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Nemo - Fic: A Recipe For Disaster. 1/1. [PG13] Sam. John. Sleeping Dean.
Over eighty miles to go and John is trapped in a car with a sleepy Dean and an irate Sam. With no means of evading the unspoken tension within the family, this is a recipe for disaster. John POV.
supernatural  pre-canon  teen-chesters  nemoed  gen  johnwinchester  pov-3rd  pov-johnwinchester  impala  introspection  yed  length-short  tense-past  samwinchester 
june 2009 by ratcreature
oxoniensis: Star Trek fic: a fucking space opera (or Six Characters Who Didn't Board the USS Enterprise)
Fandoms: Star Trek: reboot, plus guests from Merlin, Stargate Atlantis, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, Supernatural, and Harry Potter
Characters: James T. Kirk, ensemble, Arthur Pendragon, Rodney McKay, Cameron Phillips, Sam and Dean Winchester,
startrek  st:aos  crossover  gen  humor  merlin  fivethings  sga  oxoniensis  terminator  scc  hp  giantsquid  supernatural  samwinchester  deanwinchester  impala  arthurpendragon  pov-3rd  pov-kirk  spock  leonardmccoy  rodneymckay  scotty  chekov  jamestkirk  length-short  fencing  cameron 
may 2009 by ratcreature
rei_c: Feet to the Rising | R | Gen | 33K
John disappears. With nothing left to do, Dean drives to California in hopes of finding his long-estranged brother. Hopefully, between the two of them, they'll be able to find their father before someone else does.
Disclaimer: I own nothing, and any (and
supernatural  au  gen  fusion  boondocksaints  blackdonellys  ira  fairies  fairy!sam  powerful-sam  tattoo  rei-c  samwinchester  johnwinchester  deanwinchester  ireland  legends  mythology  length-long  pub  bobbysinger  ava  ruby  meg  lily  ellenharvelle  pastorjim  religion  missouri  assassination  non-human!sam  pov-3rd  pov-dean  tense-present  impala 
february 2009 by ratcreature
Writ Large - Fic: Dear Diary
Mandy gets a new lab partner. He has long legs, a gorgeous smile, and a brother with a really cool car.
supernatural  pre-canon  gen  samwinchester  highschool  outsider_pov  diary  teen-chesters  rivers_bend  originalcharacter  pov-oc  pov-1st  bullying  sam/ofc  prom  length-short  deanwinchester  impala 
july 2008 by ratcreature
innie_darling: SPN_J2_BIGBANG: "The Taming of the You-Know-Who" (pre-series gen AU; PG-13)
Dean talks John into staying put for all of Sam's freshman year of high school, and Sam is thrilled that he can make friends and have them over, that he can act like any other kid his age. But when Sam develops a crush on a girl, John lays down the law -
supernatural  gen  pre-canon  innie_darling  teen-chesters  johnwinchester  deanwinchester  samwinchester  originalcharacter  impala  dean/ofc  sam/ofc  impliedhet  fluff  highschool  prom  bigbang  length-long  pov-samwinchester  pov-3rd  crush  hunting  tense-present  chess  bobbysinger  dog  shapeshifter  ghost 
july 2008 by ratcreature
Wee!Chesters - W00by Like Whoa - Emergency Room
Dean was having a bad day even before that idiot went in the back of the Impala. And now the principal's gone and called Dad. Super.
supernatural  gen  pre-canon  teen-chesters  hospital  childprotectiveservices  deanwinchester  samwinchester  johnwinchester  injured-dean  impala  pov-dean  pov-3rd  tense-past  length-short  highschool  accident  irnan 
july 2008 by ratcreature
Day's Bed & Breakfast - FIC: A Dog's Life (SPN), 1/1
What was worse than a Winchester appearing at your door? A drunk Winchester appearing at your door.
supernatural  gen  stanford-era  pre-canon  angst  drunk  deanwinchester  bobbysinger  pov-bobby  pov-3rd  dayspring  tense-past  length-short  insecure-dean  impala  rumsfeld  h/c 
july 2008 by ratcreature
Dolimir - SPN: Scheduled for Termination (1/6)
Mary’s heart sank as she stood beside the time-displacement machine, knowing that if the terminators were successful, the machines might never get the chance to rule the earth -- the demons might beat them to it. But Dean had a plan. And Mary could only
supernatural  terminator  crossover  au  johnwinchester  mary  mary-survived  hunting  hunter-mary  dolimir  demon  john-killed-by-yed  yed  pre-canon  jess  samwinchester  deanwinchester  timetravel  telekinesis  powerful-sam  pastorjim  originalcharacter  impala  ust  dean/ofc  steelmill  bobbysinger 
june 2008 by ratcreature
eloise_bright: Asylum_spnfic - In God's Eyes - PG13. John POV
1640 words. Written for [info]mara_sho’s prompt: ‘Dean gets the Impala. How?’ Beta magic worked by [info]yasminke. Title and quote from ‘Rusty Cage’ by Chris Cornell – as sung by Cash.
supernatural  gen  pre-canon  johnwinchester  eloise-bright  deanwinchester  bobbysinger  samwinchester  impala  characterstudy 
june 2008 by ratcreature
cereta: Story: Nor Hell A Fury (SPN/Stephen King's Christine) 1/4
A mysterious stranger, a pissed off car, and a twenty year quest for revenge. Just another week for Sam and Dean Winchester.
supernatural  gen  crossover  stephenking  christine  impala  possession  samwinchester  deanwinchester  hunting  dennisguilder  spectralhorse  cereta 
january 2008 by ratcreature
Rusalka's ramblings - SPN fic: This Wheel's On Fire 1/7 (Gen, R)
AU from shortly before Sam leaves for Stanford. When he was 22, Dean Winchester made a deal. Seven years later, it's time to pay up.
supernatural  gen  marinarusalka  deanwinchester  samwinchester  jess  impliedhet  sam/jess  au  fusion  ghostrider  demon  hunting  johnwinchester  impala  bobbysinger  joshuaelkins  danielelkins  meg  possession  mindcontrol  kidnapping  blackmail  hell 
september 2007 by ratcreature
dodger_winslow: SPN Fic: Code of the Boys (Gen, R, Pre-Series)
John ran his thumb across smudged letters written in a child’s hand, read the second point in Code of the Boys: "Like video games." That was vintage Sammy. Dean didn’t need to make lists of the things he liked, the things he hated. He just did it.
supernatural  pre-canon  johnwinchester  deanwinchester  samwinchester  flashbacks  angst  impala  gen  dodger_winslow 
september 2007 by ratcreature

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accident  angst  apocafic  arthurpendragon  assassination  au  ava  bela  bellatemple  bellewhan  bigbang  blackdonellys  blackmail  bobbysinger  boondocksaints  bullying  cameron  cereta  characterstudy  chekov  chess  childprotectiveservices  christine  colt  crossover  crush  danielelkins  dayspring  deacon  dean/ofc  deanwinchester  demon  dennisguilder  diary  dodger_winslow  dog  dolimir  domestic  drunk  during-season3  during-season4  ellenharvelle  eloise-bright  estranged  everydaylife  explosion  fairies  fairy!sam  fanart  fencing  ficwriter1966  fighting  fire  fivethings  flashbacks  fluff  fusion  gekizetsu  gen  ghost  ghost-dean  ghost-sam  ghostrider  giantsquid  h/c  hell  highschool  hospital  hp  humor  hunter-mary  hunting  impala  impala-as-woman  impliedhet  injured-dean  injury  innie_darling  insecure-dean  introspection  ira  ireland  irnan  jamestkirk  jess  jo  john-killed-by-yed  johnsheppard  johnwinchester  joshuaelkins  journal  junkyard  kidnapping  laundromat  laundry  legends  length-long  length-short  leonardmccoy  library  lilith  lily  marinarusalka  mary  mary-survived  mechanic-dean  meg  merlin  messagefromthefuture  mindcontrol  missouri  mithborien  motel  moving  mystery  mythology  narrativeframe  nemoed  non-human!sam  odysseaia  originalcharacter  outsider_pov  oxoniensis  paintedspires  pastorjim  pdragon76  plottwist  possession  pov-1st  pov-2nd  pov-3rd  pov-bobby  pov-dean  pov-johnwinchester  pov-kirk  pov-multiple  pov-oc  pov-samwinchester  powerful-sam  pre-canon  precognition  prom  pub  rebecca  rei-c  religion  rivers_bend  roadtrip  rodneymckay  ruby  rumsfeld  sad  sam/jess  sam/ofc  samwinchester  scc  school  scotty  sga  shapeshifter  smalltown  spectralhorse  spn_summergen  spock  spontaneous_combustion  st:aos  stanford-era  startrek  steampunk  steelmill  stephenking  stereowire  suicide  supermarket  supernatural  tattoo  teen-chesters  telekinesis  tense-past  tense-present  terminator  timetravel  trickster  trolllogicfics  ust  victoriap  wee-chesters  wraith  yed 

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