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They don't see his radicalization because his beliefs are woven into the fabric of America.…
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march 2018 by ree
RT : RT if you use Steam and give a shit if they provide a platform for extremists, neo-nazis, and mass shooter worshipe…
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march 2018 by ree
You know what kills me? They do everything to tear us down, they steal everything from us to line their pockets a…
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december 2017 by ree
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"he is literally donating jelly bean money to a company whose sole purpose is to repeal legislation designed to make life easier for trans people"
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october 2013 by ree
New Statesman - This is what online harassment looks like
From “This is what online harassment looks like: a new game invites you to "beat up Anita Sarkeesian'"
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july 2012 by ree
bookshop: Perhaps I could describe what I'm feeling right now as "sudden heat."
"He hit on us, so we killed him" is a bullshit excuse unless women can use it exactly the same as men. And in this case, it wasn't even true!
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june 2007 by ree
Andrew Kehoe
This guy freaks me out more than any other criminal I have ever read about.
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april 2007 by ree
Boing Boing: Joliet cop beats up Sikh veteran, screaming "Fucking Arab!"
This cop has so much wrong, I don't know where to begin. Is this what America has come down to?
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april 2007 by ree
Sam's Bible Stories: The Story of Lot
It's like bad Sunday School online. Yech.
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november 2004 by ree

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