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wedjatqi: ThingAThon Fic - "The Middle Son" 1/1 JT [K]
“Halling sat in the afternoon summer sunshine and watched the sons of Teyla Emmagan.”
sga  futurefic  sad  atlantislost  halling  athosians  teylaemmagan  children  stargazing  sparring  impliedhet  johnsheppard  john/teyla  wedjatqi 
july 2008 by ratcreature
sticksandsnark: Fic: This Is the Song that Goes Like This [for briana-rose07]
And that was how Rodney got sucked against his will into the Day of Renewal celebration, or--as Rodney liked to think of it--Teyla's Athosian Extravaganza.
sga  het  alienculture  athosians  rodneymckay  teylaemmagan  rodney/teyla  music  jinto  halling  festival  humor  argosy 
april 2008 by ratcreature
harlequin_sga: Sleepless by Nny, mature (part 1 of 8)
“ - those of you who are just joining us, I’m Dr. Kate Heightmeyer, broadcasting across America from the top of the Sears Tower in Chicago, and tonight we’re talking about wishes and dreams. We’re speaking to Jinto from Seattle, who has a wish for
sga  au  mckay/sheppard  earthside  harlequin  slash  johnsheppard  jinto  firsttime  non-stargate  rodneymckay  het  rodney/katie  breakup  ex-military!sheppard  teylaemmagan  halling  katiebrown  kateheightmeyer  romance  ronondex  elizabethweir  ronon/elizabeth  nny  reelsga  sleeplessinseattle  phonecalls  phonesex  radekzelenka 
march 2008 by ratcreature
tielan: fic: Fly The Stars
When Ronon's family is slaughtered by Reavers as a child, he makes a new home among the Athosians. But, unknown to him, there's a war coming, and things are going to change.
sga  firefly  gen  au  crossover  fusion  ronondex  teylaemmagan  athosians  melena  charin  taganemmagan  reavers  war  halling  sateda  experiments  precognition  spaceship  repairshop  johnsheppard  sumner  tielan 
december 2007 by ratcreature
sga_flashfic: Who's Left and Who's Leaving, by the_drifter (Amnesty 2007: Ways to Die Challenge)
"No names," Rodney tells them, one more time. "And no dates -- I'm serious about that. No one can know what anyone else is planning." John learns the structures of life and death.
sga  the_drifter  gen  team  atlantis  futurefic  johnsheppard  rodneymckay  ronondex  teylaemmagan  offworld  desertion  wraith  samanthacarter  originalcharacter  lorne  athosians  alienculture  ronon/ofc  impliedhet  halling  radekzelenka  earthquake  bomb  monks 
december 2007 by ratcreature
Sunrise Prophecy by Alli Snow
Gen, Sheppard/Teyla friendship. PG13. There is a story among our people that has been told,
as far back as anyone living can remember, of the man that will save us from the Wraith.
sga  gen  allisnow  pre-canon  teylaemmagan  athosians  halling  taganemmagan  alienculture  charin  wraith  originalcharacter  dreams  impliedhet  teyla/toran  jinto  sumner  johnsheppard  firstcontact  episoderelated  ep-rising  toran  sparring 
december 2007 by ratcreature
Tanlines & Dogtags
Everyone wondered just where the nude photos of Colonel Sheppard had come from. Not that they were complaining.
sga  slash  humor  icarus  johnsheppard  lorne  sheppard/lorne  photos  elizabethweir  teylaemmagan  lauracadman  athosians  firsttime  dadt  halling  dogtags  straight!lorne  masturbation  voyeurism  football  puddlejumper  rodneymckay  radekzelenka  ust 
september 2007 by ratcreature
SGA Big Bang -- Aegis by Springwoof and Leah
The Ancients' genes didn't just confer the power to activate their technology. For ten percent of Earth's population, like John Sheppard, the ATA gene also gave them Gifts: special abilities that made them admired, envied, and feared. 90748 words
sga  slash  mckay/sheppard  au  springwoof  leah  johnsheppard  rodneymckay  elizabethweir  jackoneill  danieljackson  earthside  antarctica  ancienttech  ancients  atlantis  superpowers  plotty  mindcontrol  flashbacks  sumner  offworld  athosians  halling  aidenford  teylaemmagan  firstcontact  episoderelated  wraith  carsonbeckett  teleportation  hypoglycemia  telepathy  sheppard/omc  angst  healing  injury  sparring  shield  bates  empathy  suicide  keras  genii  masturbation  firsttime  illness  trading  mystery  grodin  kolya  originalcharacter  sheppard/ofc  impliedhet  gall  abrams  mentalillness  kateheightmeyer  therapy  touch  chaya  precognition  everett  exhaustion  sleepdeprivation  janetfraiser  caldwell  genetherapy 
august 2007 by ratcreature

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abrams  actionadventure  addiction  ai  aidenford  alienculture  alientech  allergy  allisnow  amnesia  amnesiac-sheppard  ancientoutpost  ancients  ancienttech  angst  antarctica  apocafic  argosy  artaxastra  assassination  athosian!john  athosians  atlantis  atlantislost  atlantissecedes  au  awkwardsex  baby  bates  beckett/cadman  bigbang  biro  bluetoads  bomb  breakup  buried  burns  caldwell  camping  captive  carsonbeckett  cat-77  cave-in  cesperanza  characterstudy  charin  chaya  children  chuck  claustrophobia  climbing  clueless!rodney  creepy  crossover  dadt  daedalus  dancing  danieljackson  dasha  deaged-sheppard  deaging  desert  desertion  documentary  dogtags  domestic  dreams  drugs  drunk  during-season3  during-season5  earthlost  earthquake  earthside  elizabeth/ladon  elizabethweir  empathy  ep-return  ep-rising  episoderelated  establishedrelationship  everett  ex-military!sheppard  exhaustion  experiments  explosion  fairytale  festival  firefly  firstcontact  firsttime  fivethings  flashbacks  fluff  food  football  footnotes  friendship  fusion  futurefic  gall  gen  genetherapy  genii  ghost  greenconverses  grodin  h/c  halling  hallucination  harlequin  harvestfestival  healing  hermiod  het  hiking  hoffans  homophobia  hotspring  hth  humor  hunting  hypoglycemia  icarus  illness  impliedhet  impliedslash  injured-rodney  injury  introspection  jackoneill  janetfraiser  jealousy  jeanniemckay  jenniferkeller  jinto  john/atlantis  john/teyla  johnsheppard  kajikia  kanan  kateheightmeyer  katiebrown  kavanagh  keras  kidfic  kidnapping  kolya  ladon  language  lauracadman  leah  length-long  length-novel  length-short  lorne  lorne/ofc  lorne/weir  ltlj  luciuslavin  marriage  marriage-of-convenience  masturbation  mckay/dex  mckay/ofc  mckay/sheppard  melena  mentalillness  mia  michael  miko  mindcontrol  mine  mirabile_dictu  monks  movienight  music  mystery  nanites  nny  non-stargate  offworld  originalcharacter  outsider_pov  panicattack  parrish  phonecalls  phonesex  photos  physicaltherapy  plotty  pocky_slash  politics  pov-3rd  pov-fauxacademic  pov-multiple  pov-rodney  pov-sheppard  pov-teyla  pre-canon  precognition  pregnancy  puddlejumper  radek/miko  radekzelenka  radiationpoisoning  reavers  reelsga  religion  repairshop  revolution  rimming  ritual  rodney/katie  rodney/teyla  rodneymckay  rolereversal  romance  ronon/elizabeth  ronon/ofc  ronon/teyla  ronondex  rubycaspar  ruins  sad  samanthacarter  sardonicsmiley  sateda  scientist-sheppard  seekergeek  sentientatlantis  seperis  series  sg-1  sga  sgatlantislight  sheppard/lorne  sheppard/ofc  sheppard/omc  shetiger  shield  simpson  slash  sleepdeprivation  sleeplessinseattle  snow  snowballfight  spaceship  sparring  springwoof  stackhouse  stargazing  starvation  storytelling  straight!lorne  straight!sheppard  stranded  suicide  sumner  superpowers  swimming  taganemmagan  team  teer  telepathy  teleportation  tense-present  teyla/halling  teyla/kanan  teyla/omc  teyla/toran  teylaemmagan  therapy  the_drifter  tielan  tigs  toran  torrenemmagan  touch  trading  trinityofone  unrequitted  ust  voyeurism  war  wedjatqi  wip  withdrawal  wraith  wraithworship  yenta  yenta!teyla  zelenka/weir 

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