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The Patronizing Questions We Ask Women Who Write
Photo: Tony Evans I’ve been fantasizing about writing fiction a lot lately. I lie in the bathtub and think about what utterly batshit things I could hide in a…
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april 2018 by ree
RT : I just want to riff off this one briefly: So many stereotypes of women being vain, shallow and utterly obsessed wi…
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april 2018 by ree
RT : Women grow up learning to understand men because it's essential to living in a male…
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november 2017 by ree
Debate ends. to drive. There were many women who worked on this for decades. Thank u for ur persever…
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september 2017 by ree
Another Pinboard — ok ok ok ok ok ok can I just have a quick lil...
'The writers described HoND as a “Rolling Stones” ending: Quasimodo doesn’t get what he wants (Esmeralda’s love) but he gets what he needs (freedom from his abusive guardian and acceptance by the city in general). And yes, that totally counts as a win for him.'
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august 2017 by ree
Another Pinboard — I wonder if there’s a link between the popularity...
"I wonder if there’s a link between the popularity of monster boyfriends, and the fact that women need to fear that men they meet in real life act monstrous."
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july 2017 by ree
Rise Of The Trollbot - Charlie's Diary
RT : 2/ Famous sci-fi author wrote AMAZING piece on what Microsoft's Tay means for online harassment.
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april 2016 by ree
Random Lunacy, A post for men about creepy men
tl;dr If you are a man, other men in your circle who are nice to you are creepy towards women. Don’t assume that if something was wrong that you would have noticed; creepy men are good at finding the lines of what other men will tolerate. Listen to women. They know better than you do whether a man is being creepy and threatening towards women; if they think something is wrong, listen and find out why. Don’t tolerate give predatory dudes who are nice to you cover to keep hurting women.
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january 2016 by ree
I wonder if I've been changed in the night? — Wow, OK, I had kind of conceptualized that Joss...
What I’m getting at is that there is a division between what attracts women and what men accept/permit as attracting women.
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september 2014 by ree
Bullish: What Egg Donation Taught Me About Being a Dude TheGloss
[...] I couldn’t let go of the idea that so much of what we consider our personalities — our true, inner selves — is really just hormones.
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august 2014 by ree
Interminable Ramble — Yes, All Men
So yes, all women have been subjected to sexist and misogynist shit. And yes, ALL men are part of the problem. And we need to do better.
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may 2014 by ree
Untitled (
This comic is great ... and also Monopoly *was* invented by a woman in 1904 so the rest of this must be accurate too
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february 2014 by ree
jmtorres - Seeming Female: Gender in Digital Spaces
"[W]hat if the respective myths of the Fake Geek Girl and Fake Gamer Girl are actively being perpetuated, not through the whore-user predations of evil ladies, but because a cynical, sexist subset of male geeks are using stereotypical, strawman portrayals of women to manipulate their peers?"
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january 2014 by ree
Random Lunacy, prettyinpixiedust: mikalhvi: bramblepatch:...
'So one day a dwarf is talking to a human and finally realizes that when humans say woman, they generally mean “person who is theoretically capable of childbirth” because for whatever reason, humans assign social expectations based genital differences. (What a fucked up culture, the dwarf thinks.)'
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january 2014 by ree
Why Marketers Fear The Female Geek |
"There never was a moment in the history of geek media, when geek media was advertised equally to men and women and there never was a moment in the history of geek media, when it was equally culturally acceptable to be interested in geek stuff for men and women."
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december 2013 by ree
nezumi on stage (nudityandnerdery: See, what you need to...)
See, what you need to understand is that “Not all guys like that” is never going to work. Because you’re answering an entirely different conversation than what women are actually saying.

You think women are saying “Every man is a predator and a danger to me.” And you’re replying, “But I’m not like that.”

But women aren’t saying that. They’re saying “There are too many situations where women have to worry about their safety,” and you’re saying “That’s not important.” They’re saying “Women are constantly told it’s their fault if something bad happens,” and you’re saying “Don’t worry about it.” They’re saying “Too often, women find their trust violated by men,” and you’re saying “But you should trust me!”

They’re saying “So many men have decided that what they want is more important than anything about a woman.” And you’re replying “I’m exactly like that.”
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november 2013 by ree
spatscolombo: I just learned that Nichelle...
"I just learned that Nichelle Nichols ad-libbed “sorry, neither” in rehearsals and they were only able to sneak it by the censors because it wasn’t in the script and—excuse me I’m overcome with happiness because my favorite Uhura line of all time was actually written by Uhura."
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october 2013 by ree
Twitter / andrewducker: When Hugh Hefner can call you ...
RT : When Hugh Hefner can call you out on your misogyny, it’s time to seriously reevaluate your life and the choices y...
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october 2013 by ree
There's no good reason to push pink toys on girls - ScienceGrrl
"Perhaps steering boys away from girls’ toys, by colouring them pink and ridiculing boys for playing with them, denies them important learning opportunities. Similarly, toy cars may foster the acquisition of spatial skills that males excel at, but if pink is for girls and these toys are not pink, girls may lose these learning opportunities."
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august 2013 by ree
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