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Using media queries to hide CSS3 from older browsers | 456 Berea Street
@media only screen { /* "Advanced" CSS2 and CSS3 goes here */ }
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june 2012 by ree
OMG!!! Rainbow Dividers in CSS3!!!
LMAO. Loving this, so retro: ~rainbow~ ;) (View source too, for the uber geeks)
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september 2011 by ree
320 and up
"‘320 and Up’ prevents mobile devices from downloading desktop assets by using a tiny screen’s stylesheet as its starting point."
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april 2011 by ree
QuirksBlog: CSS vendor prefixes considered harmful
"It’s time to abolish all vendor prefixes. They’ve become solutions for which there is no problem, and they are actively harming web standards."
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march 2010 by ree
CSS tests
DS (phat) browser ignores screen in favor of handheld, does not do [attr*=] or :last-child but is otherwise pretty solid.
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december 2008 by ree

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