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slybrarian: Fic - Welcome to the Madhouse
Cam's first week as part of the Atlantis expedition was all smooth sailing, until his ship hit a whale and an Orici-shaped rock. Metaphorically speaking, of course. There's not really a ship, except for the one Caldwell has, and no rocks. Whales, though,
sga  slash  johnsheppard  rodneymckay  sg-1  slybrarian  cameronmitchell  establishedrelationship  sheppard/mitchell  lorne  lorne/parrish  during-season3  ep-sga-03x12-echoes  au  episoderelated  series-discontinuity  everydaylife  elizabethweir  pov-cameronmitchell  pov-3rd  whale  tense-past  length-medium  caldwell  teylaemmagan  carsonbeckett  ronondex  sparring  staffmeeting  radekzelenka 
march 2009 by ratcreature
Winchester Tales - New Fic: Armistice (ch 1 of 9)
Pre-series. A hunt gone terribly wrong prompts John's first trip to Stanford. Dean's hurt and hurting, father and son angst ensues. Chapter 1 of 9.
supernatural  pre-canon  deanwinchester  johnwinchester  stanford-era  injury  injured-dean  concussion  hospital  ghost  may7fic  angst  h/c  whale 
june 2008 by ratcreature
reel_sga: Hidden Depths, Part 1 of 2
Really, it would make perfect sense if Rodney's ideal mate turned out to be some kind of sideshow freak.
sga  slash  au  mermaids  johnsheppard  rodneymckay  elizabethweir  lamardeuse  mckay/sheppard  romance  reelsga  non-human!sheppard  whale  sumner  atlantis  davesheppard  stargazing  puddlejumper  drowning 
may 2008 by ratcreature

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allergy  ancienttech  angst  ascended!john  ascension  atlantis  atlantis-back-on-earth  atlantis-malfunction  au  bar  barfight  bigbang  birth  blackmail  bodyshare  caldwell  cameronmitchell  carsonbeckett  clueless!rodney  college  concussion  controlchair  danieljackson  davesheppard  deanwinchester  dimensionalportal  dolphins  dreams  drowning  drunk  during-season3  earthside  elizabethweir  endoftheuniverse  ep-sga-03x12-echoes  ep-sga-05x20-enemyatthegate  episoderelated  establishedrelationship  everydaylife  firsttime  friendship  funeral  gaiaanarchy  gen  ghost  h/c  het  homophobia  horses  hospital  humor  impliedhet  injured-dean  injured-rodney  injured-sheppard  injury  jackoneill  jenniferkeller  john/atlantis  johnsheppard  johnwinchester  keller/omc  kidfic  lamardeuse  length-medium  length-novel  lorne  lorne/parrish  madison  may7fic  mckay/keller  mckay/ofc  mckay/sheppard  melodrama  mermaids  motorcycle  non-human!sheppard  non-stargate  nonhumanoidaliens  originalcharacter  paralleluniverses  paralysed-sheppard  paralysis  patricksheppard  pining  pining!john  pining!rodney  pov-3rd  pov-cameronmitchell  pov-multiple  pov-oc  pov-rodney  pov-ronon  pov-sheppard  pre-canon  pregnancy  puddlejumper  radekzelenka  reelsga  rhihero  rodneymckay  romance  ronon/ofc  ronondex  sad  series-discontinuity  sg-1  sga  sheppard/mitchell  sheppard/ofc  sheppard/omc  sholio  slash  slybrarian  sparring  staffmeeting  stanford-era  stargazing  sumner  supernatural  tense-past  teylaemmagan  therapy  transformation  veterinerian  virus  whale  woolsey  wraith 

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