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Somebody who thinks that feathers on dinosaurs would suddenly make them not-scary has never been chased by a goose. : Showerthoughts
I had a friend in high school who lived on a small farm, they had all kinds of animals and a huge Rottweiler.

When you'd visit the friend would run up to your car and be like "hey be careful walking up to the house, George is loose so I'll walk with you".

The first time I thought George was the dog, seemed reasonable. It was a goddamn goose that would bite you on the ass when you turned your back to it. That thing was mean as fuck, it would flap its wings at you and honk like some kind of avian demon.
3 minutes ago by cmananian
Dirty secret: why is there still a housework gender gap? | Inequality | The Guardian
“I do sometimes wonder if you love the way the house looks clean and tidy, or if it’s that the house being in any kind of disorder makes you feel out of control,”
house  housework  gender  cleaning  domestic  marriage  funny  guardian  oliver  burkeman 
2 hours ago by edmittance
Iran accuses West of using lizards for nuclear spying | The Times of Israel
Two years earlier, an Egyptian official said Israel-controlled sharks may have been involved in a number of attacks on tourists in the Red Sea.
politics  IR  funny  israel 
4 hours ago by sandykoe
Kevin's also a serious Hulk fan,
and he gifted me with this list of EVERY reason that Dr. David
Banner was driven to Hulk out. It makes very funny reading.
tv  comics  funny  list 
11 hours ago by ssorc
Botnik Studios
Harry Potter as a bot
book  read  AI  funny 
11 hours ago by JDHammer
Accidentally Turing-Complete
A list of things that were not supposed to be Turing-complete, but are.
programming  interesting  funny 
16 hours ago by jakobb
Cisco: cash machine
"Flush with cash after the Republican tax cuts, Cisco announced on Wednesday that it was building gleaming factories across the US, employing hundreds of thousands of workers to make the latest cutting-edge routers.

Sorry, of course not. The money is going back to shareholders."
cisco  technology  trump  ta  business  ft  2018  funny 
yesterday by benterrett

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