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mbp reader, export mobipocket notes - idleloop's site
'This package reads a .MBP file, which is the type of file that stores user added information to any of the file formats that "mobipocket reader" or "Kindle" can read.'
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may 2018 by ree
Shortkeys extension - Opera add-ons
Shortkeys makes it easy to add custom shortcuts to your browser for the following actions:

- Scroll up/down by a little or a lot- Scroll to the top or bottom of the page- Go back or forward in history- Jump to existing tab by URL- Open new tab with URL- Switch to the previous/next/first/last tab- Create a new tab or close the current tab- Clone the current tab- Close all (unpinned) tabs except for current tab- Reload the page- Copy the current URL- Pin/Unpin the current tab- Move the current tab left or right- Zoom in/out/reset- Blacklist or whitelist specific shortcuts on specific sites- Clear downloads (page and bar)
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october 2014 by ree
Gaming Intelligence Agency » Procedural Life Labyrinth: 17 Views of NetHack
Brogue, the Gallant to NetHack’s Goofus. Brogue is transparent where NetHack is opaque; streamlined where NetHack is bloated. For instance, when you enter a room in NetHack and there are two )s, three Os, and a [, it’s up to you to know an O is some kind of ogre, and you won’t be able to distinguish the type of ) (sword) at all until you walk onto that space. Even once you know their names, you still know very little about them.

The same room in Brogue, meanwhile, will immediately display what these items are in the game’s UI. Highlight the Os, and it tells you about ogres and what they can do, even to the point of providing best- and worst-case scenarios should you choose to engage them in combat. Pick up one of the swords, and you’ll be told, in clear numerical terms, what effect equipping it would have on your damage and accuracy, as well as how your current strength score affects your skill in using it.
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may 2014 by ree
Dabr - Status 451778406703575041
meant to post this a couple days ago -- nice SMT: Strange Journey easter egg
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april 2014 by ree
The Anatomy of Zelda II: VIII. Pear-shaped -
I just got to the eastern continent too, and my experience (no pun intended) has been different. That’s because I’ve used a few Game Genie codes to rejigger the game balance.

I mentioned in an earlier comment that as a kid I always used the infinite lives code (SZKGKXVK). Well, I went to look the code up again, and via I found a couple other useful codes (not in the original GG manual) that tweak how experience works:

SZVOUNSE makes it so that, while your experience drops after you level up, it doesn’t drop to zero.

And SXESIKSE prevents enemies from taking your experience away.

I’m finding the game much less frustrating with those codes.

(There’s also one that makes it so you don’t lose ANY experience on level-up, but apparently it borks the game when you finish a palace, so it’s useless on authentic Nintendo hardware since the original Game Genie didn’t allow you to toggle codes on and off.)
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april 2013 by ree
Unused Enemies in EarthBound Zero « EarthBound Central
@Tomato… I tried to see if they could be restored to M1+2, with some excellent results! Using your tools, I replaced the Lamp in Ninten’s sister’s room into a Pillow. I hope I didn’t break anything, though, because the encounter data is right next to some code, but it’s mostly FF, so I think it’s just blank data. Anyway, even if I broke something with this, have fun with it!

Add these to M2_misc_text:
F663CE [41 00 FF 00 FF 00 FF 00 01 38]
//This changes the encounter data, hopefully not breaking anything
F17817 [88 81]
//This changes the Lamp in sister’s room to a gift box
F17830 [00]
//This changes the game to use the new encounter data

Add these to M1_main_text:

555-E:It hovers in the air!
//Lamp description from EB0, modified to fit the pillow. It has to be described _SOMEHOW_.
61D-E: Pillow
earthboundcentral  comment  code  hack  clipblog  untried 
march 2013 by ree
EB’s Anti-Piracy Stuff is Showcased « EarthBound Central
You forgot the Hard Mode, with much more enemies on the screen (although maybe it was already posted before). If you want to try this “Second Quest”, you can turn it on by using both of these codes:
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march 2013 by ree
GameSpite Journal 12: Crusader of Centy -
(On the SNES side I played an hour or so each into Soul Blazer and the BS LttP and enjoyed them both enough that I’ll probably get back to them at some point. Gunman’s Proof looks like an interesting option and, getting back to Sega and OG Zelda, so does Golden Axe Warrior.)
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march 2013 by ree
GameSpite Journal 12: Crusader of Centy -
I highly recommend Brainlord for all who want and alternative to Soul Blazer and as a light hearted alternative to Zelda, another SNES “cute” action RPG which actually has really robust gameplay and animation is The Twisted Tales of Spike McFang
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march 2013 by ree
SCROLL Magazine looks back at codes - Tiny Cartridge
'The best game genie code my friends and I ever discovered for Super Mario Bros. was "KAPISS". Not only was the code itself memorable, but it's effect...'
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march 2013 by ree - Translations - Sylvan Tale
You know, every once in a while, Game Gear games can be pretty damn sweet. Take this here Sylvan Tale game for example. Action RPGs (such as this one) are rare, and GOOD action RPGs are rare indeed. This is just the tip of the iceberg as to why Sylvan Tale is cool. Actually it’s pretty much the entire reason; it’s a damn fine action RPG. The music is simply awesome, especially considering the system (with one small exception!), the graphics are very well done, and the gameplay’s there. It’s ALL there. There’s a plot too, but it doesn’t matter. Who cares? Swing your sword around and kill things! That’s what life’s all about goddammit!
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february 2013 by ree
News - Mod spotlight: Duke Nukem 3D -
Hey! Want your Duke Nukem 3D in high resolution and with proper 3D models? Grab some mods:
duke_nukem  pc  videogame  videogames  software  mod  tip  gog  untried  from twitter_favs
december 2012 by ree - Hacks - Shin Megami Tensei - Bug Fix Patch
"This is a patch for Aeon Genesis’ translation of Shin Megami Tensei that fixes every bug present in the translation, ranging from missing line breaks or texts that are too long, to not being able to buy guns in the first part of the game or not being able to complete one the games’ endings. It also changes the names of demons, races, items, spells, skills and other things to those used in the official translations. This is not only to make the game friendlier to those familiar with Atlus USA’s translations, but some spells were so long in Japanese (Maha-Zan and Maha-Zanma, for example) that you couldn’t differentiate between both in the selection screen.

"This patch must be applied to the original Japanese ROM."

series:megaten  smt  snes  rpg  jrpg  translation  patch  ips  bugfix  untried  clipblog  notes 
november 2012 by ree
Free Your Links
"I switched to Pinboard recently and wanted to bring my Google bookmarks with me. Turns out Google won't let you export your bookmarks with tags and timestamps intact. But when there's a will, there's a way."
google  google_bookmarks  bookmark  pinboard  untried  export  import  migrate 
april 2012 by ree
Nanashi no Game translation patch now available - Tiny Cartridge
Nanashi no Game translation patch now available - Success! About two months after it started (and after we...
rom  fan_translation  nintendo_ds  videogame  videogames  untried  nanashi_no_game  on:tumblr  from twitter
october 2011 by ree
pseudomonas | DW-thataway
"It runs through DW posts, finding LJ entries that have already been cross-posted or imported to DW, and for some subset of them based on things like their visibility, date, length, whether they contain polls, and so on, edits them so that their text is commented out (possibly with a snippet of the original post), adding a note saying that the post has been moved to such-and-such a DW post which is thataway."
dreamwidth:by:psuedodemonas  perl  migrate  untried  clipblog 
september 2010 by ree
twitterjs - Project Hosting on Google Code
"Adds twitters to your site without hanging it if Twitter is down.

Supports a multitude of options, including ignoring @replies, full control over what's show via simple templating, onTimeout functions, with or without friends Tweets and allows you to have more than one instance on your page.

Most importantly, the script runs after your page has loaded so if Twitter is down, it won't hold up your user's experience."
clipblog  twitter  javascript  remotelyhosted  untried 
may 2010 by ree
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