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The Documentaries of Werner Herzog Ranked | Nonfics
From the all-consuming dread of Lessons of Darkness to the otherworldly nature of Fata Morgana, here are all of Werner Herzog's documentaries, ranked.
wernerherzog  film  documentaries  movies 
3 hours ago by hamhoagie
10 of the best travel documentary films | Travel | The Guardian
Some travel documentaries , from The Guardian during Covid confinement.
film  documentary  travel  guardian  recommendations  confinement 
7 hours ago by piperh
Editing the Buttholes Out of ‘Cats’ Was a Total Nightmare for VFX Crew
A source gave us the scoop about the Universal bomb’s elusive “butthole cut”—and how an allegedly tyrannical Tom Hooper made the production “almost slavery” for its VFX crew.
animation  film 
16 hours ago by redex
How Little We Know of Our Neighbors | Sounding Out!
In 2011 filmmaker Irene Lusztig contacted me about designing sound and composing for her film project, The Motherhood Archives.
sound  electroacoustic  film 
21 hours ago by anthem_creamer

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