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Do you need 200.6% in Castlevania SotN for the best ending? - Games Discussion - GameSpot
'You need to jump up in to the water, then transform in to the wolf, and quickly tap Y (xbox 360) or triangle (PSone/PS3) to make the wolf swim. Then just swim along the top to get those areas to unlock on the map. You may need to go over them a few times to make them register on the map. Also, to swim as the wolf, you'll need "Power of Wolf".'
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august 2014 by ree
GameSpite : like-likes: takin’ a break I could never do a...
takin’ a break

I could never do a Symphony of the Night speed run because I always sit at the banquet table with Olrox for a few minutes before fighting him.
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june 2014 by ree
Chiptuned: 1UP's Game Music Blog : Symphony of the Night: The Best Tunes from Gaming's Best Soundtrack
Aaaand now I have to fish out my copy of the game and play it, again. Thanks, Parish; I didn't have enough to do today. (But I will do it to AWESOME MUSIC now.)
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