gyzym: avengers fic - the new victories of old brooklyn [steve/bucky]
Summary: In which boys are stupid, strawberries are eaten, and the 21st century is exactly what it was cracked up to be.
fic  avengers  steve/bucky 
april 2012
tartanfics: Sherlock: Folding, Unfolding, Refolding
Title: Folding, Unfolding, Refolding
Fandom: Sherlock BBC
Characters/Pairings: Molly, Sherlock/John, Mrs. Hudson
Rating: PG-13
Word count: 3,965
Disclaimer: I don’t own Sherlock or get any money out of this endeavour.
Warnings: Some autopsy detail, discussion of death, grief, spoilers for Reichenbach.
Notes: ASiB made me want to write Molly. Reichenbach made me need to write Molly. Also I shamelessly sent my characters to a city I already know so I wouldn’t have to research it. Beta by miss_sabre.
Summary: Molly feels different, afterwards. She feels like she’s lost something, some part of herself that was capable of having a crush on Sherlock that, though pathetic, was at least honest and simple.
fic  sherlock  molly  sherlock/john 
january 2012
Sherlock Fics - [Fic] Primark scuffed and Oxford polished - Mystrade, S/J hints
"It could be a better day. When the lift breaks somewhere between the third and fourth floors of New Scotland Yard, it gets worse than Hleb missing by a fucking mile."
fic  sherlock  mycroft/lestrade 
january 2012
avengers_kink: Kink Post #1
Tony and Steve exchange a series of emails. Steve types in all caps, forwards ancient memes (lol cats, "funny" pictures, inspirational stories, etc), and generally acts like your grandparents.
fic  avengers  steve/tony 
november 2011
cyerus: BBC Sherlock fic: Gone Is My Past
Summary: John is an army bomb detection dog who has been turned into a human. Angst. No, really, angst.
fic  sherlock 
november 2011
In autumn, when the leaves are brown, take pen and ink and write it down... - Sharp Dressed Man (part 1)
~12 000 words
Summary: Pfff, not a particularly complex one: it’s 12K words of Sherlock being very appreciative of how John looks in a suit.
fic  sherlock  sherlock/john 
november 2011
gyzym: avengers fic - situation normal: all fucked up (steve/tony, nc-17) [1/3]
Title: Situation Normal: All Fucked Up
Pairing: Steve/Tony [Pepper/Natasha, Rhodey/Bucky, past Tony/Pepper]
Rating: NC-17
Wordcount: 27,000
Author's Notes: Again, this is the sequel to Ready, Fire, Aim; it'll probably make more sense if you read that first.
Summary: As it turns out, fighting crime is the easy part.
fic  avengers  steve/tony 
november 2011
gyzym: avengers fic: ready, fire, aim (steve/tony, nc-17) [1/3]
Title: Ready, Fire, Aim
Pairing: Steve/Tony [Pepper/Natasha, past Tony/Pepper]
Rating: NC-17
Wordcount: 21,000 (WEEPING FOR MY SANITY, WHAT)
Summary: There's no "I" in "Avenger."
fic  avengers  steve/tony 
november 2011
When first we practise to deceive
Lestrade thinks Mycroft is only occupying a minor position in the british goverment.

He knows him only as a kind, well-mannered, understanding man as opposite to his younger brothrer.
Mycroft tries his best to hide the fact that he's the british goverment.
fic  sherlock  mycroft/lestrade 
november 2011
24 Hours at Fukushima - IEEE Spectrum
24 Hours at Fukushima
A blow-by-blow account of the worst nuclear accident since Chernobyl
interesting  fukushimadaiichi  nuclear 
november 2011
raina_at: Sherlock BBC FIC: Five Things John Watson Will Never Tell Anyone (John/Sherlock) R, (1/1)
here are things about himself that John Watson will never, ever, tell anyone. Not even consulting detectives who might already know.
fic  sherlock  sherlock/john 
november 2011
Learn to Wear Each Other Well - sinuous_curve - Sherlock Holmes & Related Fandoms, Sherlock (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Embarrassing as it is -- considering Lestrade actually is a decently intelligent and aware person despite what Sherlock insinuates at least twice a week -- he very simply does not notice someone standing in his doorway until the man clears his throat. "Detective Inspector Lestrade?" the man asks as though he already knows the answer.

"It's the name on the desk."

The man's mouth settles with a hint of a smile. It's a bit obnoxious really, the unconscious condescension he exudes; like he knows all the answers to questions Lestrade can't even begin to think of asking. "I'm here about Sherlock Holmes."
fic  sherlock  mycroft/lestrade 
november 2011
sherlockbbc_fic: Prompting: Part XII
(Retelling of persephone)
Everything is so dull," Sherlock says.

"You're the lord of the dead," Stamford says. "Your kingdom is rich beyond measure and grows every day, how can you possibly be bored?"
fic  sherlock  sherlock/john  au 
november 2011
mad_maudlin | Sherlock: Apotheosis (R)
John is given a chance to take the fight to Moriarty. You know what they say about whoever fights monsters...
fic  sherlock 
october 2011
this is not a chick flick
This is not a romantic story, despite what the bards may croon about Persephone's delicate beauty and pale bosom or Hades' flashing grey eyes. When a doting wife mistily reminiscences about how her husband swept her off her feet, that statement should not be followed by "and into the very gates of the Underworld itself, where he forced me to languish for nearly a year until my mother threatened to annihilate the whole world into a nuclear winter if I didn't make it home by curfew." Do not bother seeking out the muses for the truth, as they will sing of a tragedy so heartbreaking that it will undoubtedly leave their audience in tears, all composed out of falsehoods and lies. As so often happens, the reality of the lives of Hades and Persephone cannot possibly compare to the epic saga that our imaginations have concocted.

This is not a romantic story. But it is a story of love, nonetheless.
fic  humor 
october 2011
the sandwich story
"Hobbes," Calvin says thoughtfully, perched on the sharply slanted roof outside his bedroom window. "Have you always been around?"
fic  calvin&hobbes 
october 2011
rhaegal | Fic: Evolution, Part 1 - Kirk/Spock
The Enterprise's first mission under the (official) captaincy of James T. Kirk.
fic  startrek  AOS  kirk/spock  longfic 
october 2011
mazarin221b: Fic: Decision Height
Douglas is uncharacteristically nervous when he knocks on the door of the shabby little hotel room a few hours later. It’s ridiculous that he should be undone by such a man as Martin Crieff – little Martin, timid and hesitant and bearer of more bad luck and awkward circumstance than anyone Douglas had ever met in his life.
fic  cabinpressure  douglas/martin 
october 2011
Attachment Theory - veronamay - Sherlock (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
In which there is a hunt for a fabricated will, and John learns that Sherlock's regard for him goes far beyond the physical.
fic  sherlock  sherlock/john 
october 2011
woe_in_a_hoodie: Fic: Full Boyfriend Experience
Summary: Sherlock has a second job. Because of this, Mycroft thinks Sherlock is heartless and manipulative; John, meanwhile, is inclined to think Sherlock secretly has more capacity for emotional connections than most.
fic  sherlock  sherlock/john  prostitution  fluffy  angstfree 
october 2011
Trimmed & Burning - achycarnations - Sherlock (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
If one is particular about details and semantics, the first time Sherlock waits it is for three days.
fic  sherlock  sherlock/john  sad 
october 2011
Bitey Mad Lady - FIC: Monster (1/2, Sherlock BBC, 18,726 words)
Summary: “And just what is the plan, Sherlock?” John shouted. “Go to prison? You assaulted a police officer – no court won’t convict you.” He ran a hand over his face. “What could possibly be worth risking your freedom?”
fic  sherlock  sherlock/john 
october 2011
saathi1013 | FIC: The Adventure of the Six Painted Virgins, BBC's Sherlock, NC-17, Sherlock/John
Summary: Sherlock dons an unusual disguise for a case. John is…conflicted. Character study, casefic, & smut (in that order).
fic  sherlock  sherlock/john 
october 2011
One Hundred Percent Raw
So, a while ago, my best friend and I were talking about kinky Sherlock fics, and how we both generally disliked bondage. Something about it just struck a wrong chord with us, and she decided it was because she didn't think John would appreciate it, at all, because it would probably bring up some war memories for him. She went on to say how she'd love to see a fic like that, so I went on to write that fic for her.
fic  sherlock  sherlock/john  ptsd 
august 2011
merlinkinkmeme: [Fic] Pairing Pendragon/Merlin (1/3)
Title | Pairing Pendragon/Merlin
Author | Anon
Pairing | Arthur/Merlin
Prompt | Arthur is a BNF and Merlin is his prized beta
Length | ~24 500
Warnings | casting spoilers for Starz “Camelot” and some speculation on episode content, based on no accurate information whatsoever.

Notes | All LJ names, emails and other names used in this fic are either non-functional or in use by someone who has no association with this fic or indeed with Merlin fandom at all. All real people who appear in this fic are entirely fictionalised based on the information on their Wikipedia pages and narrative convenience, as are the details of the SFX Weekender.

Thank you to everyone who has commented on this fic; you guys have really made my January and I am so grateful to you all. A special thank you to the KMM mod mice, and to the people who held my hand and made me keep writing this even though I was freaking out.

(First part originally posted in 24 comments here.)
fic  merlin  au  arthur/merlin  meta 
january 2011
Hold Something
Hold Something is an experiment in tangible art, and in making stories for paper.

Every month I'll choose a photograph I've taken and use it as a prompt for a short story (2-3 pages average), then send the whole thing out to subscribers. Each Hold Something packet contains a copy of that month's story and photo, as well as a short note from me.
mail  art  subscription 
january 2011
Vermin - Lannakitty - Dresden Files - Jim Butcher [Archive of Our Own]
Harry Dresden gets more than he bargained for when asked to assist one of Chicago's more notorious criminals with a little vermin problem. Thanks to Tichan for the quick beta! Written for Yuletide 2010
fic  dresdenfiles 
january 2011
the water grinds the stone || auburn || fan fiction
Summary: War and peace, ebb and flow, love and loss, damned duty and dearest enemies, end and begin and come around again. When the Stargate Program goes public, old loyalties are set against new ambitions for the Atlantis team.
fic  sga  sg1  mckay/sheppard  longfic 
december 2010
misswinterhill: Fic: Some Say It's a Blessing, Some Say It's a Curse (PG, Merlin, Arthur/Merlin)
Title: Some Say It's a Blessing, Some Say It's a Curse
Characters: Arthur, Merlin (Arthur/Merlin)
Rating: PG / standard
Wordcount: ~3000
Spoilers: Nothing specific
Genre: magic reveal, powerful Merlin / captured Arthur
Warnings: OC character death, implied injury to other OCs
Beta: [info]copperbadge, [info]cruentum and [info]mellacita all looked at this, but any mistakes are my own :D
Summary: “Last warning,” said Merlin, raising a hand. “If you try to harm him, I will kill you. If you succeed, no-one will leave here alive.”
A/N: The title is from the song "My Boy Builds Coffins" by Florence and the Machine.
For the KMM prompt: Arthur/Merlin - Arthur found out about Merlin's magic some time ago but kept the knowledge to himself. Even Merlin is unaware that Arthur knows. So when Merlin is forced to put on a display of incredible power in front of Arthur in order to save his life, he expects Arthur's reaction to be one of anger, fear or revulsion. Arthur is overwhelmed to learn what his manservant is truly capable of. With all that power literally at his fingertips, Merlin could go anywhere and do anything he wants - and yet he remains loyal by Arthur’s side, risking his own life to keep Arthur safe. When Arthur realises this, he doesn’t give Merlin the reaction he expects. Instead, Arthur drops to his knees in front of him and bows his head.
fic  merlin  arthur/merlin 
december 2010
Birds to a Lighthouse
I will readily admit that I am not at my best in high summer. I never am, unfortunately. It hurts me deeply to recall, however, just how far beneath myself I managed to sink in the summer of 1891.
fic  holmes/watson  longfic 
december 2010
telleer: Fic: My Father Before Me (1/2) McKay/Sheppard (R)
Summary: Even after twenty years, Rodney still has no idea how to raise children. Futurefic.
fic  sga  mckay/sheppard  kidfic  futurefic 
october 2010
The Historian
Title: The Historian
Rating: PG
Fandom: Eureka
Summary: Dr. Grant is a very pretty mystery, until suddenly he's not. (Grant/Carter)
Warnings: None.
Notes: I've only seen through episode five of Eureka's latest (fourth) season. I've had reliable spoilers that joss this, but this is Eureka -- they practically grow AUs in their vegetable gardens, after all.
fic  eureka  grant/carter 
october 2010
lightgetsin: Fic: Famin
Title: Famine
Fandom: Vorkosigan
Length: 9000 words
Rating: PG-13
Classification: Miles/Gregor. A Deeper Season verse, early days, a few weeks after chapter 18.
Warning: All plot has been removed from this story and replaced with romantical notions.
Summary: "I don't think being in love with someone is very good preparation for actually being with them," Gregor said.
fic  vorkosigan  miles/gregor  adeeperseason 
august 2010
lightgetsin: Fic: Forward Momentum: A Biography
Title: Forward Momentum: A Biography, with Preface by Elizabeth Gray
Author: [ profile] lightgetsin
Fandom: Vorkosigan
Classification: PG, mentions Miles/Gregor. A Deeper Season universe, far future.
Summary: Every biography of my Gran'da has the same holo on the cover.
fic  vorkosigan  adeeperseason  miles/gregor  futurefic 
august 2010
Lady Paperclip's Second-Hand Bookshop - Ficmix: "{and swallow fireflies}", Doctor Who, Amy-centric
Summary: She’s not the mentally ill one here, really, and she still can’t eat custard, ten years later.
fic  doctorwho  au  amypond  eleven 
august 2010
In Which Apolo Ohno Doesn't Win a Gold Medal
What would have happened if instead of Tanith and Johnny rooming together, Apolo and Johnny had roomed together? Obviously, sex. That's just logic. Written for wintergameskink. Word Count: 13,800
fic  olympics  rpf  Ohno/Weir 
march 2010
dsudis: SPN Fic: To Course Across More Kindly Waters Now
Dean and Castiel. "Lazarus Rising" missing scene.
Gen, or possibly Dean/Dean's past. R for all sorts of adultness.
6,066 words.

"You have to get clean. This is only a stop along the way."
fic  spn  dean 
january 2010
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