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Lady Knight's limerick •
It is my great burden in life to be somewhat skilled at writing awful limericks. Such poetry is unpopular outside of public toilets, yet I am cursed to excel at it. Therefore.  ToME:LadyKnight  ToME:../Background/Moneymaker  Twine:Lady_Knight  Twine:Moneymaker  poetry  by:ree  silly  notes 
october 2016 by ree
Darth Vadar bagpipe unicycle - YouTube
As a palate cleanser, here's Darth Vader, on a unicycle, in a kilt, playing bagpipes: (via )
starwars  silly  weird  youtube  [video]  from twitter_favs
march 2012 by ree
YouTube - VR Troopers spoof and outtakes VRT
This is why you don't tell the cast that they've been canceled. They might take over the dubbing process with their own creative twist...
vrtroooper  telly  childhood  weird  redub  silly  youtube  notes  [video] 
august 2010 by ree
Chart Of The Day - The Daily Dish | By Andrew Sullivan
Someone has to live near enough to the farms to work them, so "we would all be neighbors" indicates that "we" are not farmers. Rude!
notes  usa  city  rural  silly 
march 2010 by ree
The Muppet Show's 10 Weirdest Moments - Topless Robot
Dude, I just watched Roger Moore kick a Muppet in the face. I love the internet! Thanks, !
muppets  telly  silly  humour  music  007  [video]  [♪]  from twitter
september 2009 by ree
[adult swim] | Games | Habeas Dorkus
A text game running in Flash. Don't forget to allow popups or you'll miss clues!
adultswim  game  flash  swf  text  adventure  birdman  harveybirdman  silly  clipblog  [interactive] 
august 2008 by ree

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