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cheyinka: memetic mutation
In my head: "...And if that doggy barks all day,
Momma's gonna buy you a disk array;
If that disk array gets wiped..."
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august 2012 by ree
Misplaced Nationalism - Television Tropes & Idioms
'There is a rather amusing trend on more laid back sites of having threads discussing politics or religion where even Christians and Satanists talk quite civilly, but every third post has some shell shocked Internet veteran saying "We have to lock this thread before it turns into a Flame War!" A thread like this is often seen as a rite of passage for newer Message Boards.'

I'm so glad that more message boards are hosting this type of civil conversation.
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april 2011 by ree
dw_news | Temporary community creation rate limiting
"We likely won't ever take an account away from someone who registered it for legit use, especially if there was ever content in the account."
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may 2009 by ree
I want to be Cthulhu when I grow up. - GLORY HALLELUJAH
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january 2008 by ree
Post Swappers
"Trade posts with other forum owners to make your forum grow."
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july 2007 by ree
Star Wars Epics
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august 2006 by ree

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