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This Is Just To Say I have memed the roses that were in your timeline and which you were probably pairing with vi…
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february 2018 by ree
Lady Knight's limerick •
It is my great burden in life to be somewhat skilled at writing awful limericks. Such poetry is unpopular outside of public toilets, yet I am cursed to excel at it. Therefore.  ToME:LadyKnight  ToME:../Background/Moneymaker  Twine:Lady_Knight  Twine:Moneymaker  poetry  by:ree  silly  notes 
october 2016 by ree
English Pronunciation « Spelling – Teaching Spelling – Spelling Rules
I thought my English quite good, but a few of these stymie me. Perhaps some of that is due to differences between British and American pronunciation?
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december 2011 by ree
The .doc File Of J Alfred Prufrock
"I have heard the servers singing, each to each. / I do not think that they will sing to me."
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october 2010 by ree
Spoon River Anthology by Edgar Lee Masters - Project Gutenberg
Still remember reading this for school when I was a teenager.
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october 2008 by ree
'Twas the blog before Christmas
Best thing ever. "'Twas the blog before Christmas, when all through the house / No blogger was stirring, no hand moved the mouse."
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december 2005 by ree

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