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Retronauts: 1UP's Classic Gaming Blog : Most Memorable Multiplayer Moment: Fight of the Fei Longs
For the next hour, we watched in amazement as a rainbow of Bruce Lee clones punched, kicked, and howled at one another in sinewy fury. It was beautiful.  videogame  videogames  [video]  street_fighter 
march 2013 by ree
¿Que Pasa, 1UP?: A Week of Ladies' Night
We suggested that women and gays and transsexuals are people, too, and that video games might do well to reflect that fact.  videogame  videogames  sex  gender  sexuality  transgender  clipblog 
march 2013 by ree
Stephen King's Influence on Video Games from
Shigesato Itoi, the creator of the Mother/Earthbound series has noted similarities between the games' doppelganger-populated world of Magicant and the magical land described as "The Territories" in The Talisman by King and fellow writer Peter Straub.  shigesato_itoi  earthbound  mother2  literature  stephen_king  clipblog 
february 2013 by ree
Ni no Kuni Isn't the Savior of Japanese RPGs (1UP's RPG Blog)
"[D]espite a few unfortunate oversights, publishers have treated we Japanese-challenged gamers very well, and I really don't see the need to enlist in a game's personal pep squad on principle alone."  rpg  jrpg  clipblog 
february 2013 by ree
Mario is Actually a Jerk from
"Mario's tubby ass gives no quarter." This line has me cracking up repeatedly. Well done, Scott Sharkey.  mario  humour  videogame  videogames  clipblog  quote 
august 2012 by ree
Chiptuned: 1UP's Game Music Blog : Symphony of the Night: The Best Tunes from Gaming's Best Soundtrack
Aaaand now I have to fish out my copy of the game and play it, again. Thanks, Parish; I didn't have enough to do today. (But I will do it to AWESOME MUSIC now.)
jparish  ps1  castlevania  SotN  music  embed  youtube  awesome  videogame  videogames  history  [♪] 
march 2012 by ree
One Year Later: The Tragedy and Triumph of 3DS from
The highs and lows of Nintendo's latest handheld, and where it stands after a rocky first year.
clipblog  videogame  videogames  nintendo  3ds  essay  jparish 
march 2012 by ree
The Grind: 1UP's RPG Blog : What the Hell is Up with this Japanese Stuff, Mang?
As I've been talking about lately, a lot of reviewers talk a lot of crap about JRPG's. Sometimes I think the only ones these people have played are the core FF titles past VI. The genre stretches farther than some might think.  rpg  jrpg  essay  clipblog 
march 2012 by ree
Retronauts: 1UP's Classic Gaming Blog : Game Gear Raises the Bar for Virtual Console Quality
I'm not a super huge Game Gear fan, but I LOVE how the system turned out on 3DS Virtual Console. M2 = emulation gods.  game_gear  3ds  clipblog  from twitter_favs
march 2012 by ree
Pushmo Review for Nintendo 3DS from
"A game like this should be a highlight of the 3DS lineup: a cheap, fun, wonderfully designed piece of software offering dozens upon dozens of hours of addictive play and the ability to create and swap player creations at will. Pushmo is fantastic, but you'd never know it if your awareness of Nintendo's top-tier games is based on what the company bothers to promote."  review  jparish  videogames  pushmo  pullblox  eshop  nintendo  3ds  puzzle_game  clipblog  videogame 
january 2012 by ree
Handheld: 1UP's Portable and Mobile Gaming Blog : Hey, 3DS Ambassadors: Your New GBA Games Don't Have to be Ugly
A quick reminder that your GBA/3DS Ambassador games don't HAVE to look like eye-shattering pixel barf:
3ds  tip  clipblog  from twitter_favs
december 2011 by ree
Now You Can Write for 1UP's Editorial Blogs
It's been years in the making, but now everyone can write for Retronauts, The Grind, and other 1UP blogs!  retronauts  blog  news  from twitter_favs
july 2011 by ree
Why the Golden Age of JRPGs is Over from
At least I have a significant backlog of recent JRPGs to keep me going. What happens when that runs out? Back to spending more time reading books than playing games?  jrpg  rpg  videogame  videogames  news  sad  notes 
july 2011 by ree
Winners Don't Use Drugs from
'"Winners Don't Use Drugs" was always treated with the utmost reverence, not only because compliance in the program was mandatory for imported games, but because the FBI is not an organization known for its sense of humor.'
videogame  history  fbi  humour  clipblog  videogames 
may 2011 by ree
Retronauts: Which 16-Bit RPG Rerelease is Right For You?
According to this, it's simple: you want a version on a Nintendo platform.
nintendo  snes  gba  gameboyadvance  nintendo_ds  rpg  finalfantasy  chrono_trigger  notes 
april 2011 by ree
10 Interesting Things About Donkey Kong from
"If you feel like Nintendo is laughing at you, it's not because you're paranoid. It's because Nintendo is laughing at you." I've known that for years.
nintendo  history  donkey_kong  clipblog  quote  notes 
november 2010 by ree
10 Interesting Things About Donkey Kong from
"If you feel like Nintendo is laughing at you, it's not because you're paranoid. It's because Nintendo is laughing at you." I've known that for years.
nintendo  history  donkey_kong  clipblog  quote  notes 
november 2010 by ree
Drunk Zombie Adventures
"On the plus side, I got a lot of personal space walking down the sidewalk."
zombie  costume  philosophy  media  [video] 
october 2010 by ree
1UP's RPG Blog : Atlus Shares Exclusive Special Passwords for SMT: Strange Journey
custom Cabracan -
------- -----

Demonica (aligned L/N/C) -
Special Password+Law
Special Password+Neutral
Special Password+Chaos

Demonee-ho - You can't laugh OR cry now!
??? - A toasty frog  rpg  megaten  strange_journey  atlus  password  nintendo_ds  smt:sj  series:megaten  jrpg  smt:sj:password  clipblog 
may 2010 by ree
1UP's Retro Gaming Blog : Let's Read the Let's Play Archive
Bob talks about the Let's Play Archive, aka "a genuine danger to your free time."  let's_play  from twitter_favs
november 2009 by ree

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