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[Unnamed Inn]
Jaina's brow scrunched in confusion until Suitov hit the punchline. "You're terrible," she said, but she grinned and squeezed his hands. "Although that is bad news indeed."

She shook her head, dropping a cascade of red hair over her face. "I want your help in testing the limits of my portal ability. It's easy for me to travel between the Jaded Soul and here, but what if I could make it easy for anybody? Make a portal that didn't close? I could live there but be steps away from you." She did not add, /instead of living on property owned by a man, the way a kept woman would do/. Not aloud.

Her hands had begun to faintly glow from her anxiety. Flustered, she pulled them out of Suitov's and dropped them to her sides, willing them to stop.

"I don't think I have quite the - I don't know, strength? Mojo? - to pull it off, but maybe we could figure something out together. I don't even know where we should start. Hence the favour."  ToME:JainaJade  Twine:Jaina_Jade  Twine:Suitov_Iceheart  magic  clipblog 
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Venefica sorceress - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
A Venefica was a Roman sorceress who used drugs, potions, and poison for several reasons. Venefica means "a female who poisons" in Latin.
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