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The Woman with the Velvet Necklace (Literature) - TV Tropes
So it turns out a scary story that stuck with me all through my childhood years was just heavily abridged and Bowdlerized version of a French novel by the author of The Three Musketeers. I don't know how I feel about this.
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april 2019 by ree
god I'm a sucker for a good Cask of Amontillado gag. I will follow anywhere you lead for the promise of a good Cask…
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january 2018 by ree
Random Lunacy, macklesufficient:...
but did victor frankenstein actually have a phd
no one’s answered my question
i actually don’t think it’s stated anywhere the text what degree he is working on at university, only that his is attending. however, there is no mention of him graduating and when he first goes to university, it is the first time he is attending, so it’s likely that he is only earning his bachelor’s
IMAGINE HEARING ABOUT THE DUDEBRO LIVING NEXT TO U IN THE DORMS “yah dave dropped out cuz he built a fucking person”
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march 2016 by ree
Book rec: TANGLEWRECK by Jeanette Winterson : Robin McKinley
"I’ve never understood why straight fiction is supposed to be for everyone, but anything with a gay character or that includes gay experience is only for queers." - Jeanette Winterson
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february 2013 by ree
Stephen King's Influence on Video Games from
Shigesato Itoi, the creator of the Mother/Earthbound series has noted similarities between the games' doppelganger-populated world of Magicant and the magical land described as "The Territories" in The Talisman by King and fellow writer Peter Straub.  shigesato_itoi  earthbound  mother2  literature  stephen_king  clipblog 
february 2013 by ree
Twitter / PME2013: Hah.. "It's called reading. ...
Hah.. "It's called reading. It's how people instal new software in their brains" via
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december 2012 by ree
Paper Boyfriends: YA saves.
: - Sometimes books stick with you when you need them most. Like when your grandmother collapses.
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september 2012 by ree
Letters of Note: I am very real
This is a powerful letter from Kurt Vonnegut on the burning of his books:
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april 2012 by ree
The Science Fiction Gateway
"Containing works by the classic SF pulp writers of the Golden Age right through to modern award-winning authors, the SF Gateway is the largest library of digital Science Fiction and Fantasy ever assembled."
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august 2011 by ree
Friday short story time: "Modern Methods" - Nick Bryan Dot Com
This week's Friday story is about sheep and sandwiches. I'm totally selling out.
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july 2011 by ree
MeNaSe Publications: Digital Devil Story: Reincarnation of the Goddess
"Jusho High School's student body is divided: the gifted versus the normal. Akemi Nakajima, one of the gifted, is assaulted by one of the normal students, Kondo Hiroyuki. Battered and bloody, Nakajima decides to finish his Demon Summoning Program to exact his own revenge. What follows are the consequences of playing with demons..." Because you need a more demonic alliances in your life, that's why.
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january 2011 by ree
Peter Dickinson: In Defense of Rubbish
"I have no doubt in my own mind that there are certain sorts of reading which are deleterious, and from which a child should be discouraged. Rubbish does not have this quality. It has absolutely no quality. It is neutral. "
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october 2010 by ree
6 Classics Despised by the People Who Created Them |
"That's right, one of the most tragic and mentally scarring scenes from your childhood came about because Alec Guinness thought George Lucas was a talentless hack."
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july 2010 by ree
Dracula: 12 August
"Seeing from his violent demeanour that he was English [....]" I love this line.
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march 2010 by ree
Michael Whelan | Illustration Work | Lovecraft's Nightmare A
I'm saddened that, when this work became the cover of a Lovecraft paperback I found, the art was cropped to leave only the least evocative element: the bat-creature in the window. The cropping isn't even centered! Fail, and double fail for being the same art as a Meat Loaf cover!
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november 2009 by ree
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