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Maniac Mansion Music (NES) - Razor's Theme - YouTube
Been playing Maniac Mansion on PC, though I played it on NES years ago. Missing this song in particular:  [audio]  [♪]  music  Maniac_Mansion  notes 
october 2016 by ree
nezumi on stage (stillnotthereyet: kazoo-goddess: You Can (Not)...)
You Can (Not) Play Kazoo

If you’re ever sad, listen to this gem. Utterly ADORBS!!
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january 2015 by ree
Dabr - Status 477835395053662209
Did you see Mark Hamill portray a conversation between the Joker and Luke Skywalker? Catch it here:
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june 2014 by ree
Maddy Myers
Listening to and experiencing allllllllllll the feels.
[audio]  [♪]  music  Metroid  from twitter
april 2014 by ree
ReMix: The Legend of Dragoon 'Unbreakable Heart' - OverClocked ReMix
This is lovely and has made my evening better. Listen! Download! It's free and awesome and WHY ARE YOU STILL HERE, go listen already!
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february 2014 by ree
Miss Kat
The Minions - I Swear (OST)
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july 2013 by ree
"Amazingly innocent and dark at the same time; I love it."
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june 2013 by ree
Pinboard: bookmarks for ree tagged 'to_listen'
This tag exists so I can run its RSS feed into iTunes, which puts the tagged audio files right where I will find and listen to them. Huzzah, automation!
podcast  feed  clipblog  [audio] 
october 2011 by ree Rain makes everything better.
Occasionally I get badly stressed by too much unceasing noise. This helps a lot: (I think led me there.)
notes  calm  mood  [audio]  from twitter
june 2010 by ree
Audio Atrocities (TM) :: Game Index by Name
"Rugburn for your ears" - samples of horrendous voice acting from selected video games. They're hilariously awful.
videogame  history  acting  speech  weird  lol  clipblog  videogames  [audio] 
may 2008 by ree
XSPF Web Music Player (Flash) - Plays MP3 on your website
This is the new music player used in The page includes some parameters that can be used when embedding to make the new player function more like the old.
tabulas  xspf  swf  flash  open_source  mp3  music  player  clipblog  embed  [♪]  [audio] 
april 2008 by ree
Inline Mp3 Player
"Replace every link to mp3 file on page with a tiny inline player button to hear without leave the page."
music  player  mp3  flash  swf  userscript  greasemonkey  javascript  [♪]  [audio] 
april 2008 by ree
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