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Is LPTHW (Learn Python the Hard Way) worth getting? : learnprogramming
r/learnprogramming: A subreddit for all questions related to programming in any language.
programming  python  tutorials  books 
1 hour ago by kger
yamldataclassconfig · PyPI
This project helps you to import config file writen by YAML to Python data class.
computers  programming  python 
2 hours ago by pozorvlak
Python, PDFs, and Window’s Subsytem for Linux

python  programming  from twitter_favs
5 hours ago by rukku
typeguard · PyPI
Run-time type checker for Python
python  type-hints  type-checking 
5 hours ago by brunns
RIP Pipenv: Tried Too Hard. Do what you need with pip-tools.
My principal reasons for using Pipenv were twofold. First, was the ability to have reproducible builds through an exhaustively defined lock file, with every package and version specified, then hashed for good measure. Second, I could do the above while maintaining a clean, minimal list of direct dependencies for my application.

Note that none of the features listed include virtual environment management. I use Pyenv for this on my machine, and in production, setting using pip and the built-in venv package is best. Why install anything when you can create a virtual environment in one line, and pip install with one more?

So how do I get that requirements.txt while holding on to the features I liked? Enter pip-tools. Making a wiser decision than Pipenv, pip-tools goes with the UNIX philosophy of “do one thing, and do it well”. It provides a few commands, but one of them: pip-compile can bake one requirements-style file into another, complete with versions and hashes.
python  packaging 
5 hours ago by mike
pip install -e . ERROR · Issue #2599 · Unity-Technologies/ml-agents · GitHub
Had this problem with PyWikiBot and Python 3.6 from SCL on CentOS 6.

Solution was (create a venv, then):
<code class="language-python">pip install -U setuptools</code>
pywikibot  python  errormessage  setuptools  solution 
11 hours ago by kme

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