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HerMoney How-To: Credit Scores Explained | HerMoney
Credit scores range from 300 to 850. Here’s how your score is calculated, where to get a free score and tips on managing your credit.
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1 hour ago by renee9656
HerMoney Podcast Episode 208: The Genius Of Women, With Janice Kaplan | HerMoney
What does it really mean to be a genius in 2020, and why do 90% of Americans think that geniuses are men?
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1 hour ago by renee9656
HerMoney Healthline: 'Your Money or Your Life' Author Vicki Robin on Appreciation | HerMoney
The author of the seminal book on setting financial priorities on how to appreciate what you have in times of loss ... and what to do if you're struggling.
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1 hour ago by renee9656
Investieren wie Ray Dalios Allwetter-Portfolio mit ETFs | extraETF
Die Allwetter-Strategie ist passiv und war das Ergebnis langjähriger Studien und der Suche nach dem besten Portfolio für alle Marktphasen.
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8 hours ago by kluka
Stock Screener - Overview nyse exchangetradedfund o1000 u50 o2 change
Stock screener for investors and traders, financial visualizations.
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18 hours ago by PBR
Justin Donald Is the Investment World's New Warren Buffett
Donald has done more than 50 deals maximizing his commandments. One of his favorites was with a well-known franchise business in the fitness world that delivered a cash-flow return within the first month. In this case, he partnered with two operators with expertise in the franchise space. Since he wasn’t interested in an operational role, it made sense for him to be a capital partner in the deal and advise with minimal time commitments. He entered the deal with out-of-pocket capital, repaid with interest on an accelerated schedule and has one-third equity in the operation. He expects to have his loan returned in one to two years with additional kickers around it
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20 hours ago by lwhlihu
Head of ATM network warns cash could be killed off by end of summer as shoppers switch to cards • This is Money
Helen Cahill:
<p>Cash could be almost killed off by the end of the summer as shoppers switch to using cards and never go back, the head of the ATM network warned last night. 

John Howells, chief executive of Link, which runs Britain's 70,000 cashpoints, said the coronavirus pandemic has dramatically sped up the switch from cash to card and online payments. 

Before the shutdown, cash was still used in around a third of transactions. Now Link predicts its use will slump to just 10 per cent by August as people shop and go out less, use cards when they stock up at supermarkets and avoid coins and notes for fear of picking up the virus. 
Research shows that once people switch to using cards and digital payments they rarely use cash again. Previously, cash use had been expected to fall to 10 per cent by 2025 – meaning a change that should have taken five years will now take five months. 

Howells said the rapid fall could see vast numbers of ATMs close as they are used less often, while withdrawal fees could be rapidly introduced on other ATMs to ensure they remain profitable. 

Older and more vulnerable people would be the worst hit as they might be forced to travel miles to withdraw cash. </p>

Definitely a predictable effect.
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23 hours ago by charlesarthur
How to Spend Your Stimulus Check | You Need A Budget
4. Give Every Dollar a Job
Once the money hits your bank account and you’ve thought through these questions (all nice and calm-like), give every dollar a job. You might have a lot of jobs to dole out—a family of four could be looking at $3400 in stimulus money! Maybe you earmark $300 for that future car repair, or you budget your mortgage payment for the next two months. 

Covered your essentials and you just want to order Chinese take-out tonight? Yep, that’s a worthy cause too—send $60 to your “eating out” category. That’s the beauty of a budget: responsible saving and guilt-free spending.
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yesterday by lwhlihu
Inflation Is Coming | BitMEX Blog
In such an economic environment, with high inflationary expectations, gold looks set to shine. But what about Bitcoin? Bitcoin has crashed by almost 53% (peak to trough) in the 2020 Coronavirus crash, as investors raced to the US Dollar. In many ways this was inevitable. Where the Bitcoin price may shine is in the volatile inflationary aftermath of the response to the crash. In our view, in this changed economic regime, where the economy and financial markets are set loose, with no significant a...
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yesterday by pankkake
Amid Coronavirus, America Needs a More Just Society
"The coronavirus pandemic has laid bare once again the incomplete nature of the American project — the great distance between the realities of life and death in the United States and the values enunciated in its founding documents.

"In Michigan, where the coronavirus hit early and hard, African-Americans make up just 14 percent of the state’s population but 40 percent of the dead.

"The magnitude of a crisis is determined not just by the impact of the precipitating events but also by the fragility of the system it attacks. Our society was especially vulnerable to this pandemic because so many Americans lack the essential liberty to protect their own lives and the lives of their families."
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yesterday by ingenu
Rams' Sean McVay could never have imagined cutting Todd Gurley
Todd Gurley is no longer a Los Angeles Ram, and that's not exactly a scenario that Rams coach Sean McVay says he could have imagined over the past year or two.
"I don't think so," McVay said Monday as he spoke with reporters for the first time since Gurley was released last month. "I think as you continue to accumulate experience, especially in this role, you never take anything for granted and the amount of perspective that you have now ... but to say that was something that I think you could have ever anticipated, I think the answer is no."
The Rams cut Gurley less than two years after signing him to a four-year, $60 million extension that included $45 million guaranteed -- a record amount for an NFL running back. Gurley has since agreed to a one-year deal with the Atlanta Falcons, though the deal is pending a physical.
Rams general manager Les Snead said Monday that he did not regret signing Gurley to a long-term extension that amounted to the star back earning $22.6 million more than he would have on his original, five-year rookie deal.
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yesterday by rgl7194

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