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Welcome to the Lion's Den - Howl at the Moon
Dean's having trouble dealing with John's death, and the wolf thinks it knows how to help him out ...
supernatural  het  au  leonidaslion  angst  deanwinchester  series  berserker  cassie  dean/cassie  animalspirit  wolf-dean  possession  possessed-dean  establishedrelationship  bondage  roughsex 
july 2008 by ratcreature
forestgreens - Counting Tuesdays
As the deadline for Dean's deal approaches, Sam, desperate to free his brother from his fate, decides to rewrite history. He summons the only creature he knows who has control over time: the Trickster. This is Sam's second chance; he's determined not to r
supernatural  gen  bigbang  timetravel  do-over  samwinchester  deanwinchester  demon  yed  bobbysinger  ellenharvelle  possession  powerful-sam  psychic!sam  possessed-dean  au  trickster  forestgreen  blackmail  lilith  creepy  training  sevendeadlysins  ruby  blood  war  apocafic  ritual  fallenangel  angel  deal  mpdjk  plotty  plottwist  horror  hendrickson  dark 
june 2008 by ratcreature

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actionadventure  amnesia  amnesiac-sam  angel  angst  animalspirit  apocafic  au  berserker  bigbang  blackmail  blood  bobbysinger  bondage  burns  case  cassie  childabuse  concernedlily  creepy  curse  cursed-dean  cursedobject  dark  deal  dean/cassie  dean/ofc  deanwinchester  demon  do-over  doppelganger  dreams  ellenharvelle  ep-hookman  ep-skin  episoderelated  establishedrelationship  exorcism  fallenangel  fanart  flashbacks  forestgreen  gen  girlfan1979  glockgal  hendrickson  het  historical  holygrail  horror  hunting  incubi  injured-dean  injured-sam  injury  jo  johnwinchester  length-long  length-medium  leonidaslion  lilith  magic  memorymanipulation  mindcontrol  mirror  monk-sam  monks  mpdjk  mysticism  non-con  originalcharacter  pastorjim  pheromones  phonecalls  plottwist  plotty  possessed-dean  possession  pov-3rd  pov-bobby  pov-samwinchester  powerful-sam  pre-canon  psychic!sam  punishment  reallycorking  rebecca  religion  ritual  roughsex  ruby  samwinchester  selfharm  series  series-angelverse  series-destinyverse  sevendeadlysins  shapeshifting  supernatural  teen-chesters  templars  tense-past  timetravel  toneskis  tracking  training  travel  trickster  venice  war  wedding  wolf-dean  yed 

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