The Annals of Ann by Kate Trimble Sharber - Free Ebook
One of those funny teenage girl diaries that relies heavily on the reader getting jokes the narrator doesn't. Lots of people getting paired off.
books  fiction  ProjectGutenberg  KateTrimbleSharber  diary  byWomen  FirstPersonPoV  TheSouth  1910s  precocity 
may 2014
The Mystery by Samuel Hopkins Adams and Stewart Edward White

A Navy ship comes across a schooner that was supposed to have been lost at sea two years prior, only it's full of fresh food and the ashes from the fire are still warm. Then they find someone who can explain. Eventually there are a lot of dead seals.
books  fiction  StewartEdwardWhite  SamuelHopkinsAdams  1900s  boats  islands  mystery  adventure  abitscifi  pirates  SamuelHopkinsAdams:VileAnimalMurderer  byMen  ProjectGutenberg 
february 2014
Average Jones by Samuel Hopkins Adams

Average Jones investigates mysteries connected with advertisements, including this one:

" WANTED—Ten thousand loathly black beetles, by
A leaseholder who contracted to leave a house in the
same condition as he found it. Ackroyd,
100 W. Sixteenth St. New York"
books  fiction  shortstories  1910s  SamuelHopkinsAdams  ProjectGutenberg  byMen  advertising  mystery  romance  whyaredeaddogsathing  bugs  scientists  SamuelHopkinsAdams:VileAnimalMurderer 
february 2014
The Flagrant Years
Consuelo Barrett's adventures in 1920s New York's beauty industry. Samuel Hopkins Adams mixing his usual twee-ness with a slightly darker sensibility.
books  fiction  1920s  SamuelHopkinsAdams  beautyparlors  NewYorkCity  mystery  romance  business  noebookavailable  byMen  competence  socialandclassissues 
february 2014
The Girl Who Had Nothing by A.M. Williamson

Joan thinks of herself as a rather gallant highwayman, and that sounds about right to me. Her adventures bring Joan's friends security and herself enough money to keep going.
books  fiction  AMWilliamson  ProjectGutenberg  byWomen  1900s  adventuresses  boats  Nice  Brighton  Cornwall  episodic  financialmachinations 
february 2014
The Madness of May by Meredith Nicholson

A foolish young man gets involved with a whole slew of more intentionally foolish people, one of whom calls himself Robin Hood. It would all be a lot more fun if any of the stuff that was supposed to be funny was actually funny.
books  fiction  MeredithNicholson  1910s  adventure  comedy  motoring  embezzlement  ProjectGutenberg  byMen 
february 2014
Mrs. Tree, by Laura E. Richards

Sequel to Geoffrey Strong. A series of incidents revolving around one of the more excellent domineering elderly ladies I've come across in fiction, and her town.
books  fiction  LauraERichards  sequel  episodic  boats  coolgrandmother  byWomen  ProjectGutenberg  1900s 
february 2014
Geoffrey Strong by Laura E. Richards

New doctor comes to town, winds everyone around his little finger, becomes less of a misogynist. Town a cross between a Joseph Crosby Lincoln one and a Kate Douglas Smith Wiggin one.
books  fiction  LauraERichards  romance  spinsters  womendoctors  1900s  psychology  byWomen  ProjectGutenberg  coolgrandmother 
february 2014
Terror Keep by Edgar Wallace

J.G. Reeder is a lot more romantic action hero than usual here, but it's great. Margaret Belman goes off to the country to be a secretary and gets mixed up with the remains of a gang plotting revenge on Reeder, among other things.
books  fiction  1920s  EdgarWallace  byMen  thriller  mystery  series  undergroundpassageways  London  EnglishEstates  insanity  secretaries  ProjectGutenbergAU 
february 2014
Room 13 by Edgar Wallace

Johnny Gray serves out his sentence at Dartmoor, feuds with the Legges, and gets some assistance from J.G. Reeder in his first appearance. Quintessential Wallace.
books  1920s  fiction  EdgarWallace  thriller  prison  mystery  London  Dartmoor  criminals  counterfeiters  bigamy  byMen  series  ProjectGutenbergAU 
february 2014
A Night Out by Edward Peple
A pampered cat meets a stray one and acquits himself pretty well in the ensuing adventure.
books  1900s  EdwardPeple  ProjectGutenberg  fiction  cats  talkinganimals  byMen 
june 2013
The Strange Woman, by Mary McNeil Fenollosa

John Hemingway goes to Paris to study architecture and gets involved with a woman of whom his friends at home will not approve. And in order for us to see them not approving, of course John has to bring her back to Ohio.
books  fiction  plays  MaryMcNeilFenollosa  SidneyMcCall  WilliamHurlbut  1910s  Paris  Ohio  byWomen  byMen  GoogleBooks  architecture  artstudents  advancedideas  depression 
april 2013
Fanny Goes to War by Pat Beauchamp Washington - Free Ebook
The memoirs of a young woman who drove an ambulance in Belgium in World War I. Full of interesting detail, and the writer gets more human and less hearty over the course of the book.
PatBeauchampWashington  books  nonfiction  ProjectGutenberg  1910s  WWI  motoring  nursing  Belgium  byWomen 
january 2013
Miss Santa Claus of the Pullman by Annie F. Johnston - Project Gutenberg

A reasonably delightful Christmas story. Structurally a bit of a mess, but all of the parts work really well individually. Plus, it's Annie Fellows Johnston, so there's morally significant jewelry.
AnnieFellowsJohnston  books  fiction  Christmas  "cute"children  yaymaterialism  step-parents  1910s  ProjectGutenberg  byWomen 
january 2013
The Weapons of Mystery by Joseph Hocking - Project Gutenberg

The terribly put together but somhow completely absorbing story of a young man who falls in love with a girl at first sight but is hindered in his courtship of her by the sinister Mr. Herod Voltaire's mesmeric influence.
JosephHocking  books  fiction  Christmas  hypnotism  racism  religiousovertones  disappearances  doom  lovetriangle  England  travel  ProjectGutenberg  1890s  byMen 
january 2013
Four Days by Hetty Hemenway - Project Gutenberg

Covers the four days of Leonard's leave, from Marjorie meeting him at the train station through their marriage and brief honeymoon. Almost extremely interesting at times.
HettyHemenway  books  fiction  novella  1910s  ProjectGutenberg  WWI  romance  byWomen 
january 2013
Hollyhock by L. T. Meade - Project Gutenberg

The worst L.T. Meade book, I hope. The title character is a spoiled brat, but has the complete adoration of the author and everyone around her. Meade also joins her characters in bullying the secondary heroine, or what passes for one. This honestly made me really uncomfortable.
books  fiction  LTMeade  ProjectGutenberg  girls  school  bullying  Scotland  1910s  byWomen 
january 2013
Set in Silver by A. M. Williamson and C. N. Williamson - Project Gutenberg

One of the most delightful Williamsons books, involving a road trip through England and a heroine who actually asks her mother for advice when she needs it.
books  fiction  AMWilliamson  CNWilliamson  motoring  England  travel  epistolary  1900s  ProjectGutenberg  byMen  byWomen 
january 2013
The Man Who Was Thursday, a nightmare by G. K. Chesterton - Project Gutenberg

Poets and anarchists and detectives, oh my! Also no one is who they seem to be. Also "If anyone has any use for my left eyebrow, he can have it." Rapturous and slightly insane.
fiction  books  GKChesterton  ProjectGutenberg  anarchists  adventure  swashbuckling  religiousovertones  1900s  byMen 
january 2013
The Man Who Knew Too Much by G. K. Chesterton - Project Gutenberg

No relation to the Hitchcock film, and totally gutting. This is G. K. Chesterton as serious as you ever see him, and while these stories have a lot in common with his others, they are overtly a lot darker.
books  fiction  mystery  GKChesterton  ProjectGutenberg  shortstories  civilservants  1920s  byMen 
january 2013

Four slightly longer stories, in which someone has apparently committed a horrible crime but turns out to be entirely innocent — which is not to say that they didn’t do the things that people said they did. These stories are also heavier on the romance, which…well, GKC’s romances are generally simultaneously super romantic and really, really weird.
fiction  books  GKChesterton  OtherSource  shortstories  mystery  1930s  adventure  byMen 
january 2013

In which a middle aged civil servant is in the habit of dropping paradoxes into conversation, except that he always means them completely literally. GKC explains it like this: Mr. Pond is so reluctant to bug everyone with long, involved stories, that he shortens them to a point where they don’t make any sense.
books  fiction  OtherSource  GKChesterton  shortstories  series  mystery  civilservants  1930s  byMen 
january 2013
The Wisdom of Father Brown by G. K. Chesterton - Project Gutenberg

The Wisdom of Father Borwn is where things start to get really outlandish, in that GKC way. I am, for whatever reason, particularly fond of "The Man in the Passage."
books  fiction  GKChesterton  ProjectGutenberg  shortstories  mystery  religiousovertones  RomanCatholics  1910s  byMen 
january 2013
To Whom This May Come, by Edward Bellamy
Guy gets shipwrecked on island of people who have communicated exclusively by telepathy for so long that their vocal equipment has atrophied.
abitscifi  telepathy  EdwardBellamy  fiction  ProjectGutenberg  1890s  books  shipwrecked  byMen 
january 2013
And Thus He Came by Cyrus Townsend Brady - Project Gutenberg
It's a little early for Christmas stories, but not too early for me to know that I won't be reviewing this one. Miserable, although I think it's meant to be spiritually uplifting. I mean, it's no "Janet, or the Christmas Stockings," but almost everyone dies.
CyrusTownsendBrady  books  fiction  religiousovertones  depressing  Christmas  byMen 
november 2012
When Ghost Meets Ghost by William Frend De Morgan - Project Gutenberg
You'll tap your feet impatiently for, like, 900 pages as you wait to find out if Maisie and Phoebe will be reunited before they die, but you'll enjoy doing it.
WilliamFrendDeMorgan  books  fiction  ProjectGutenberg  1910s  London  England  longlostrelative  blindness  Australia  twins  fakemarriage  byMen 
october 2012
The Fool's Love Story - Rafael Sabatini
"Kuoni von Stocken, the Hofknarr of Sachsenberg, heaves a weary sigh and a strange, half-sad, half-scornful expression sits upon his lean sardonic countenance, as, turning his back to the gay crowd of courtiers that fills the Ballroom of the Palace of Schwerlingen, he passes out on to the balcony, and bends his glance upon the sleeping town below."

That is the first line, Hofknarr means jester, and the story is only three short chapters. That's really all the information you need.
RafaelSabatini  books  fiction  OtherSource  Germany  Ruritanian  1890s  shortstories  PresentTense  historical  byMen 
september 2012
Mrs. Marden's ordeal - James Hay - Google Books
Mrs. Marden hates herself sometimes, but not as much as I hate her. When I started the book, I though her Freudian psychoanalysis would be the most uncomfortable thing, but the most uncomfortable thing is the whole book. Which is sad, because it's an amnesia book and I like those.
amnesia  JamesHay  books  GoogleBooks  fiction  mystery  1910s  byMen 
august 2012
The Amazing Inheritance, by Frances R. Sterrett.
Tessie Gilfooly becomes the queen of a collection of tropical islands through the death of her uncle. Spoiler: she never actually gets to her kingdom.
FrancesRSterret  books  fiction  RagstoRiches  1920s  islands  heiresses  racism  royalty  romance  DepartmentStores  ProjectGutenberg  byWomen 
august 2012
He comes up smiling - Charles Sherman - Google Books
A hobo in search of a nice suit comes across one my the side of a lake and makes off with it while its owner is swimming. He's mistaken for the suit's owner, and the predictable complications ensue.
CharlesSherman  books  fiction  1910s  RagstoRiches  incognito  impostors  motoring  hotels&resorts  WallStreet  GoogleBooks  TrampsandHobos  NewEngland  byMen 
august 2012
John Dene of Toronto by Herbert George Jenkins - Project Gutenberg
John Dene would like to give his fantastic invention to the British government in order to help them win World War I, but he wishes they weren't so slow about getting things done.
HerbertGeorgeJenkins  books  fiction  1910s  WWI  scientists  politics  romance  London  ProjectGutenberg  byMen 
august 2012
Bindle by Herbert George Jenkins - Project Gutenberg
Bindle is a furniture remover and a practical joker. He should be awful, but this is Herbert George Jenkins, so even the practical jokes are bearable.

Followed by Adventures of Bindle:
HerbertGeorgeJenkins  books  fiction  shortstories  1910s  London  temperance  ProjectGutenberg  byMen 
july 2012
Ruggles of Red Gap by Harry Leon Wilson - Project Gutenberg

Ruggles' employer loses him at cards to a family of American nouveaux riches and has to learn how to deal with the idea of social equality, among other things.
HarryLeonWilson  books  fiction  1910s  Paris  America  travel  socialandclassissues  FirstPersonPoV  ProjectGutenberg  byMen 
july 2012
The Key to Yesterday by Charles Neville Buck - Project Gutenberg

Artist Robert A. Saxon has no memory of anything previous to about six years ago, but he thinks this rusty key in his pocket may hold the solution to the mystery. Don't let that mislead you, though -- the lack of the key wouldn't change a thing.
CharlesNevilleBuck  books  fiction  1910s  amnesia  ProjectGutenberg  artists  Kentucky  SouthAmerica  Paris  revolutions  doppelgangers  byMen 
july 2012
The Pit Prop Syndicate by Freeman Wills Crofts - Project Gutenberg
Probably the best thing I can say for this is that Crofts seems to be a least somewhat aware that his characters are pretty terrible at being amateur detectives.
FreemanWillsCrofts  books  fiction  mystery  adventure  boats  France  England  London  smuggling  1920s  ProjectGutenberg  byMen 
may 2012
The Daffodil Mystery by Edgar Wallace - Project Gutenberg
Thornton Lyne, created to be as despicable as possible, is so angry about being rejected by Odette Rider that he tries to frame her for embezzlement, only he gets murdered first. Naturally she's the obvious suspect.
EdgarWallace  books  fiction  mystery  thriller  1920s  London  embezzlement  insanity  China  detectives  ProjectGutenberg  byMen 
may 2012
The Virginian, a Horseman of the Plains by Owen Wister - Project Gutenberg
The first true Western novel, since apparently we don't count pulps. Meandering but kind of excellent.
OwenWister  book  fiction  1900s  western  adventure  romance  ProjectGutenberg  Wyoming  cowboys  FirstPersonPoV  homoeroticism  byMen 
may 2012
The Bat by Avery Hopwood and Mary Roberts Rinehart - Project Gutenberg
I don't know if whatever made Rinehart think an evil, costumed master criminal was a good idea was the same thing that gave Agatha Christie a fatal weakness for worldwide criminal conspiracies, but the results are similar. This book is subpar, but as usual Rinehart can't help being fun.
MaryRobertsRinehart  AveryHopwood  1920s  books  fiction  mystery  spinsters  incognito  mastercriminal  ProjectGutenberg  byMen  byWomen 
may 2012
The Rich Mrs. Burgoyne by Kathleen Thompson Norris - Project Gutenberg

A widow moves to town with her two daughters and a rumored fortune and leads her neighbors vaguely in the direction of the simple life. Completely delightful.
KathleenThompsonNorris  books  fiction  1910s  ProjectGutenberg  California  heiresses  secretwife  journalists  charity  byWomen 
may 2012
Nobody's Man by E. Phillips Oppenheim - Project Gutenberg

Oppenheim's imaginary politicians are neither convincing nor interesting. I feel like he started out to make this a thriller but got caught up n the career of his main character, who's probably a bit of an alter ego.
EPhillipsOppenheim  books  fiction  politics  1920s  WWI  romance  divorce  England  Devonshire  London  ProjectGutenberg  byMen 
april 2012
Mr. Grex of Monte Carlo by E. Phillips Oppenheim - Project Gutenberg
Sir Henry Hunterleys goes to Monte Carlo to prevent some foreign diplomats from rigging WWI. While there, he runs into his estranged wife and totally ignores the fact that she's developing a gambling problem. And his young American friend Richard Lane learns how to use the "wear down her disinterest" method of courtship.
EPhillipsOppenheim  books  fiction  adventure  spies  WWI  MonteCarlo  gambling  stalking  politics  1910s  ProjectGutenberg  thriller  byMen 
april 2012
Diane of the Green Van by Leona Dalrymple - Project Gutenberg

Perhaps Publisher's Weekly (in an issue dated March 21, 1914) says it best: "It's all very complicated--extremely complicated--there being three or four deadly plotters, plotting more or less at cross purposes, and such a mixup of identity that the explanatory chapter toward the end might well have been called 'Who's who.'"
LeonaDalrymple  books  fiction  adventure  romance  estrangedfamilies  familydrama  insanity  nativeamericans  nature  camping  heiresses  racism  Ruritanian  inheritanceandsuccession  alcohol  drugs  Connecticut  NewYorkCity  Florida  aviation  stalking  1910s  ProjectGutenberg  byWomen 
april 2012
Brewster's Millions by George Barr McCutcheon - Project Gutenberg

Monty Brewster has to spend a million dollars in a year. Enormously fun. And considering that I hated Monty for half the book, that's saying something.
GeorgeBarrMcCutcheon  books  fiction  Society  NewYorkCity  MonteCarlo  Florida  Italy  romance  boats  yaymaterialism  1900s  ProjectGutenberg  byMen 
april 2012
Just sweethearts: a Christmas love story - Harry Stillwell Edwards - Google Books

Odd but enjoyable. The plot, such as it is, has to do with a young girl being rescued from drowning by a boy who kept them both afloat for many hours, and who these kids are, which…well, they are who you think they are. There are only, like, three other characters in the book. Also stained glass?
HarryStillwellEdwards  books  Christmas  GoogleBooks  1920s  NewYorkCity  TheSouth  drowning  architecture  romance  byMen 
march 2012
Other People's Business by Harriet L. Smith - Project Gutenberg
Persis Dale supports her cranky invalid brother and just generally stops the people around her from being idiots as far as she is able. Cute, 80% really good.
HarrietLummisSmith  books  fiction  1910s  ProjectGutenberg  spinsters  "cute"children  seamstresses  smalltown  invalids  byWomen 
march 2012
The Lady of the Basement Flat by Mrs. George de Horne Vaizey
Evelyn Wastneys, after her sister marries and moves to America, decides to lead a double life. Part of the time she's herself, living in a house called Pastimes with a friend named Charmion Fane, and part of the time she's helpful spinster Mary Harding, living in a block of flats in London.
Mrs.GeorgedeHorneVaizey  books  fiction  romance  1910s  England  London  incognito  estrangedfamilies  ProjectGutenberg  FirstPersonPoV  byWomen 
march 2012
Love Stories by Mary Roberts Rinehart

Twenty-Two. Hospital romance: nurse and patient.
Jane. Hospital romance: patient and doctor.
In the Pavilion. Hospital romance: nurse and patient.
God's Fool. Hospital romance: various, featuring a deaf and dumb halfwit.
The Miracle. Hospital romance: unmarried mother and the father of her baby.
"Are We Downhearted? No!" Shipboard romance: dancer and soldier.
The Game. story: chief engineer and his servant.
MaryRobertsRinehart  books  fiction  shortstories  1910s  hospitals  nursing  doctors  WWI  transatlanticvoyages  boats  adoption  ProjectGutenberg  romance  byWomen 
march 2012
The Window at the White Cat by Mary Roberts Rinehart

Pretty basic early 20th century mystery of the lawyer-narrator/bereaved young woman/wealthy and important gentleman found dead at his desk variety. Elevated a little by various cute Rinehart touches.
MaryRobertsRinehart  books  fiction  1910s  mystery  politics  disappearances  detectives  journalists  ProjectGutenberg  FirstPersonPoV  byWomen 
march 2012
The After House by Mary Roberts Rinehart
A creepy yachting mystery featuring drunkards and bodies hacked up with an axe. But it's Mary Roberts Rinehart, so it's cool.
MaryRobertsRinehart  books  fiction  mystery  boats  houseparty  gruesome  drunkenness  romance  courtroomdrama  doctors  sailors  1910s  ProjectGutenberg  FirstPersonPoV  byWomen 
march 2012
Elizabeth and Her German Garden by Elizabeth Von Arnim - Project Gutenberg
What it says on the tin. Sadly, Elizabeth is at her most interesting when she's talking about neither herself nor her garden.
ElizabethVonArnim  books  ProjectGutenberg  gardening  1890s  Germany  "cute"children  nature  byWomen 
march 2012
The yoke - Hubert Wales - Google Books

The subtitle of this book should be, "I slept with my adoptive mother and all I got was this clean bill of health."
HubertWales  books  fiction  1900s  London  incest  prostitutes  sex  scandal  suicide  romance  laterinlife  byMen 
march 2012
Phoebe and Ernest - Inez Haynes Gillmore - Google Books
Phoebe and Ernest are siblings, and teenagers, and the proportions in which you laugh and cringe will depend on how close you are to being one yourself.
InezHaynesGillmore  books  fiction  shortstories  series  Boston  1910s  teenagers  GoogleBooks  byWomen 
march 2012
Cap'n Eri by Joseph Crosby Lincoln - Project Gutenberg

There is probably, technically, too much going on here, but Lincoln really makes it work. And Eri is awesome, and romances between sensible middle aged people are often the best kind.
JosephCrosbyLincoln  books  fiction  Massachusetts  boats  adventure  romance  1900s  ProjectGutenberg  byMen 
march 2012
Vicky Van by Carolyn Wells - Project Gutenberg

The least irritating lawyer narrator ever gets caught up in a mystery when the slightly bohemian--but really perfectly respectable--girl across the street disappears and a millionaire shows up dead in her house during a party (not necessarily in that order).
CarolynWells  books  fiction  ProjectGutenberg  1910s  favorite  mystery  romance  FirstPersonPoV  series  LawyerNarrator  NewYorkCity  servants  familydrama  byWomen 
march 2012
The Fifth Wheel by Olive Higgins Prouty - Project Gutenberg

In this sequel to Bobbie, General Manager, Bobbie's younger sister struggles with living on her own and being a New Woman. It would be so wonderful if she didn't undermine all her victories.
OliveHigginsProuty  ProjectGutenberg  books  fiction  1910s  NewYorkCity  feminism  socialandclassissues  byWomen 
march 2012
The clue - Carolyn Wells - Google Books

Kitty French and Rob Fessenden, doing the flirty crimesolving thing, make this one of Wells' most charming mysteries. Kitty insists the victim didn't kill herself, while Rob is sure she wasn't murdered by her fiance.
CarolynWells  GoogleBooks  fiction  books  1910s  mystery  romance  inheritanceandsuccession  PartnersinCrime  byWomen 
march 2012
The dull Miss Archinard - Anne Douglas Sedgwick - Google Books

The protagonist meets again two young women he knew when they were girls, and finds them greatly changed. Little does he know, the one he's disappointed with is supporting the family singlehandedly.
AnneDouglasSedgwick  GoogleBooks  books  fiction  1890s  familydrama  poverty  artists  writers  pedophilia  Paris  byWomen 
march 2012
The career of Katherine Bush - Elinor Glyn - Google Books

Lower middle class Katherine schemes her way up the social ladder relying a bit on her looks, but more on her intelligence. Is there another popular novel this early where a woman is not punished for having premarital sex? With a man she doesn't marry, no less. It's kind of astounding.
ElinorGlyn  GoogleBooks  books  fiction  1910s  London  EnglishEstates  England  typewriting  romance  socialandclassissues  politics  government  byWomen 
march 2012
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