something and dies in Sherlock's arms. Sherlock is Lestrade's friend too, maybe Lestrade's even just a little in love with him, but his hasty comfort is not enough and Sherlock kills himself then and there (with John's gun?) because he can't live without his doctor with nary a thought about what it would feel like for Lestrade. Lestrade is the one who has to live all on his own. How does he cope?
genre:_angst  character:_greg_lestrade  character:_sherlock_holmes  character:_john_watson  trope:_character_death  rating:_t 
november 2014
Fill kind of.
So usually the death fics focus on Sherlock or John and how tragic it is for the other when one dies. But I think it would be interesting to see something different. From Lestrade's POV. John gets shot or something and dies in Sherlock's arms. Sherlock is Lestrade's friend too, maybe Lestrade's even just a little in love with him, but his hasty comfort is not enough and Sherlock kills himself then and there (with John's gun?) because he can't live without his doctor with nary a thought about what it would feel like for Lestrade. Lestrade is the one who has to live all on his own. How does he cope?
character:_greg_lestrade  character:_sherlock_holmes  character:_john_watson  trope:_character_death  trope:_suicide/suicidal_ideation  genre:_angst  trope:_greg_lestrade_whump  character:_sally_donovan  rating:_m 
november 2014
The Harrington Case
John discovers a comment on his blog. It is a very detailed, very intense, very violent torture porn involving Sherlock and an unnamed fan. The story is as of yet unfinished, but Sherlock is not doing well, at all. John shrugs it off as just some weirdo on the internet, until he gets a priority post letter the same day with a lock of black hair and a note: "How do you like the story so far?"
trope:_blogging/writing  character:_john_watson  trope:_kidnapping/hostage  trope:_torture  genre:_horror  character:_sherlock_holmes  trope:_sherlock_holmes_whump  character:_sebastian_moran  trope:_non_con  genre:_consent_issues  character:_greg_lestrade  character:_mycroft_holmes  trope:_cameras/photos/filming  rating:_m 
november 2014
Sherlock having a teddy bear.
As a boy, Sherlock was discouraged from having a favorite/security toy. His mother thinks it's too "girlie" for a boy to be playing with stuffed animals. He has one, anyway, that he manages to hide from his mother. A teddy bear, that Mycroft of all people, has managed to sneak in for his younger brother. (for their mother did the same thing with Mycroft) John finds it one day (without knowing the backstory?) and puts it on the mantle.
character:_john_watson  character:_sherlock_holmes  trope:_stuffed_animal  genre:_fluff  pairing:_sherlock/john  rating:_g 
november 2014
Missing the Point
despite all his amazing detective skills, Sherlock completely misses the fact that John is hopelessly in love with him. When someone (meddlesome Mycroft, perhaps?) finally points this out to Sherlock, he goes into a sulk because Sherlock Holmes never misses anything. John thinks Sherlock is mad at him and things get complicated.
character:_sherlock_holmes  character:_john_watson  pairing:_sherlock/john  character:_mycroft_holmes  trope:_misunderstandings  genre:_romance  rating:_g 
november 2014
If He Were There (Parent for additional part)
Okay, I've raked the archives and the fills and for the life of me, cannot find any voyeur!Mycroft. We're on part 8 and this hasn't happened yet! I mean, we all saw the camera action in SiP: are you telling me that there's any way in which that man does not like to watch? So: pairing of your choice (het, slash, whatever tickles you) with Mycroft watching.
character:_mycroft_holmes  kink:_exhibitionism/voyeurism  kink:_masturbation  character:_anthea  pairing:_mycroft/anthea  genre:_pwp  rating:_e  trope:_stalking  trope:_dub_con  genre:_consent_issues 
november 2014
Sherlock convinces John to choke him (for science!) He expected the dizziness and the bruises, but never expected the tent in his pants
character:_sherlock_holmes  character:_john_watson  pairing:_sherlock/john  kink:_asphyxiation/breathplay  genre:_pwp  rating:_m 
november 2014
Crossover with BBC's Clone
Crossover of the Sherlock universe with the BBC show Clone. Colonel Black finishes off that annoying Clone and has a good wank over it.
c/f:_clone  genre:_crossover  trope:_body_fluids  kink:_masturbation  rating:_e  pairing:_canon_character/crossover_character  character:_jim_moriarty 
october 2014
if there was a better way to go then it would find me (Parent for additional part)
John dies unexpectedly and 'wakes up' looking down over his own body. Sherlock comes home and finds him dead and seems unconcerned - checks the scene for clues, calls Lestrade, keeps refering to John as 'the body', runs off to solve things seemingly without a care...Donovan is disgusted, Lestrade is confused, and John is completely floored; thinking maybe he was wrong all along and Sherlock never cared about him... ...then Lestrade says they'll continue in the morning. The crime scene has been cleared up, John's body is safely in the morgue, everyone leaves, and then when he is alone Sherlock pretty much collapses with grief.
trope:_character_death  trope:_grief  character:_sherlock_holmes  character:_john_watson  genre:_angst  trope:_ghosts  trope:_magical/supernatural_creatures  rating:_g  trope:_sherlock_holmes_has_feelings 
october 2014
seek a new distaster
Long prompt is long, but it's my birthday and I don't care. I want Sherlock to be some kind of slave at market; he ran away from the protection of his upper-class home and therefore he was up for grabs by whoever could catch, subdue, and collar him by whatever means necessary. He ought to get a high fetching price for his beauty, but his personality means no one wants him, and each new owner is quick to sell -- the most recent being a moneylender named Seb who tried to break Sherlock physically, force him into submission, to no avail. Sherlock's up at the auction block when he catches the eye of a blond soldier, recently returned from the war against the Indo-Parthians. A man with a face most would describe as handsome and kind, a man who has never before owned a slave, on account of status and money. But he was injured in battle -- wounded in the leg, a permanent limp -- and his wife and children died in the plague, and he needs help around his house . . .
genre:_au  trope:_slaves  character:_john_watson  character:_sherlock_holmes  rating:_g 
october 2014
Army Doctor Turned Assassin
"Sherlock learns that a spat of recent killings was done by a professional assassin. A man so feared that the criminal underworld is afraid to whisper his name. Sherlock goes off on his own to track him down, and is captured. Sherlock braces himself for a cold-blooded killer, with nerves of steel and no remorse, with a reputation for ruthlessness that makes several hardened criminals check their closets before they go to bed - and meets John. Easygoing, good-natured, cuddly jumper-wearing John. Who thinks he's brilliant and hilarious, and can he take him out for a coffee? Cue the weirdest courtship ever. Like, dates being crashed by Russian assassins, epic gunfights in the middle of London, Lestrade and the Yard going WTF, Mycroft questioning his brother's taste in men, etc."
trope:_crimes/criminals  trope:_assassins/murderers  rating:_t  genre:_au  character:_john_watson  character:_sherlock_holmes 
october 2014
The Reasons (Parent for additional parts)
I'd love a 5+1 regarding John's history of suicidal ideation. Maybe five times he thought about suicide and one time he attempted it? Or the five times he attempted and one time he just thought? Or a bit lighter, like five times he thought about suicide and one time it never crossed his mind. Apparently I want to deal with my own problems by giving them to my favorite fictional characters. If it's easier for the writer, Sherlock can also be the character with suicidal ideation.
trope:_suicide/suicidal_ideation  character:_john_watson  rating:_t  pairing:_sherlock/john  genre:_angst 
october 2014
Family Affairs (Parent for Additional Parts)
I'd like me some adopting!fic, pleaaase. Somehow, young!John gets adopted by the Holmes family after oldsis!Harry has already moved out and their parents have died/turned abusive/whatever (you may kill off Harry as well - car accident anyone? - of course). John is very overwhelmed by everything Holmes, especially their brilliance, money and elegance and feels very out-of-place etc. I want angst, fluff, brotherly love (slash is ok but maybe just maybe a gen fic for once?) and the long long road of making a new child feel at home with an adoptive family, especially one as crazy as the Holmes clan. (Also at
character:_sherlock_holmes  character:_john_watson  trope:_holmes_family  trope:_adoption  rating:_g  genre:_kid!fic  genre:_au  trope:_experiments/chemistry  character:_mummy_holmes  character:_mycroft_holmes  trope:_sibling 
october 2014
Surprise!handjob (Parent for Additional Parts)
"those unsettling surprise handjobs in the night" THIS NEEDS TO BE A FIC. (well, whether Watson poisons Holmes is up to you, but we need more surprise!handjobs in this meme!)
character:_sherlock_holmes  character:_john_watson  pairing:_sherlock/john  genre:_pwp  rating:_e  kink:_handjob  trope:_sleeping 
october 2014
Looking for common ground.
Asexual!Mycroft/ Lestrade I would love to see some asexual!Mycroft/Lestrade action here. Reading the canon short stories, Mycroft appears about as asexual as Sherlock. Some sexual negotiation between these two lovely men would be wonderful as well. Pretty please, with chocolate and cream on top!
character:_mycroft_holmes  character:_greg_lestrade  pairing:_mycroft/lestrade  trope:_asexuality/demisexuality  rating:_e  trope:_dating 
october 2014
Double Mini Fill.
In TGG, Sherlock tells John not to make him into hero, there's no such thing. But, in SIP, when John tells Sherlock that people don't have arch-enemies in real life Sherlock tells him that sounds dull. You can't have it both ways. So, John wakes up in hospital after the inevitable pool explosion and calls him on it. Bonus points for John saying something like: "You're a hero, Sherlock. I'm afraid your ego will simply have to expand to accomodate that fact."
fanwork:_minifill  genre:_angst  trope:_cemetery/funeral  trope:_character_death  character:_john_watson  rating:_g  fanwork:_dialogue_only  trope:_grief 
october 2014
A Great Man
In TGG, Sherlock tells John not to make him into hero, there's no such thing. But, in SIP, when John tells Sherlock that people don't have arch-enemies in real life Sherlock tells him that sounds dull. You can't have it both ways. So, John wakes up in hospital after the inevitable pool explosion and calls him on it. Bonus points for John saying something like: "You're a hero, Sherlock. I'm afraid your ego will simply have to expand to accomodate that fact."
rating:_g  character:_john_watson  character:_sherlock_holmes  episode:_the_great_game  trope:_sherlock_holmes_has_feelings  trope:_hospital  trope:_injury/medical_emergency  genre:_fluff 
october 2014
Crime Love
It's a normal day, a normal case...then suddenly, everyone starts singing, WTF? And, surprisingly, Anderson has a lovely baritone.
genre:_crack/humour  trope:_singing  rating:_g  fanwork:_song!fill  character:_sherlock_holmes  character:_john_watson 
october 2014
lost phone
Sherlock and John's phones both run out of battery, don't have a signal, get lost, something. How does Sherlock cope? Does he resort to pick-pocketing random people?
trope:_phones  genre:_crack/humour  character:_sherlock_holmes  character:_john_watson  rating:_g  trope:_crimes/criminals  fanwork:_dialogue_only 
october 2014
Errant Comment Fill!
Just stumbled over that peice. Ah, John's Jumpers, I can really picture him as a shop owner! :) Can't wait for the moar in the making!
fanwork:_errant_comment_fic  genre:_crack/humour  trope:_clothing  character:_sherlock_holmes  character:_john_watson  pairing:_sherlock/john  rating:_g  genre:_fluff 
october 2014
Welcome Back
Sherlock and John are already in a relationship when John gets deployed to Afghanistan So, there have been a lot of AU stories and a lot of playing around with Sherlock's and John's timeline. There have been some that dealt specifically with them meeting each other earlier than in the show and some that goes all the way back to them meeting as children. What never gets touched on, however, is what the two of them would have been like if they had met earlier and had to deal with the separation that John's chosen career would have forced on them. Writer-anons, please show us how they would both have reacted to John's time-consuming commitments and inevitable deployment to Afghanistan. Sexytimes may be applied as needed.
character:_john_watson  character:_sherlock_holmes  pairing:_sherlock/john  genre:_au  trope:_war/military  trope:_letters/emails/notes  genre:_angst  character:_greg_lestrade  rating:_e  trope:_marriage  genre:_hurt/comfort  episode:_a_study_in_pink  trope:_separation 
october 2014
The Corset
Sherlock laces John into a corset, not for sexual reasons. Whether John finds it arousing or not is up to the author.
kink:_corset  character:_john_watson  trope:_clothing  character:_sherlock_holmes  rating:_g  trope:_bars/clubs  genre:_pwp  trope:_undercover/disguise 
october 2014
Non-con snuggles
No sex, just one person cuddling, petting, maybe some kissing on the cheeks, hugging and lots of loving words. All while the other is tied up, drugged or otherwise incapacitated so they can't say no. Maybe it's Sherlock drugging and snuggling John in his sleep. Maybe it's Jim expressing his boundless love and devotion to his gagged and tied up Sherlock. Or whoever/whoever however.
character:_molly_hooper  character:_sherlock_holmes  trope:_dark!molly_hooper  rating:_t  genre:_horror  trope:_games/toys  genre:_dark!fic  trope:_cuddling/physical_closeness 
october 2014
Mini-Fill - Lestrade/Molly
So the ickyness I've been trying to pretend I wasn't getting has descended in full and I am SICK on New Years day. Somebody is sick and very much doesn't want to be and somebody else convinces them to ride it out and enjoy the day in bed maybe with soup. Any pairing (or not), any length
genre:_hurt/comfort  trope:_illness/disease  rating:_t  character:_molly_hooper  character:_greg_lestrade  trope:_food/cooking  pairing:_lestrade/molly  fanwork:_minifill  trope:_greg_lestrade_whump 
october 2014
Learning to Love Life at the Bottom
John/Sherlock. Once Sherlock tries anal sex, he can't get enough of being filled. Cue begging and "oh god don't pull out" and always-desperate-Sherlock and dildoes/vibrators/anything else inventive boys decide to stick up there. And John loving it. Verbally, if possible :)
rating:_e  character:_sherlock_holmes  character:_john_watson  pairing:_sherlock/john  genre:_pwp  kink:_dirty_talk/voice_kink  character:_mycroft_holmes 
october 2014
A Tale of Two Phones
Phonesex. But not the way you think. Sherlock keeps losing his phone around the flat, so John gets a shallow bowl and puts it on the nearest table (or wherever, not important). Whenever he finds Sherlock's phone, he sticks it in the dish, so Sherlock can find it and they won't have to have a half-hour long hunt for it at the last minute. For convenience, John also puts his phone there. I want the phones talking to each other and developing a relationship. How often they see each other is entirely dependant on how often Sherlock loses his phone. Fluffy crack, please! Bonus if the phones actually have sex, and their human find weird texts on their respective phones later. : ) PS: actually, almost anyone's phone would work with this, as long as there's a reasonable explaination for it. Go to town, anons!
genre:_crack/humour  trope:_phones  kink:_sexting/phone_sex  trope:_anthropomorphism  genre:_romance  trope:_first_time  rating:_t  character:_john_watson 
september 2014
5 Times Sherlock fainted and 1 time John just smacked him in the face
I remember awhile back for someone prompting John delivering a baby and Sherlock fainting by the sight of it. It got a lot of responses saying that Sherlock wouldn't faint over that. It got me thinking. If there's anything that genuinely could cause Sherlock to faint what would it be? Perhaps nothing since he's a strong bloke but for the sake of having fun let's think up some things, even if it's crack (especially if it's crack).
genre:_gen  trope:_punching/slapping  character:_john_watson  character:_sherlock_holmes  trope:_fainting  trope:_kidnapping/hostage  trope:_violence  trope:_body_fluids  rating:_t 
september 2014
"I want to hurt something. I am so close to snapping right now, to lashing out and making the world bleed, and I want it, I want it, it would feel like heaven to have blood running through my fingers and onto the pavement and to ever so gently lick it off and it would taste like pennies, liquid pennies going down my throat. "I want to hurt someone, hurt them bad, and I want to dig my nails and teeth into someone's flesh and make them scream and groan and cry in agony, primal and pure hate. "I want to snap someone's spine, crack the vertebrae like a dry-fired bow, open their bones and drink the marrow inside, let it mix with the blood and swirl around me and I want to drown in it, in the bloodfall from a slit throat, and it would be beautiful, it would be gorgeous, it would be terrible, it would be hungry. "I want to hurt someone, I want to kill someone, I want to torture someone, mind and body and heart. "I want to hurt someone, and I want it to be you." You know what scares me?
fanwork:_minifill  character:_molly_hooper  character:_sherlock_holmes  genre:_angst  genre:_gen  rating:_g  trope:_dark!molly_hooper 
september 2014
Cue sex with still-tied-up-Sherlock.
John rescues a tied up Sherlock in the middle of some abandoned warehouse or what-have you. He kneels down to untie Sherlock's feet but the angle is awkward and he has to press against Sherlock. John doesn't think anything of it until he pulls back and notices Sherlock is hard. Cue sex with still-tied-up-Sherlock. (No D/s elements please, just bondage.)
kink:_bondage  kink:_bdsm  character:_sherlock_holmes  character:_john_watson  pairing:_sherlock/john  genre:_pwp  trope:_kidnapping/hostage  trope:_first_time  rating:_e 
september 2014
Fights Will Go On (As Long as They Have To)
"An investigation necessitates that Sherlock and John attend a fight club. The eighth rule of Fight Club is that if it's your first night at Fight Club, you have to fight. While undercover, John ends up having to fight some bloke to give Sherlock more time to gather whatever information he needs. Fine. No problem. Everyone focussing on the fight means there is nothing to distract Sherlock. The problem is that, seeing John beat the fuck out of that bloke, Sherlock can't quite recall the last time his prick was this hard."
trope:_violence  character:_sherlock_holmes  character:_john_watson  genre:_crossover  trope:_fighting/combat  c/f:_fight_club  trope:_bamf!john_watson  rating:_m  pairing:_sherlock/john 
september 2014
Have we had a story yet where Mycroft hires returned-from-the-war John Watson as security detail for his annoying and oh-so high-maintenance younger brother? Because weary bodyguard is pretty much what John's doing, anyhow, and I'd love for Sherlock to be forced to acknowledge that, yes, blokes with guns can have a brain. Bonus points if Sherlock is still battling the after-effects of a years-long drug addiction.
character:_sherlock_holmes  character:_john_watson  character:_mycroft_holmes  genre:_au  rating:_t  trope:_weapons  trope:_violence  trope:_bamf!john_watson 
september 2014
Sherlock/John in a D/s relationship. Sometimes all Sherlock does is moan in John's ear - while he isn't allowed to touch himself.
character:_sherlock_holmes  pairing:_sherlock/john  character:_john_watson  kink:_bdsm  kink:_collar  rating:_m  genre:_pwp  trope:_birthdays/anniversaries  trope:_gift 
september 2014
Mycroft is no longer Sherlock's arch-enemy.
After TGG, Mycroft is no longer Sherlock's arch-enemy. The two of them negotiate the new boundaries of their relationship. No incest, please.
episode:_the_great_game  trope:_protectiveness  character:_mycroft_holmes  character:_sherlock_holmes  rating:_g  genre:_fluff  trope:_hospital  fanwork:_minifill 
september 2014
Can we get some foreskin action up in here? Docking would be cool, but pretty much any sexy times with a heavy focus on foreskin play would put me in my bunk for a while. (also at:
kink:_foreskin  kink:_frottage  genre:_pwp  pairing:_sherlock/john  character:_sherlock_holmes  character:_john_watson  rating:_e  trope:_body_fluids 
september 2014
Hallucinating John
Mycroft is sitting at his desk, working on paperwork. John is curled up at his feet, his head resting in Mycroft's lap. Mycroft pets John until he falls asleep. Your challenge? Write a plausible scenario for this without slashing the two.
genre:_crack/humour  character:_mycroft_holmes  character:_john_watson  trope:_drugs  character:_sherlock_holmes  rating:_t  trope:_john_watson_whump 
september 2014
Exactly what you asked for
Dear anon: May I have some Sherlock, restrained, possibly gagged, and (mis-)treated with electroshocks? Con/dub-con/non-con are all fine. I don't care who does it to him, either. John at least watching or having to watch are peachy, though. Screaming an seizing are optional, but would make me very happy. Thank you!
genre:_fusion  c/f:_discworld  character:_john_watson  character:_sherlock_holmes  character:_molly_hooper  pairing:_sherlock/john  rating:_g 
september 2014
John and Sherlock are Dom and sub, not necessarily in that order. The sub has a collar, and the Dom has to come to the rescue when the sub starts getting picked on for it.
kink:_bdsm  character:_sherlock_holmes  character:_john_watson  pairing:_sherlock/john  kink:_collar  kink:_dom/sub  trope:_dom!john_watson  trope:_sub!sherlock_holmes  trope:_discrimination/bullying  character:_anderson  rating:_e 
september 2014
The prettiest corpse in the world!
It is legal to have sex with a corpse for up to six minutes after death, a law supposedly brought in for those whose partners die during sex. (I'm not actually sure how true this is, but I was told it and it sounded like a good prompt.)
character:_molly_hooper  character:_john_watson  kink:_necrophilia  rating:_m  fanwork:_minifill  fanwork:_dialogue_only  genre:_crack/humour  pairing:_sherlock/john/molly 
september 2014
teen!Sherlock has an affair with his father's PA (his "anthea" if you will). The assistant can be male or female. I'd love to see Sherlock's reason for having the affair (twu luv? experiment? rebellion? boredom?), and his family's reaction, particularly Mycroft's.
character:_sherlock_holmes  character:_greg_lestrade  genre:_au  pairing:_sherlock/lestrade  character:_mycroft_holmes  trope:_secret/forbidden_relationship  rating:_t 
september 2014
A Turn of Phrase (Parent for Additional Parts)
dark, sexy or humorous, the fic must contain these three phrases, in any order: "It's bigger on the inside. Probably from putting it in too much." "Well, 'Hung like a horse,' you mean..." "Mummy never did it that way..."
character:_john_watson  character:_sherlock_holmes  pairing:_sherlock/john  genre:_pwp  rating:_e  kink:_dirty_talk/voice_kink  trope:_first_time 
september 2014
If It Means Nothing to You
Somehow, Sherlock angers a witch and is cursed- he can't say (or text, write, mouth) a certain word for a week, or maybe two (you decide). But the witch lets him choose the word. He chooses "love", thinking he won't need to use it. That backfires on him later, John confesses his feelings for Sherlock- and Sherlock is unable to tell him he loves him back.
trope:_magical/supernatural_creatures  character:_sherlock_holmes  character:_john_watson  genre:_romance  rating:_g  pairing:_sherlock/john  trope:_love_confession  trope:_curses/spells 
september 2014
Erotic Humiliation
Give me some erotic humiliation, please. Sherlock/John. I'd prefer it with Sherlock on the bottom, being bratty but ultimately obedient. I'm talking things like physical punishment, being talked down to, verbal humiliation, degrading positions (who doesn't want Sherlock on his knees?), etc etc. Must be consensual and utterly filthy. I don't mind if they roleplay out a dubcon scene- in fact, that could be bloody delicious. Just so long as it's clear they both fucking love it.
kink:_degradation/humiliation  character:_sherlock_holmes  character:_john_watson  pairing:_sherlock/john  rating:_e  genre:_pwp  kink:_oral_sex  kink:_dirty_talk/voice_kink 
september 2014
Asexual Sherlock has a tickling fetish, but Sherlock isn't sure how to bring it up, because John hates being tickled -- violently hates it, and has shown no interest in tickling Sherlock (possibly because he assumes everyone else hates it as much as he does). (but then he brings it up and john's perfectly happy tickling sherlock if that's what sherlock likes and a good time is had by all <3)
trope:_tickling  character:_sherlock_holmes  trope:_cuddling/physical_closeness  character:_john_watson  trope:_asexual!sherlock_holmes  pairing:_sherlock/mycroft  pairing:_sherlock/john  trope:_insecurities  rating:_m  trope:_television/movies  genre:_fluff  trope:_asexuality/demisexuality 
september 2014
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