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The meeting - everythingispoetry - The Avengers (2012) [Archive of Our Own]
She suddenly realizes that she’ll spend the next few hours in one room with half-naked and exhausted Tony Stark, trying to make sure he doesn’t die of asphyxia in the meantime. It’s not how she was hoping for a meeting with one of the Avengers to be like.
avengers  tonystark  ironman  originalcharacter  gen  length-short  h/c  outsider_pov  pov-oc  shield  hospital  asphyxiation  injured-tony  injury  everythingispoetry 
june 2013 by ratcreature
Nihil Novi - Quietbang - X-Men: First Class (2011) [Archive of Our Own]
The year is 1954.
The first mass vaccination of children for polio begins in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
American officials announce that a hydrogen bomb test has been conducted on the island of Bikini Atoll.
In Vietnam, the First Indochina War draws to a close, leaving chaos in its wake that will result in yet another war, while in America, Senator Jospeh McCarthy begins hearings investigating the US Army for being 'soft' on Communism.
In New York City, surgical resident and Korean War veteran Charles Xavier is feeling increasingly disconnected from the world around him, save for the children that he helps treat. All of this changes with the arrival of a nameless man pulled out of the Hudson, whom Charles finds himself increasingly drawn to.
There's just one problem. He's in a coma, and knows Charles only as the mysterious and irritating force who helps to calm his dreams.

A powered, pre-canon, hospital AU
x-men  au  1950s  pre-canon  quietbang  length-medium  au-ends-up-near-canon  eriklehnsherr  charlesxavier  angst  coma  pts  magda  moira  logan  dreams  telepathy  seancassidy  alexsummers  hankmccoy  hospital  injured-erik  injury  pov-xavier  homophobia  charles/erik  slash  impliedhet  erik/magda  reversebang  bigbang 
july 2012 by ratcreature
coconuts on tv - Much Madness, the Divinest Sense 1; X-Men: First Class (2011)
Charles Xavier, newly released from a mental hospital, vows never to use his powers again. He accompanies his cousin Hank McCoy to the remote island of Pala to work on his thesis. There, he meets Erik Lehnsherr, a marine biologist who has a few secrets of his own
x-men  gen  au  charlesxavier  eriklehnsherr  hankmccoy  modern-au  raven  telepathy  mentalillness  hospital  telepathic-killing  hank/raven  eatingdisorder  charles/erik  moira  dolphins  psychiatrist-moira  dolphin-emmafrost  emmafrost  alexsummers  biologist-erik  length-long  angst  drugs  mik0migi 
august 2011 by ratcreature
House of Burden Chapter 1, a supernatural fanfic - FanFiction.Net
Within its walls lives a family that has never been touched by hate, fire or the Supernatural… but for one.

This is written for ObuletShadowStalker for a great prompt she suggested for the SFTCOL(AR)S Round 2 Challenge. It's an AU story where the fire never happened and only Sam grows to realize there's a darker side to the world around them and to him. Hope you like it girl! I really kind of thought this would be a short story but one page turned into ten and then ten into twenty and so on… thank you for stealing numerous hours from my days and giving me an excuse to ignore my roommate ;) I hope it's not too long winded, I think I just got kind of caught up in the whole 'family life' for the Winchesters.
supernatural  gen  au  angst  mary  bobby  samwinchester  deanwinchester  teen-chesters  psychic!sam  yed  mary-survived  teachers  gargoyles  missouri  hunting  highschool  length-novel  maygin  h/c  injured-sam  hospital 
june 2011 by ratcreature
Insanity doesn't run in my family. - Fic - SGA/Numb3rs; And Then We Were Fine
(Evan Lorne/Colby Granger, Stargate Atlantis/Numb3rs, R)
Colonel Sheppard and Doctor McKay show up unexpected, and it all goes somewhat downhill after that - 5,100 words.
sga  numb3rs  crossover  bergann  colby  lorne  lorne/colby  rodneymckay  johnsheppard  hospital  establishedrelationship  earthside  slash  pov-colby  pov-3rd  tense-present  length-short  alaneppes  doneppes  charlieeppes  basketball 
march 2009 by ratcreature
Horse Machine - FIC: We Say Grace, We Say Ma'am (1/1)
It’s hard to be idealistic when you’re 19 years old. Even harder when you live in a trailer park. Almost impossible when your dad is John Winchester.
supernatural  pre-canon  gen  kimonkey7  samwinchester  deanwinchester  johnwinchester  neighbors  trailerpark  domesticviolence  injury  injured-dean  hospital  teen-chesters  fighting  pov-3rd  pov-dean  tense-past  length-short 
august 2008 by ratcreature
SGA Big Bang: "The Fall of the House of Sheppard" by Martha
John Sheppard's strange inheritance has drawn Dr. Rodney McKay across two galaxies and back again. Now Dr. McKay must survive the dark forces at work in the Sheppard house to save the man he loves!
sga  au  bigbang  slash  mckay/sheppard  martha  length-novel  horror  gothic  creepy  humor  johnsheppard  rodneymckay  davesheppard  ascension  meetingfamily  earthside  funeral  nancy  ritual  mentalillness  non-con  flashbacks  asylum  straightjacket  childabuse  pts  jackoneill  hospital  h/c  cuddling  attic  cellar  siberia  mckay/omc  rain  graveyard  hauntedhouse  ghost  pov-rodney  pov-3rd  tense-past  religion  sacrifice  firsttime  ancienttech  episoderelated  ep-sga-04x15-outcast  injury  injured-rodney 
august 2008 by ratcreature
Carol's Supernatural Fic - SPN FIC - Special Kid
He'd made a couple of phone calls, to people a little more knowledgeable than he. Asked them, what was the earliest he could take Sam out of here AMA without risking bleeding, infection, fever, anything that would cause Sam to be anything worse than grou
supernatural  pre-canon  gen  johnwinchester  samwinchester  hospital  appendicitis  sick-sam  pov-johnwinchester  wee-chesters  ficwriter1966  length-short  pov-3rd  tense-past  angst  identitytheft 
july 2008 by ratcreature
Gillian, if you weren't my mother... - Fic: 434 Feet Square (Cube/Thoughtcrimes x-over: Worth/Dean)
Worth gets a second chance.
Rating: R
AN: A Cube/Thoughtcrimes crossover. Of all David Hewlett’s characters Worth is my favorite. It helps that I really like Cube.
cube  crossover  thoughtcrimes  slash  angst  hospital  brendandean  davidworth  davidworth/bredandean  freyamcallister  telepathy  honey-babes  length-short  pov-brendandean  pov-davidworth  pov-multiple  pov-3rd  tense-past  conspiracy  architecture 
july 2008 by ratcreature
Wee!Chesters - W00by Like Whoa - Emergency Room
Dean was having a bad day even before that idiot went in the back of the Impala. And now the principal's gone and called Dad. Super.
supernatural  gen  pre-canon  teen-chesters  hospital  childprotectiveservices  deanwinchester  samwinchester  johnwinchester  injured-dean  impala  pov-dean  pov-3rd  tense-past  length-short  highschool  accident  irnan 
july 2008 by ratcreature
Dolimir - SPN: Under the Full Moon
Dean speaks so softly that I’m not positive I heard him correctly, and am left to wonder if ‘Ronald’ is some sort of code word, but whatever it is, his brother closes his mouth and says nothing further.
supernatural  gen  outsider_pov  pov-1st  tense-present  originalcharacter  werewolves  injury  cattlemutilation  hospital  samwinchester  deanwinchester  dolimir  length-short 
july 2008 by ratcreature
Cozy Corner - Crown of Thorns
It was a demon John wasn't expecting, a hunt that he didn't count on going down exactly how it did. All he knew is that this demon got into his mind, twisted his thoughts around into a pile so dark that he couldn't even remember his own sons. This demon w
supernatural  gen  pre-canon  teen-chesters  length-long  hunting  johnwinchester  deanwinchester  samwinchester  demon  yed  pov-3rd  pov-johnwinchester  pov-samwinchester  pov-dean  seriously-sam  series  series-thedarkhorse  possession  possessed-john  hospital  pastorjim  injury  injured-johnwinchester  injured-dean  caleb  mary's-family-hunted  memorymanipulation 
july 2008 by ratcreature
Swanseajill's Fan Fiction - Second Time Around 1/2 (Gen, PG-13)
Dean is seriously injured in a hunt, bringing back memories for Sam of a similar occasion that took place over two years ago. The boys are forced to deal with some long buried truths.
supernatural  gen  samwinchester  deanwinchester  johnwinchester  pastorjim  hospital  injury  h/c  injured-dean  flashbacks  stanford-era  chupacabra  angst  swanseajill 
july 2008 by ratcreature
flourishing in subterfuge - Darkness Shall Follow 1/5
It doesn't matter who it is. It just matters that it's not both of them. That he's going to save one and probably condemn the other. This destroys him either way
supernatural  gen  pre-canon  samwinchester  deanwinchester  johnwinchester  buried  buried-alive  graveyard  serialkiller  creepy  faye-dartmouth  angst  training  case  injured-sam  asphyxiation  h/c  hospital  coma  hypothermia  pts  dreams 
june 2008 by ratcreature
eloise_bright: Sweet Charity fic - Till Sunbeams Find You - PG13 Gen
2600 words. Set post 3.10 - 'Dream a Little Dream of Me'. Beta magic worked by the ever wonderful [info]yasminke. Additonal A/N at the end.
supernatural  gen  samwinchester  deanwinchester  au  episoderelated  ep-dreamalittledream  bobbysinger  hospital  sad  flashbacks  soccer  eloise-bright  coma  injury  injured-dean 
june 2008 by ratcreature
Winchester Tales - New Fic: Armistice (ch 1 of 9)
Pre-series. A hunt gone terribly wrong prompts John's first trip to Stanford. Dean's hurt and hurting, father and son angst ensues. Chapter 1 of 9.
supernatural  pre-canon  deanwinchester  johnwinchester  stanford-era  injury  injured-dean  concussion  hospital  ghost  may7fic  angst  h/c  whale 
june 2008 by ratcreature
Muse-o-rama - New SPN fic: Fire in the Hole, Chapter 1
After Sam leaves for Stanford, Dean falls hard and John doesn’t catch him. Their long bloody year comes to an abrupt end in the silver mining district of western Nevada, where both father and son must face their worst fears.
supernatural  pre-canon  h/c  big-pink  gen  angst  deanwinchester  johnwinchester  bobbysinger  injury  injured-dean  hunting  lasvegas  rain  heat  weathermagic  planes  9/11  plotty  flashbacks  hospital  dustdevil  halloween  djinn  truthtelling  lake  lakemonster  sick-john  physicaltherapy  giantsquid  mine  mining  desert  ice  coyote  stanford-era  drunk  drunk!johnwinchester  demon  explosion 
june 2008 by ratcreature

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mary-survived  mattmurdock  may7fic  maygin  mckay/omc  mckay/sheppard  mechanic-dean  meetingfamily  meg  memorymanipulation  menstruation  mentalillness  messagefromthefuture  mik0migi  mine  mining  minkmix  missouri  modern-au  moira  monanotlisa  music  mysocalledlife  mystery  nancy  narrativeframe  neighbors  nid  non-con  non-stargate  nonhumanoidaliens  numb3rs  obsessed1  offworld  oliviadunham  originalcharacter  outsider_pov  paralleluniverses  pastorjim  peterbishop  petite-madame  physicaltherapy  pianist-rodney  plague  planes  plottwist  plotty  possessed-john  possession  pov-1st  pov-2nd  pov-3rd  pov-atlantis  pov-brendandean  pov-charlieeppes  pov-colby  pov-davidworth  pov-dean  pov-doneppes  pov-johnwinchester  pov-kirk  pov-lorne  pov-mattmurdock  pov-multiple  pov-oc  pov-rodney  pov-samwinchester  pov-sheppard  pov-xavier  powerful-sam  pre-canon  precognition  prostheticlimb  protective-erik  psychiatrist  psychiatrist-moira  psychic!sam  pts  puking  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