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A (Shockingly) Short History Of 'Hello'
What do you say when you pick up the phone? You say "hello," of course. What do you say when someone introduces a friend, a relative, anybody at all? You say…
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12 weeks ago by ree
Google DoubleClick Mozilla essay second draft
This essay will describe the history of Internet advertising atGoogle. I will also talking about the ethical issues of some of thekinds of ads that Google…
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12 weeks ago by ree
One of the undertold stories of American politics is how much of it, since desegregation, has been a…
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april 2018 by ree
RT : A public service announcement:
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february 2018 by ree
Mission Hill was supposed to represent the future, but it died before getting the chance - Polygon
Adult Swim has aired reruns intermittently, and a DVD box set of the complete series is available for purchase
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september 2017 by ree
Another Pinboard — marthawells: okayto: bregma: kevinrfree:...
"The woman injured in Liebeck v. McDonald’s Restaurants was 79 years old at the time of her injuries, and suffered third-degree burns to the pelvic region (including her thighs, buttocks, and groin), which in combination with lesser burns in the surrounding regions caused damage to an area totaling a whopping 22% of her body’s surface. These injuries that required two years of intensive medical care, including multiple skin grafts; during her hospitalization, Stella Liebeck lost around 20% of her starting body weight."
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july 2017 by ree
Super Mario World, Earthbound, Star Fox 2 + 18 more games? Now you’re playing with super power! launc…
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june 2017 by ree
RT : Retweet if you know why the corner is taped...
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may 2017 by ree
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"Julie D’Aubigny was a 17th-century bisexual French opera singer and fencing master who killed or wounded at least ten men in life-or-death duels, performed nightly shows on the biggest and most highly-respected opera stage in the world, and once took the Holy Orders just so that she could sneak into a convent and shag a nun."

I love history.
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march 2017 by ree
How Native American Women Inspired The Feminist Movement
Where did early suffragists ever get the idea that women should have the same rights as men? The answer may be in their own backyards—in the egalitarian society created by Native Americans  clipblog  women  history  feminism  native_american 
december 2016 by ree
Miyamoto Spills Donkey Kong’s Darkest Secrets, 35 Years Later | WIRED
And yes, that means that the official onomatopoeia for Mario’s jumping sound is pi-ro-po-pon-pon!  clipblog  Donkey_Kong  Nintendo  history  videogames  videogame  arcade 
october 2016 by ree
This gets even funnier when you realize that the imagery of Romulus and Remus being breastfed by a female wolf is just the Romans being the huge trolls they were, because the story says that Romulus and Remus were found, fed and raised by a “lupa” which happened to mean female wolf, but also meant prostitute, so I doubt anyone who knew Latin at the time actually believed that two human babies were breastfed by a wolf
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september 2016 by ree
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Back in the thirteen hundreds, the Dauphiné was a region of France. (Southeast somewhere I think?) The region was named for its lords, who were originally titled ‘Count of Albon’ like normal people. They then took the oddball title of ‘Dauphin’, following a count who was called ‘le Dauphin’ because he had a dolphin on his heraldry.

The title went from ‘Count of Albon‘ to ‘Dolphin of Viennois’ (the Viennois being the area around Vienne, their base), and they named their little state le Dauphiné, ‘the Dolphinate’ and then in the mid-fourteenth century they went broke, and agreed to hand the whole thing over to the king of France. But only if the heirs to the throne took on and preserved the dolphin title, to which they were apparently pretty attached. The term was agreed to, and the heir to the throne of France was ‘le dauphin de Viennois’, and his wife ‘la dauphine’, until 1791.

I swear to God, I’m not kidding. Medieval French noblemen were a trip. History has not recorded the response of the first French crown prince to be informed that he was taking on this weird-ass vanity title in exchange for a big chunk of land.
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july 2016 by ree
Why Were Early Psychedelicists So Weird? | Slate Star Codex
There seems to me at least a moderate chance that they [psychedelics] will make you more interesting without your consent – whether that is a good or a bad thing depends on exactly how interesting you want to be.  psychology  personality  history  drugs  science  via:@azurelunatic 
april 2016 by ree
Krah tey, zeymah — Hey, dumb American question here. Every UK person...
Anonymous asked: Hey, dumb American question here. Every UK person I have ever met hates Margaret Thatcher. Why? What terrible thing did she do to piss off that many people for so long?
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march 2016 by ree
nezumi on stage (omarnorthtower: andronian: jimcrakindandy:...)
do you ever just stop and realize how much pokemon has grown


goddammit megaman
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october 2014 by ree
The Great New England Vampire Panic | History | Smithsonian
Lena’s historic exhumation is referenced in H.P. Lovecraft’s “The Shunned House,” a short story about a man being haunted by dead relatives that includes a living character named Mercy.
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october 2014 by ree
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