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Twitter / gamespite: Finally, the whole family is ...
Finally, the whole family is together. This is basically why I bought a Vita.
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february 2014 by ree » Final Fantasy 7, Fourteen Years Later
"I think the defining characteristic of FF7 is that it is spectacularly adolescent."
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june 2012 by ree Compendium of Useless Information : Games - G11-Final Fantasy VII browse
"In short, Final Fantasy VII pushed the genre—and gaming!—but also mired it down in many ways. Whatever charms it once offered have long since been overshadowed by its failings and datedness. It was a waypoint in gaming, not an end in itself."
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june 2012 by ree
Retronauts: Which 16-Bit RPG Rerelease is Right For You?
According to this, it's simple: you want a version on a Nintendo platform.
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april 2011 by ree Laputa Effect
"Of course, if you stripped Final Fantasy of everything lifted from Castle in the Sky or Nausicaä of the Valley of Wind (perhaps Miyazaki’s most famous), you’d be left with only the parts swiped from Dungeons & Dragons and Star Wars. "
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april 2010 by ree
YouTube - The Best Moment of Final Fantasy 6
To quote the link I followed to this video: "MOTHERFUCKER SUPLEXED A TRAIN."
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april 2010 by ree
1UP's RPG Blog : Essential DS RPGs: Dragon Quest V - Hand of the Heavenly Bride
"Final Fantasy is about disruptive mechanical changes driven by a rigidly-defined narrative; Dragon Quest is about using familiar game mechanics as a base upon which to let the player have his own grand adventure." That pins down exactly why I keep playing Dragon Quest but have never made it through the first act of any Final Fantasy.
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april 2009 by ree
GameSpot April Fool's TenSpot: Top Ten Final Fantasy Games
I'm in pain from laughing so hard at this. Awesome. Love their #1.
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june 2008 by ree

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