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september 2018 by ree
suitov: camwyn: A temperature chart for my...
A temperature chart for my fellow Americans who can’t do the Celsius-Fahrenheit equation from memory and for people in the civilized countries who’re too busy making fun of Fahrenheit to do the conversions themselves.
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august 2016 by ree
Dreamwidth RP guide!
I noticed some folks asking Chi about how they could join in our roleplays over on Dreamwidth! So I figured I’d make this handy-dandy crash course on how journal roleplay works.

This is just covering the bare minimum, if you want a more in-depth guide, I would REALLY suggest this amazing one.

But if you just want to get a basic idea of how it works, I’ll do my best to explain!


First of all, you have to make a character journal! Just go through the signup process like you would on any other website. It’s a good idea to make your journal username something that pertains to that character- an inside joke, a catch phrase, a pun, etc. Make it memorable!

Next you upload your icons! Each icon is 100x100 pixels, and they’re extremely useful in showing your characters emotions while you’re writing! Free accounts are allowed to have 15 icon spaces, but Paid and Premium accounts can have 100 to 250 icons.


So now that you have a character journal, where do you go? There are a couple of options!

Games: A “game” is a community for the purpose of roleplaying. They’re moderated, have overarching story lines, and are kept active by their players. They each have their own sets of rules and guidelines; and since most of them are long-term stories between lots of people, they require an application process for new members. Here’s a slightly out-of-date game directory, but it’ll give you a good idea of what they’re like.

Dressing Room: Similar to a game, but with less rules, less moderation, and no application system. Because of this, the quality of the writing can sometimes suffer, but it’s a great way to practice.

Musebox: Often just between a group of friends, and owned by one person. They don’t require applications or frequent activity They’re great for doing one-shots and memes!

Memes: Memes are quick-scenario roleplays! “What if THIS happened” is basically how they all work.

What happens in a meme generally stays there, and doesn’t affect whatever other stories or games you have going on. Bakerstreet is a community that posts only memes, but there are others like it! (WARNING FOR NSFW CONTENT)


Log: Prose writing! Detailed descriptions, conversations contained in quotes, and generally 3rd person.

Journal: Journal style is first person, almost entirely dialogue aside from actions which are seperated with brackets. As an example:

[Example Boy looks around in confusion, scratching his head.]


Just gonna share a few RP terms that seem exclusive to journal roleplay…

Mun/Muse: A Mun is a “mundane”, which is just a fancy name for the writer, while a muse is a character they play. These terms are used for the sake of ease.

It’s best explained by the community Dear_Mun, where characters write complaints open letters to their writers.

Tag/Thread: Just about all roleplaying happens in the comment section of a post, with roleplayers responding in character to each other. The line of back-and-forth comments is called a thread. A tag is an individual response.

In other words: if you’re playing with someone, and you just finish writing a new comment, you “tag” them. They tag you back, and so on. (It’s a super cute terminology.)

CR: Abbreviation of character relationships. This is all kinds of relationships- rivalries, romances, friendships, etc.

How’s My Driving?: Usually writers will keep a HMD post on their character journal, where other players can leave comments and let them know how they’re doing. Constructive criticism, comments and questions, that kind of thing.

That’s the bare minimum, I think! But like I said, check out that guide at the top if you’re really interested in figuring out how it all works. Don’t be afraid to ask people for help! We’ve all been new to it at some point. And most importantly, have fun!
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october 2014 by ree
Filling in the map on the water area/inverted castle - Castlevania: Symphony of the Night Message Board for PlayStation - GameFAQs
As Alucard jump [Gravity Jump, Down-Up-Triangle] to the top of the cave (where the water is). Touch the top and then immediately turn into a wolf. When you turn into a wolf, you raise in amplitude for a brief second then start to fall. You have to do this in some specific spots. If you're not getting the area on your map try moving a little bit left or right down the cave and then doing it.
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august 2014 by ree
Do you need 200.6% in Castlevania SotN for the best ending? - Games Discussion - GameSpot
'You need to jump up in to the water, then transform in to the wolf, and quickly tap Y (xbox 360) or triangle (PSone/PS3) to make the wolf swim. Then just swim along the top to get those areas to unlock on the map. You may need to go over them a few times to make them register on the map. Also, to swim as the wolf, you'll need "Power of Wolf".'
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august 2014 by ree - Final Fantasy V
"This guide explains exactly how to get all Blue spells, in the easiest and fastest way possible. Of course, before you can start collecting the spells, you'll need to have obtained the Blue Mage job from the Wind Shrine."
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june 2014 by ree
Songs On Atlus' Persona 2: Eternal Punishment Special Soundtrack - Siliconera
= Original tunes from the PsOne version
Mt. Katatsumuri
Sumaru Castle

= PSP version
Velvet Nameless Arrangement
Boss Battle

= Arranged songs
Parabellum II
Jolly Roger
Maya’s Theme
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november 2013 by ree
RPGFan Feature - Top 20 PSP RPGs
Oh! Almost forgot to mention: RPGFan posted their list of the top 20 PSP RPGs, and we managed to score 7 spots! WOO!!  videogame  videogames  list  reference  psp  rpg  jrpg  xseed  from twitter_favs
october 2013 by ree
Dabr - Status 387309663277957120
Some mid-sized PS2 JRPG series that didn't go on to the next generation - Wild Arms, Grandia, Suikoden, Breath of Fire, Shadow Hearts
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october 2013 by ree
List of PlayStation 2 games with HD support - Wikipedia
I didn't realize we had so many games that support HD! Maybe it's time in dig up some PS2 component cables and try 'em out...
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september 2013 by ree
LotGD in-game formatting codes
search for "weapon" to find apparently complete list of formatting codes - mentioning an opponent's "`w" in my Bio is a personal favorite!

toward the very end of the file, there is also a list of the Titles players can gain throughout the game
lotgd  formatting  code  source  reference  notes  clipblog 
september 2013 by ree
I Summon Thee !: Persona 3 gifts reference
"In the Persona 3 and P3P you have the opportunity to present gifts to the girl or boy of your choosing whenever you get their social links up to a certain point. Each person has a favourite gift(s) listed next to their name below."
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august 2013 by ree
Subscribing to content in Netvibes [doc]
Subscribe is a public URL that can be handled in many ways.

Its base URL is this:
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august 2013 by ree
Guilty Gear XX - Guilty Gear 201 - RC (Roman Cancel) and FRC (Force Roman Cancel)
To find the FRC point of a move, you can go into Practice mode and turn on the Display Input. The display bar will flash white where the FRC point is, and fade to blue for a bit afterwards. These points are very small, yes, so keep practicing.
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july 2013 by ree
In Search of Scanlines: The Best CRT Monitor for Retro Gaming - Tested
"The original US Super Nintendo model can still output RGB and S-Video signals, however, using the appropriate Nintendo MultiAV connector cable."
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july 2013 by ree
Screen size specs for all popular devices
mobile  screen  reference  webdev  web 
may 2013 by ree
PlayStation Owners Still Love Final Fantasy VII | Siliconera
Three things to do in Final Fantasy VII if you’re playing it for the nth time (and if you’re reading Siliconera you probably are playing it for the nth time).

1.) Morph monsters in the Gelnika into stat boosting source items. See if you can max out Cloud’s stats.

2.) Get Aeris’ ultimate limit break. You need to get mythril for this!

3.) See the “dates” with Barret and Yuffie. Protip: the Barret scene isn’t a date.
via:pc  ff7  tip  list  reference 
may 2013 by ree
GungHo Bringing Six More PSone Imports to North America – PlayStation Blog
A list of the untranslated games GungHo got onto PSN. I'm keeping it as a reference, so I don't buy an interesting-sounding game that turns out to be unplayable because I don't know the language. (It's great that these games are available, but COME ON, put a warning in the game writeup: "Game content is untranslated from the Japanese."!)
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april 2013 by ree
Persona 2: Eternal Punishment Hits PSN Tomorrow – PlayStation Blog
[H]ere’s a list of mental replacements to make as you go through the PSOne Classics release of Eternal Punishment:

Saeko Smith: You’d know her better as Ms. Saeko, formerly a homeroom teacher at St. Hermelin High and later on a warm, caring educator at Seven Sisters High.

Principal Harding: Principal Hannya, another veteran of St. Hermelin. In Innocent Sin, he was the hated principal of Seven Sisters who used the Joker’s power to make the students love him, even if none of them understood why.
Tammy: Tamaki, who’s actually a nod to the original Shin Megami Tensei series: she was the heroine of SMT If…, and became a devil summoner to rid Karukozaka High of evil. Now, she works for fellow devil summoner Chief Todoroki at the Kuzunoha Detective Agency.

Tad: Tadashi, son of the owner of the Satomi Tadashi drugstore chain.

Mary: Maki Sonomura, the troubled heroine of Persona PSP, is now grown up and running Hiiragi Psychotherapy to help ease the minds of others who are psychologically tormented.

Sky Museum: Known as the Aerospace Museum in Innocent Sin PSP.

Ellen: Elly Kirishima in Persona PSP. She’s one of two guest stars from the original game who can briefly join your party in Eternal Punishment. The unnamed “Boy with Earring” who shows up in her route was the protagonist of that game.

Nate: Kei Nanjo, the other possible guest party member from Persona PSP. He’s the heir to the Nanjo Group megacorporation, which Persona fans with a sharp memory might know as having ties to Mitsuru Kirijo’s own business empire in Persona 3.

Yuki: Yukino Mayuzumi, another character you might know from Persona and Innocent Sin PSP. Once the leader of a girl gang at St. Hermelin, she grew up to be a professional photographer who works alongside Maya at Coolest.

Chris: Reiji Kido, sort of a hidden character in Persona PSP, will make a brief appearance in Elly’s path in Eternal Punishment.

Brad: Hidehiko “Brown” Uesugi’s routine is just as obnoxious as it was in Persona PSP, but now he’s famous for doing it on TV.

Guido: More properly known as Takahisa Kandori in Persona PSP, where he was the mastermind behind the dimensional warp that drew in the city of Mikage-cho. Though he died in the events of Persona PSP, Kandori casts a long shadow, and his influence will be felt in Sumaru City during the course of Eternal Punishment’s story.

Masquerade: Localized in Innocent Sin PSP as the “Masked Circle,” this was an innocuous child’s game that was twisted into something more sinister many years later.

Araya Shrine: Corrected to the Alaya Shrine in both earlier PSP games. “Alaya” is a Buddhist term for the uninfluenced stream of thought before it is transformed by self-knowledge and reflection.
playstation  ps3  ps1_classics  ps1  psp  psn  atlus  series:persona  series:megaten  persona2  persona2ep  rpg  jrpg  reference  naming  translation  localization 
march 2013 by ree
dw_news: Dreamwidth Update: 21 July 2012
To post an image to your journal, either from your mobile phone or from your computer, you'll need to send it to us in an email post. All account levels can set up and configure email posting. Once you have email posting set up for your account, send an email with the image you want to post as an attachment to the email and the text of the entry (if any) you want to post in the body of the email, and it will appear in your journal.
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january 2013 by ree
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