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Why Were Early Psychedelicists So Weird? | Slate Star Codex
There seems to me at least a moderate chance that they [psychedelics] will make you more interesting without your consent – whether that is a good or a bad thing depends on exactly how interesting you want to be.  psychology  personality  history  drugs  science  via:@azurelunatic 
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ebonypearl: Trust
'See, people who have their trust betrayed often give trust based upon their personal trustworthiness. Their reasoning is “I would never do such-and-such, therefore my True Love/Best Friend/Co-Worker would never do such-and-such.” The truth is that the other person isn’t you and if you are trusting them to behave as you would, your trust will be betrayed – and they won’t necessarily have done anything wrong. When you trust someone else, you need to be able to predict their actions and understand their patterns of behavior, and base your trust on them, not you.'
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