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This is a patch for Aeon Genesis’ translation of Shin Megami Tensei that fixes every bug present in the translation, ranging from missing line breaks or texts that are too long, to not being able to buy guns in the first part of the game or not being able to complete one the games’ endings.
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march 2016 by ree
GameSpite : What do you think of the theory that some unknown...
Anonymous asked: What do you think of the theory that some unknown THING happened to make YHVH the way He is? If you agree with it, what do you think it is?


(For the purpose of this response, YHVH = SMT character, Yahweh = Jewish mythological character)

It’s a very known thing why YHVH is the way he is. Or rather, Yahweh. He was written to be that way by the ancient Israelite priestly class who authored the myths and “sacred history” in the Hebrew Bible. They saw first hand that the ancient, historical Israelites worshipped many gods, including those of the Canaanite pantheon whom Yahweh could have originally been a part. At the very least, they may have been monolatrists or henotheists. Hence Yahweh’s “jealousy,” violent punishments, and other fine traits you don’t really look for in an all-powerful, omniscient creator god. Nonetheless, Yahweh became their national god, and the guys in charge wanted the people to respect that, so they amended/added parts of the Hebrew texts at various points. Actual Jewish monotheism, in that it was accepted by the majority of the population and how it is known today, comes rather late, with the Babylonian exile.

In other words, if you want to explain why YHVH in SMT is a dick, all you need to do is read the Old Testament. Yahweh makes the Israelites a slave to Law and when they (often) break it, he punishes them severely for it. Take David’s affair with Bathsheba. David is Yahweh’s chosen one and eventually has to curse David’s progeny for the adultery (though not directly due to a covenant). Even his son Solomon eventually starts worshipping the god Chemosh. It’s very interesting stuff, and I don’t want to deny the appeal of the human drama in these stories. But SMT didn’t have to invent an excuse for YHVH to be that way–it’s all right there.

However, the fact remains that Yahweh and the Christian “God” are conflated as the same figure in the western world, and no wonder, since the vast majority are familiar with Christian traditions that claim as such. But “God” and Yahweh have largely different dispositions. “God” is a lot more…chill, let’s say. However, he’s still going to fuck you up something fierce if you don’t accept his son as messiah, and doubly so at the end of time. Still a step up from pouring a worldwide deluge, raining fire and brimstone on cities, or causing disembowelments (though usually for a reason, in Yahweh’s defense). For more on that, check out Carl Jung’s Answer to Job, where Jung kind of puts Yahweh in the chair for psychoanalysis. His conclusion is that Job’s unwavering piety in the face of the mounting cruelties inflicted upon him by the brutal combo of Yahweh and Satan is ultimately a moral victory for humanity over Yahweh, causing a huge evolutionary shift in his character–setting the stage for the later “God the Father.” For another example of character evolution, look to the fact that Yahweh loves animal sacrifices, but by the time we get to “God,” Jesus acts as sacrifice to end that older tradition. You have to give credit to old Yaw, he does at least change and grow throughout the story…even if by his nature, that shouldn’t be possible or necessary.

So, the idea that a “glitch in the universe makes God evil” is total bunk. There’s no doubt about it, the YHVH of SMT is supposed to be Yahweh, and not “God.” After all, Satan hangs out with him in both of his appearances. That’s a pretty strong clue that his SMT portrayal is leaning towards Old Testament wrath. (Similarly, such a distinction is why Lucifer and Satan can exist in the same space.) They may be the same character to most, but SMT doesn’t have to work that way. However, I totally understand that most people, when first encountering the “evil” YHVH in SMT, are rather put-off because they don’t see the distinction between Yahweh and “God.” (No surprise, most Christians gloss over the violence of Yahweh in the OT…doesn’t make for the most uplifting platitudes.) On the other hand, I think some people unfairly, blindly criticize YHVH’s portrayal because SMT is a Japanese series, and for “outsiders” to have any seemingly different insight on a sacred western tradition is challenging to accept.

Perspectives matter. And they do in SMT, as well! One thing I think Shin Megami Tensei II does poorly in regards to YHVH is that it never gives you the opportunity to side with him wholly; you still have to fight him even on the Law path. Choice is important, and if you actually want to be Law, you should be allowed to align with its ultimate representative. But if you don’t agree with what YHVH has to offer, then there are other choices available. After all, in our own reality, Judaism, Christianity, and Islam do not have the monopoly on philosophical/religious concepts. SMT is a series that recognizes that, and offers a plurality of mythological characters which represent a world of ideas and traditions. To a believer, God/Yahweh is just and offers salvation; to me, a former Christian and now agnostic, the character of Yahweh/YHVH is a fascinating glimpse into ancient belief systems, but by no longer “aligning” myself with him, I have opened my mind and learned so much more. Taking all of this into account, you can see why Kaneko calls SMT “ a metaphor for real life.”
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Dabr - Status 468440322972733440
werezombie: Digital Devil Saga is a great entry point into the SMT series. It's probably the closest to a traditional RPG of any of the sub-series.
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Dabr - Status 463719580251471872
werezompire: SMT4 is good. SMT: Nocturne is better. Better balance, better graphics, better main character upgrade system, better characters.
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Twitter / ClydeMandelin: Somebody please draw Satan ...
Somebody please draw Satan playing this game!

(via ghostdaddotcx)
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Twitter / nichronomicon: Nintendo: "You've been playing ...
Nintendo: "You've been playing a while! Be sure to take breaks!" Atlus: "Don't you stop. Don't you dare stop. EVER."
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Dabr - Status 369975140978667521
Face SMT IV’s never-aging sage, Sanat Kumara, in “The Eternal Youth,” now available on the Nintendo eShop for $2.49.
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Dabr - Status 364534878156496896
Aspiring to become the flashiest samurai ever in SMTIV? Check out the Snake Scale Equipment! $1.49 on the eShop.
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Dabr - Status 364535937063084032
Take on Archangels Gabriel & Michael in SMTIV. Clipped Wings 2 is now on the eShop for $2.49. (JPN screen attached)
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Twitter / nichronomicon: It's #SoulHackers day! Protip: ...
It's #SoulHackers day! Protip: to see a demon's skills during fusion at the Goumaden, press right *on the Circle Pad*.
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Persona 2: Eternal Punishment Hits PSN Tomorrow – PlayStation Blog
[H]ere’s a list of mental replacements to make as you go through the PSOne Classics release of Eternal Punishment:

Saeko Smith: You’d know her better as Ms. Saeko, formerly a homeroom teacher at St. Hermelin High and later on a warm, caring educator at Seven Sisters High.

Principal Harding: Principal Hannya, another veteran of St. Hermelin. In Innocent Sin, he was the hated principal of Seven Sisters who used the Joker’s power to make the students love him, even if none of them understood why.
Tammy: Tamaki, who’s actually a nod to the original Shin Megami Tensei series: she was the heroine of SMT If…, and became a devil summoner to rid Karukozaka High of evil. Now, she works for fellow devil summoner Chief Todoroki at the Kuzunoha Detective Agency.

Tad: Tadashi, son of the owner of the Satomi Tadashi drugstore chain.

Mary: Maki Sonomura, the troubled heroine of Persona PSP, is now grown up and running Hiiragi Psychotherapy to help ease the minds of others who are psychologically tormented.

Sky Museum: Known as the Aerospace Museum in Innocent Sin PSP.

Ellen: Elly Kirishima in Persona PSP. She’s one of two guest stars from the original game who can briefly join your party in Eternal Punishment. The unnamed “Boy with Earring” who shows up in her route was the protagonist of that game.

Nate: Kei Nanjo, the other possible guest party member from Persona PSP. He’s the heir to the Nanjo Group megacorporation, which Persona fans with a sharp memory might know as having ties to Mitsuru Kirijo’s own business empire in Persona 3.

Yuki: Yukino Mayuzumi, another character you might know from Persona and Innocent Sin PSP. Once the leader of a girl gang at St. Hermelin, she grew up to be a professional photographer who works alongside Maya at Coolest.

Chris: Reiji Kido, sort of a hidden character in Persona PSP, will make a brief appearance in Elly’s path in Eternal Punishment.

Brad: Hidehiko “Brown” Uesugi’s routine is just as obnoxious as it was in Persona PSP, but now he’s famous for doing it on TV.

Guido: More properly known as Takahisa Kandori in Persona PSP, where he was the mastermind behind the dimensional warp that drew in the city of Mikage-cho. Though he died in the events of Persona PSP, Kandori casts a long shadow, and his influence will be felt in Sumaru City during the course of Eternal Punishment’s story.

Masquerade: Localized in Innocent Sin PSP as the “Masked Circle,” this was an innocuous child’s game that was twisted into something more sinister many years later.

Araya Shrine: Corrected to the Alaya Shrine in both earlier PSP games. “Alaya” is a Buddhist term for the uninfluenced stream of thought before it is transformed by self-knowledge and reflection.
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march 2013 by ree - Hacks - Shin Megami Tensei automap enhancement
This is a quick hack for Shin Megami Tensei that lets you access the automap using the L/R buttons rather than having to open the COMP menu every time you want to see where you are (similarly to how it works in SMT2.)

The patch works on both translated and “vanilla” copies of the rom, as long as it’s version 1.0 of the game and doesn’t have a copier header.
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december 2012 by ree - Hacks - Shin Megami Tensei - Bug Fix Patch
"This is a patch for Aeon Genesis’ translation of Shin Megami Tensei that fixes every bug present in the translation, ranging from missing line breaks or texts that are too long, to not being able to buy guns in the first part of the game or not being able to complete one the games’ endings. It also changes the names of demons, races, items, spells, skills and other things to those used in the official translations. This is not only to make the game friendlier to those familiar with Atlus USA’s translations, but some spells were so long in Japanese (Maha-Zan and Maha-Zanma, for example) that you couldn’t differentiate between both in the selection screen.

"This patch must be applied to the original Japanese ROM."

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Let's Play Last Bible (Revelations: The Demon Slayer)
I haven't played this little beastie in ages. Reading through this makes me want to dig out that little black cartridge again.
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Megaten Games Comparison
Handy reference of US Shin Megami Tensei games: which have Press Turn, demon recruitment, party of primarily humans or demons. Too bad it's incomplete (where's Last Bible aka Demon Slayer, and why isn't demon fusion listed?), but it's still super useful.
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Belberith, one of the supremely weird demons in... - Tiny Cartridge
Photo: Belberith, one of the supremely weird demons in SMT: Devil Survivor (and Overclocked). There is some...
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1UP's RPG Blog : Atlus Shares Exclusive Special Passwords for SMT: Strange Journey
custom Cabracan -
------- -----

Demonica (aligned L/N/C) -
Special Password+Law
Special Password+Neutral
Special Password+Chaos

Demonee-ho - You can't laugh OR cry now!
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