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TALO - A smart toothbrush that fits & cleans in seconds by Talo — Kickstarter
The first self-brushing toothbrush, cleans teeth individually with game changing half mouth design
16 hours ago by uberhamster
Hot new product on Product Hunt: Egret — Antibacterial spray
Product  Hunt  Health  and  Fitness  Home  Crowdfunding  Tech 
17 hours ago by Soc201
I upvoted Splach on Product Hunt: E-scooter with suspension at April 5, 2020 at 11:43PM
Product  Hunt  Batteries  Crowdfunding  Transportation 
18 hours ago by iamthefury
Voy a hacer un para poder ayudar a mi barrio a resintonizar sus , porque debe ser que con el camb…
TDT  crowdfunding  from twitter
yesterday by Demasis
Liberapay to platforma ułatwiająca regularne przekazywanie darowizn.

Pomagamy finansować twórców i projekty, które cenisz.
crowdfunding  payment  donation  tool  opensource  money 
4 days ago by harcesz
Covid-19 Creators on Buy Me A Coffee
Hot new product on Product Hunt: Creators Working on COVID-19 — Support COVID-19 initiatives. And 0% fee for April 🙌
Product  Hunt  Fintech  Crowdfunding  Tech 
4 days ago by Soc201
Plataforma colaborativa de financiamento de iniciativas voltadas para o enfrentamento dos efeitos do Coronavírus nas periferias brasileiras.
civic  crowdfunding 
5 days ago by mstem
Fundraiser by 3D Crowd UK : 3DCrowd UK Emergency 3D Printed Face Shields
There is  a critical shortage of medical PPE at the moment and even as the p… 3D Crowd UK needs your support for 3DCrowd UK Emergency 3D Printed Face Shields
crowdfunding  finance  emergency  medicine  workwear  safety  additive  printing  replicator  coronavirus 
6 days ago by asaltydog
Hot new product on Product Hunt: Albicchiere — An at home sommelier
Product  Hunt  Home  Wine  Crowdfunding  Internet  of  Things  Tech  Alexa  Skills 
6 days ago by Soc201
Buďte pro každou dobrost | Donio
Jsme pro každou dobrost. U nás si můžete snadno založit sbírku. Po jejím skončení vám odešleme 100 % vybrané částky.
crowdfunding  crowdsoucing  cz 
6 days ago by ilijusin
COVID-19 and the Creative Economy: Takeaways from Patreon’s Data Science Team | Patreon Blog
A large number of creators are launching on Patreon. More than 30,000 creators launched in the first 3 weeks of March 2020 alone, and these new creators are acquiring patrons faster than usual.
Creators have expanded their earnings on Patreon during this time period. This is driven by two factors:
Patron acquisition: An unusually large number of fans are subscribing to creators on Patreon.
Patron retention: We’ve seen slightly more pledge deletion, but not nearly enough to offset the increasing numbers of new pledges.
We began to see platform-wide behavior change on Friday, March 13th. Average new patron growth across the US, UK, Canada, Germany, Australia, and Italy is up 36.2% compared to February - an indication that fans are turning to Patreon to support creators during this tough time.
patreon  stats  italia  crowdfunding  spunti 
7 days ago by nicoladagostino
Over 30K creators joined Patreon this month, as COVID-19 outbreak spreads | TechCrunch
Creative professionals whose livelihoods have been impacted by the COVID-19 outbreak are flocking to membership platform Patreon in record numbers, the company claims. During the first three weeks of March, more than 30,000 new creators launched on the site — a much larger number than usual. These creators are also acquiring patrons faster than ever and they’re expanding their earnings at a quicker pace, as a result.
coronavirus  crowdfunding 
10 days ago by dancall
REVAN: The Safest Motorcycle Helmet-Mounted Dashcam by OWLFS — Kickstarter
Hot new product on Product Hunt: REVAN — The safest motorcycle helmet-mounted dashcam
Product  Hunt  Crowdfunding  Tech 
11 days ago by Soc201

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