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I remember reading this back in the day and the situation has not changed. WHY HAS THE SITUATION NOT CHANGED, IT IS 2013, HURRY UP ALREADY.
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DNA/How to Stop Worrying and Learn to Love the Internet
3) anything that gets invented after you’re thirty is against the natural order of things and the beginning of the end of civilisation as we know it until it’s been around for about ten years when it gradually turns out to be alright really.
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june 2013 by ree
One Town's War on Gay Teens | Politics News | Rolling Stone
Great article on damage done by religiosity's war on gay youth. Thankfully, youth are fighting back:
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february 2012 by ree
Daily Kos: Most of you have no idea what Martin Luther King actually did
Daily Kos: Most of you have no idea what Martin Luther King actually did (via pinboard)
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Untitled (
"I didn't have the strength of character not to resent [women]." LOVE this guy! On Nerdgate:
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Rape culture - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
RT : For their own good, all men should understand what this term means:
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february 2011 by ree
Five Geek Social Fallacies
"I want to note that I'm not trying to say that every geek subscribes to every one of the fallacies I outline here; every individual subscribes to a different set of ideas, and adheres to any given idea with a different amount of zeal. "
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february 2011 by ree
The Christian paradox: How a faithful nation gets Jesus wrong—By Bill McKibben (Harper's Magazine)
"America is simultaneously the most professedly Christian of the developed nations and the least Christian in its behavior. That paradox—more important, perhaps, than the much touted ability of French women to stay thin on a diet of chocolate and cheese—illuminates the hollow at the core of our boastful, careening culture."
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july 2009 by ree
MySpaceTV Videos: Vermincon 2008 Video by Fredd
"Vermincon is a game convention that is held every year in Vermillion, South Dakota. This year i decided to put together a small video of the event."
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february 2008 by ree
The World Famous Random Kitten Generator
Felt down. Went to . Feeling much better. Kitties have that effect, even 2D JPEG kitties.
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january 2008 by ree

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