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god I'm a sucker for a good Cask of Amontillado gag. I will follow anywhere you lead for the promise of a good Cask…
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january 2018 by ree
If you cover the holes with scotch tape, the chip inside turns into an EEPROM.
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october 2017 by ree
Another Pinboard — cannedviennasausage: science666: if you order...
"if you order protons AND electrons we’ll send you neutrons free of charge"  via:Tumblr_faves  clipblog  science  humour 
june 2017 by ree
Another Pinboard — tatterdemalionamberite: this is one of the most...
"If an angel statue is removed from a fountain, does that make it a sans seraph font?"
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june 2017 by ree
this is the funniest fucking shit ive ever read in my entire goddamn life
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may 2017 by ree
RT : Keeps the music from leaking out of the Audio Porthole while not in use.
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may 2017 by ree
bubsjostrom: bogleech: Frogs are hilarious I...
Frogs are hilarious I mean they’re mostly just a mouth but with just enough leg to throw the mouth at food
As a biologist, I can verify that this is indeed an accurate description of frogs.
Simple add in the movement-detecting eyeballs that were hastily slapped on top of this mouth, and your understanding of frogs is complete.
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april 2016 by ree
Random Lunacy, macklesufficient:...
but did victor frankenstein actually have a phd
no one’s answered my question
i actually don’t think it’s stated anywhere the text what degree he is working on at university, only that his is attending. however, there is no mention of him graduating and when he first goes to university, it is the first time he is attending, so it’s likely that he is only earning his bachelor’s
IMAGINE HEARING ABOUT THE DUDEBRO LIVING NEXT TO U IN THE DORMS “yah dave dropped out cuz he built a fucking person”
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march 2016 by ree
Ah, this takes me back. Such a wonderfully weird story!
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november 2014 by ree
nezumi on stage (omarnorthtower: andronian: jimcrakindandy:...)
do you ever just stop and realize how much pokemon has grown


goddammit megaman
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october 2014 by ree
ooh look at me im from Avery Edison on Twitter
I've collected all my "ooh look at me" tweets. I'm gonna keep doing them, so you may as well read the canon.
via:m-pc  @aedison  humour 
september 2014 by ree
Dabr - Status 434158848849375232
This is my head canon from now on and you can't tell me any different.
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february 2014 by ree
Twitter / Pixel_Kaiser: Suddenly, this Tales of Phantasia ...
Suddenly, this Tales of Phantasia localization develops a personality.
tales_of  phantasia  image  humour  from twitter_favs
february 2014 by ree
Main/Writing by the Seat of Your Pants - Television Tropes & Idioms
""Writing is easy. You just stare at a blank page until your forehead starts to bleed." --Douglas Adams
quote  douglas_adams  humour  writing  clipblog 
january 2014 by ree
Zeus: im gonna put my dick in it
Everyone: dont put ur dick in it
Zeus: toO LaTE
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december 2013 by ree
my steam url ends with comwb: chain-of-prospit: no you dont understand these...
[see image]

no you dont understand

these are two separate toys that we found at the thrift store today okay

and we found out that they fit like this and it was beautiful

and then we were going up to the cashier to get our things and realized they were still like that and were separating them so that we could each purchase the one we had found and

the cashier


so confused and„, distressed and horrified omg

the look on his face was like we had taken his soul and run it through a blenderim

i tried to fix it omg i was just like

“……………………..he was just…. resting”

but i dont think anything can make up for the trauma we caused.
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december 2013 by ree
Miss Kat
My cousin asked why I wasn’t eating turkey and I said I’m just not a big fan of turkey and he asked “what’re you, gay?” and I was like “well yeah but I don’t think that’s why I don’t like turkey” and that’s how I came out to my cousin, happy thanksgiving
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november 2013 by ree
i’m reading oedipus and i keep laughing at teirsesias and oedipus arguing it’s like they’re having a yo mama battle and i’m just

oedipus: your mother is so ugly she turns gorgons to stone
teiresias: oh yeah?? your mother is your wife
oedipus: what
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november 2013 by ree
by  lancastrien
"English kezboards are annozing." My German teacher used to prank the other teachers by switching their keyboards to German ones. :)
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november 2013 by ree
Who can you date in Persona 3? and how many can you date? - Y! Answers
"Wow thanks! you just made me so happy by answering my question. Also your answer was very entertaining to read!"
via:phone  clipblog  persona3  p3p  humour  comments  cherish 
august 2013 by ree
Love Conquers All games: Photo
"Cooking by the Book" is the greatest achievement I've ever seen. Brava,
steam  image  humour  from twitter_favs
august 2013 by ree
Husband Animates Wife's Drunken Story About Tortilla Chips [VIDEO]
This made me sincerely laugh out loud. My sides hurt a little. Feels good.
humour  weird  wtf  animation  cartoon  [video]  notes 
may 2013 by ree
Game Dev Tycoon creator punishes pirates with in-game bankruptcy | Joystiq
'"Why are there so many people that pirate?" one player asked. "It ruins me!"'

via:pc  humour  ftw  clipblog  notes 
april 2013 by ree
EarthBound on Wii U in Nintendo Press Release « EarthBound Central
"You Are Not Dreaming - This Is Real"

Yeah, but... I'm still a little nervous until I can actually BUY it. Godspeed, Nintendo!
earthbound  earthboundcentral  humour  nintendo  wii_u  news  clipblog  notes 
april 2013 by ree
You Can't Tell the Attorney General She Has an Epic Butt, But Here's What You CAN Do
Bookmarking this purely because the line "It's like a Game Genie for your dick!" makes me laughsnort. Hee.
sexism  feminism  humour  clipblog  notes  lol 
april 2013 by ree - Status 317920039078621184
Tumblr favorite: (from copperbadge)

Assassin's Rede
humour  lol  wtf  on:tumblr 
march 2013 by ree
I remember Dragon Quest selling so well that the... - Tiny Cartridge
“What are you in for?”

“Murder, kidnapping, you name it. You?”

“Making kids buy Transformers: Convoy no Nazo if they wanted to play Dragon Quest.”

“… You motherfucker.”
videogame  dragon_quest  clipblog  humour  lol  history  on:tumblr 
march 2013 by ree
Texts From Last Night
Whoever put the tambourine in the dryer is a douche. Worst hangover wakeup ever.
humour  lol  wtf  clipblog 
march 2013 by ree
Scrollin' Adventure - CollegeHumor Article
Honestly, I'm bookmarking this only so that I can tag it as "[interactive]". Because it amuses me, that's why.
text  scroll  game  "game"  [interactive]  humour  parody  notes 
march 2013 by ree
When Mark Hamill first met Frank Oz, he asked him to do a brief Miss Piggy cameo during rehearsals on set, as a practical joke — but when the time came much later, it caught even Hamill off-guard.
on:tumblr  starwars  humour  history 
february 2013 by ree
Opera News - Office Space
I approve of workspaces which include Nintendo mints and Yoshi plushies. (I have no particular thoughts on the Duff beer.)
opera  browser  opera_browser  image  photo  nerd  geek  notes  humour 
february 2013 by ree
Cooking With Scorpion - YouTube
GET OVER HERE and watch some Cooking With Scorpion. It giggles me (and it's like 16 seconds):
youtube  mortal_kombat  clip  humour  wtf  weird  from twitter
january 2013 by ree
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