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GameSpite : usgamer: And now we know: Marvel vs. Capcom...
And now we know: Marvel vs. Capcom takes place on Earth-30847 in the Marvel Universe.  MarvelComics  videogame  videogames  USgamer 
september 2016 by ree
Analogue NT Review: For the Niche (and Rich) Of Retrogaming | USgamer
"When it comes to gaming, as long as you're having fun, you're doing it right." THIS. THIS. THIS.
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august 2015 by ree
GameStop Will (Tentatively) Offer Classic Consoles and Games Again | USgamer
Interesting. If this flies, I might grab a few titles for Dreamcast, Genesis, and GBA, among others.
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april 2015 by ree
Photo Gallery: Hands-on With the New 3DS | USgamer
"Plug in any game that has support for the Circle Pad Pro and the stick works right out of the box." YESSSSS
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october 2014 by ree
[$3.99] Out There iOS Review: Alone in the Dark | USgamer
"Out There, a new iOS game from French studio Mi-Clos, aims to replicate the feeling of being lost in the aforementioned vastness of space through a charming and atmospheric combination of pulp sci-fi comic-style art, Vangelis-style synthesized backing music and a procedurally generated adventure that will see you struggling just to survive as you crawl your way across the galaxy in an attempt to make your way home, and perhaps discover some of the mysteries of the universe along the way."
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march 2014 by ree
Tales of Phantasia Mobile, and Other Infuriating "Free" Rip-Offs
I also purchased Lunar Silver Star Story Touch later that day, having only learned of its existence in a review for Tales iOS, and have been very impressed with that release. There is none of the typical nonsense seen in so many mobile games like in-app purchases or other freemium features. It's a great port of L:SSSC from the PS1 with the audio from the PSP game. They even added features like the ability to change the cutscene dialog to Japanese with English subtitles, and they've also implemented iCloud saves so you can continue playing the game on another iOS device if you want.

The Lunar iOS port shows the real potential of iOS as a gaming platform.
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february 2014 by ree
Rediscovering Half-Life 2 Deathmatch | USgamer
'I've been trying to figure out how to get private Internet games working in Valve games for years now, so it was much to my chagrin that I recently discovered all I needed to do was something extremely simple: navigate to Half-Life 2 Deathmatch's configuration directory (C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\Half-Life 2 Deathmatch\hl2mp\cfg by default; replace "Program Files" with "Program Files (x86)" if you're on 64-bit Windows), create a text document called "game.cfg" if there isn't one there already, then add the line "sv_lan 0" (without quotes) to it, then save. Next time you create a server from the main menu, it will be available on the Internet rather than your local network; if you want to make it private, simply add a password.'
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january 2014 by ree
2013 in Review: The Year’s Worst Games | USgamer
"There's a right way to monetize a mobile title, and there's the Square-Enix way."
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december 2013 by ree
The Lost Promises of Shadow of the Colossus | USgamer
But this means people who've grown up with gaming have experienced a strange phenomenon: As they grow older and more experienced, games have started to trust them less and less. The same generation of children who conquered The Legend of Zelda on their own now find themselves reined in by the newest release until they can prove, without a doubt, they understand the left analog stick moves their character.
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november 2013 by ree
Here's One Way to Tackle the Backlog | USgamer
'"Clearing" didn't have to mean "completing" the games; instead, they set themselves the goal that they would try every game in their backlog for at least an hour, and actually complete the games they tried that they ended up enjoying without guilt. Games that weren't engaging after an hour, however, would be discarded and not returned to.'
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august 2013 by ree
Wiird Channels | USgamer
Eurogamer's Rich Stanton raises a glass and bids a fond farewell to several of the Wii's Channels.
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july 2013 by ree
Hale to the Commander | USgamer
Eurogamer's Johnny Cullen chats with Jennifer Hale about her two decade-long career voice acting in the industry.
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june 2013 by ree

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