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A Chronological Presentation of Fucks I Give. — My sister asked if the events of “The Labyrinth”...
In a time long long ago a sorcerer named Jareth fell in love with a girl named Sarah. Sarah’s father and step-mother would not let her marry Jareth because they wanted her to keep her, as a servant, to care for their other child. In a fit of rage Jareth kidnapped this other child and spirited it away to the fairy world. In this new world Jareth built a palace for his Sarah. He turned the spoiled child into a goblin, and kept it to be a servant.
Many stories of the fairy world tell us that time moves differently there than in our world (Rip Van Winkle for one). In the time it took for Jareth to build his kingdom, which he may have thought was little more than a few years, Sarah grew old and died.
Overcome by grief and addled by a lifetime spent in a strange world filled with monsters, Jareth goes mad. He refuses to believe that he has lost his love. He searches the mortal world from his castle, looking for her.
Sarah is Hebrew name. So, it is common, and has been in use for thousands and thousands of years. It does not take long (for him) to find a dark haired girl named Sarah, who has a younger sibling, and who feels that she is treated unfairly by her step mother. In a fit of rage he kidnaps this other child and spirits it away to the fairy world. Perhaps this new Sarah dies in the quest to find the child, perhaps she wins her sibling back and flees.
Jareth searches the mortal world from his from his castle, looking for her. It does not take long to find a dark haired girl named Sarah…
This is how Jareth becomes the goblin king. Every goblin in the goblin city is a child Jareth has stolen, who was not recovered by a Sarah. (he told the current Sarah that Toby would become a goblin if she did not find him in time)
This is why he builds the maze. The magic bog, the junk yard of useless treasures, all tricks to slow Sarah down. Because if he can only have his Sarah for the time it takes for her to regain the stolen child, he will make it take as long as possible, keep her as long as possible.
This is why there exists in our world a book containing the story. Because it has happened before. So many times. At some point some lucky Sarah must have returned to our world to tell the story.
This is why when the most recent Sarah first meets Hoggle at the start of the labyrinth, and introduces herself; “I’m Sarah”, Hoggle responds “That’s what I figured.”
Because of course she’s Sarah.
They were all Sarah.
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april 2016 by ree
Re: authuser vs. passwords
> Anyone have any ideas how to make the PMWiki site have them authenticated
> via AuthUser, but then only make them type in a password to be access
> password protected pages/groups within the site?

As Vince said, leaving the username field blank has the same effect as
just having a password field.

However, if you want to hide the username field for already logged-in
visitors, you can edit the page Site.AuthForm on your wiki for example
by changing the following conditional

(:if enabled EnableAuthUser:)


(:if ( enabled EnableAuthUser && !authid ) :)

This means that the "Name:" field won't be shown if the user is
already logged in.

Alternatively, for extra fanciness, you could use something like the
following instead of that whole line:

(:if enabled EnableAuthUser:)$[Name]:
(:if2 authid:){$AuthId}(:else2:)(:input text name=authid:)(:if2end:)\\

Note that this assumes you've got at least version 2.2.0-beta66 for
the nested if functionality.
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april 2016 by ree
ACTUALLY having fun: Rper's hidden secret bible (muse, writing, anxiety, and more)
As you read, make a resolution to do something. Not ten things. Not five. One. Do one thing purposefully, consistently for 30 days and let it change your life.
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april 2016 by ree
PmWiki - Cookbook - Page Creator
adds page creator (original author) to be stored as a page attribute
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april 2016 by ree
PmWiki - Cookbook - Extern Auth
ExternAuth enables PmWiki to utilize authentication mechanisms external to PmWiki by accessing php $_SESSION variables set by the external authentication mechanism:
$_SESSION['authenticated'] - a BOOLEAN
$_SESSION['username'] - the username of the authenticated user
$_SESSION['groups'] - an array of groups for which the user is a member.


The group variable definition file above provides a special default for wiki groups named after the authenticated user ( For these groups, the authenticated user is given complete authority over all pages in that group.
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april 2016 by ree
PmWiki - Cookbook - Credits Block
Create a "last edited by" block that includes everybody who had a hand in developing a page
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april 2016 by ree
PmWiki - Cookbook - Auth Phpbb 2 Sso
This recipe provides 100% integration of the phpBB authentication and session management. This is achieved by including the relevant scripts from the phpBB installation and calling the appropriate functions. The phpBB2 session is kept alive while the user is browsing the wiki. No hacks into the phpBB scripts are required.
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april 2016 by ree
PmWiki - Cookbook - Auth Php BB 2
AuthPhpBB2 permits user authentication via phpBB2 forum software to be used to edit protect PmWiki pages. Additionally your phpBB2 username is used as the PmWiki edit author name. Additionally, you can augment page permissions with PmWiki's in-built page attributes e.g. add a second level page edit and/or read protection e.g. perhaps edit protect the site sidebar and readonly protect the site blocklist from normal forum users.
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april 2016 by ree
PmWiki - Cookbook - Auth-SMF
How can I create a single sign-on/log-on for both Pmwiki and SMF?
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april 2016 by ree
How to check login status on phorum based site?
Got it!
But needed to change directory, before including common.php, else i got errors about not finding includes/requires from common.php, because of an broken path.

Language: PHP$current_dir = getcwd(); // current directory
chdir($_SERVER["DOCUMENT_ROOT"].'/forum'); // serverpath to my phorum installation
chdir($current_dir); // back to original directory

$aUser = phorum_api_user_get_active_user();
print_r($aUser); // display array of userdata, so you know what you can acces.

For production websites, you need to check if $aUser is an array with is_array($aUser), if not => visitor is not logged in:)
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april 2016 by ree
[Unnamed Inn] up to January 2009
"Normally I'd ask if it hurt when you feel from heaven," he grinned, "But that was me, and yes it did. So I guess I'll have to be more creative, huh? I suppose that complimenting your cooking skills would be a little too obvious, as well."
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march 2016 by ree
[Unnamed Inn] up to January 2009
Suddenly Baskerville ran through the area, stark naked!
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march 2016 by ree
A note on “normal” for depressed folks | Book of Jubilation
In short, everyone who’s ever said that diagnosing depression is just “pathologizing ordinary sadness” can fucking bite me.
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march 2016 by ree
this mod will allow you and your users to create, delete, merge, or split subaccounts on your forum.
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march 2016 by ree
Tag: Kinetic Novel
'A kinetic novel is a VN that does not present the "player" with any choices at all; they simply read through a single unbranching story.'

That's a thing? Apparently that's a thing.
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february 2016 by ree
Burnout, creativity, and the tyranny of production schedules - Charlie's Diary
Hey guys: Elizabeth Bear here, and I'm stopping by to talk about how even jobs we love can make us sick if we do them for too long without a break and with the wrong kind of rewards systems.
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february 2016 by ree
Rashid's story is literally him sitting on Twitter talking to all the other characters that won't be in SFV.
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february 2016 by ree
Kirby Super Star Cheats, Codes, Unlockables - Super NES - IGN
This code makes you invincible for a whole level. At the begining of the level press R,R,R,L,L,L,A, B,A,B,A,B.

Reset Game
You can reset the game by hitting R, L, Start, and Select at the same time.

Manual Correction

The instructions say after beating all the stages, you will reach 100%. This is incorrect as you must first find all of the treasures in the Great Cave of Offence, the two select-your-ability-areas in Dynablade, and find all the abilities in Milky Way Wishes.
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january 2016 by ree
Kirby's Dream Land Cheats, Codes, Unlockables - Game Boy - IGN
Submitted by:IGN_Cheats
Configuration Menu

Hold DOWN, B, and SELECT at the title menu to go to the configuration menu, which offers extra options.
Submitted by:IGN_Cheats
Extra Game Mode

Hold UP, A, and SELECT at the title menu to get the extra game mode, which has more challenge.
1 Unlockables
Submit an Unlockable.
Submitted by:IGN_Cheats
Difficult Mode

On the title screen, press UP + SELECT + B to start a more difficult version of the game.
1 Hints
Submit a Hint.
Submitted by:claudevandog
Moon Door in Bubbly Clouds

In Bubbly Clouds, when your at the door leading to the 2nd Kracko, you will see the moon. Fly up to it and you can enter it like a door. In there you will fall for a long time. When your falling, you will find 3 M Tomatoes and 2 1-UPs. When your done falling, you will find a door that leads to Kracko.
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january 2016 by ree
The Egg | Level 9 | Link's Awakening Walkthrough | The Legend of Zelda | Eelco
The code that you get should be one of the following:

Right, Up, Up, Right, Up, Up, Right, Up
Left, Left, Up, Right, Right, Up, Left, Up
Left, Up, Right, Up, Left, Up, Right, Up
Right, Right, Right, Right, Up, Up, Up, Up
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november 2015 by ree
Module: Terms of Service
Adds a Terms of Service (TOS) agreement to the register and posting page and links to a separate page to display the Terms of Service.

Design for emerald template.

Tested on version 5.2.20
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september 2015 by ree
Pier Gerlofs Donia - Wikiquote
Bûter, brea en griene tsiis: wa't dat net sizze ken, is gjin oprjochte Frys.
Translation: Butter, bread, and green cheese: whoever cannot say that is not a true Frisian.
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september 2015 by ree
Lots of Spam (but no moderator e-mails)
Some hosts will not send email out unless the sender has a real email address.
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september 2015 by ree
Module: User in logout link
This module will add the username of the authenticated user to the Phorum log out link. The text of the logout link can be tweaked through this module's language files.

Not that with the 5.2 Emerald template, this module does not have too much value, because the template clearly shows the name of the logged in user already. But I decided to post the module anyway, for people that are going to run on different templates.
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august 2015 by ree
Module: Hide Signatures
"This mod adds a configuration option for users that can be used
to disable viewing of user signatures. The option can be found in
the user's control center under the forum settings option."
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august 2015 by ree
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