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2018 and I'm still mad they made Daredevil a tv show instead of a podcast. WE COULD HAVE HAD AN AUDIO ONLY SHOW AB…
MarvelComics  Daredevil  audio  drama  from twitter_favs
march 2018 by ree
The Play‘s The Thing | Border House
This is a nifty thing. You should play through it at least once; it only takes a few minutes.
videogame  browser  online  web  drama  interactive  gender  notes  videogames 
november 2011 by ree
Teaching Shakespeare to a toddler Boing Boing
RT: @xenijardin Most cutest video EVAR. Actor teaches toddler to perform Shakespeare.  shakespeare  theater  drama  children  cute  [video] 
february 2010 by ree
som_pos: I can't believe I'm asking this
Snow White's monologue from The 10th Kingdom
play  telly  film  drama  literature  fairy_tale 
august 2007 by ree
Red Riding Hood
A strange revision of the classic fairy tale.
swf  flash  story  fantasy  drama  clipblog  fairy_tale  [video] 
august 2006 by ree

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