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Email Groups. Supercharged.
A modern platform for online communities. Powerful management tools. Mobile ready. Free and paid plans. No ads, no tracking.
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20 hours ago by pgorrindo
The P&G 1-page memo - Extreme Presentation
When I started my marketing career at Procter & Gamble almost 20 years ago, the 1-page memo discipline was in full force. Every communication had to fit on one page, and follow a fixed format. It was – and remains – a very powerful discipline. I have used it ever since then.
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yesterday by PinMarco
How do I setup a simple SMTP Docker server to send emails for my server? : docker
[–]DoTheEvolution 13 points 4 hours ago

I use sendgrid, its free for 100 emails a day

register new account
in settings > api keys > setup a new apikey for nexcloud
use these settings
smtp server:
port: 465
username: apikey
password: <apikey for nextcloud>
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yesterday by snearch

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