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Thoughts of a Random Writer - ST: Between the Lines
Of all the things they thought he was, an artist had never been one of them. AKA, Five people who discover Kirk's hidden talent, and one who's known all along.
startrek  st:aos  gen  fivethings  moogsthewriter  length-short  pov-multiple  art  jamestkirk  insecure-kirk  leonardmccoy  scotty  spock  uhura  pov-uhura  uhura-as-translator  pov-spock  grieving  pov-mccoy  pov-sulu  sulu  chekov  allergy  diplomacy  pov-3rd  amnesia  amnesiac-kirk  scott  pov-scott  firstcontact 
november 2009 by ratcreature
Here I go with the timid little woodland creature bit again. - Come Back Later
Pretend Rodney actually ascended in Tao of Rodney. John returns to Earth to deal with the memorial and his own issues with the loss. Eventually Rodney comes back down from ascension. John must help him remember who he is and who they are to each other.
sga  slash  mckay/sheppard  firsttime  earthside  cottontail73  johnsheppard  pov-3rd  pov-sheppard  jeanniemckay  au  episoderelated  ep-taoofrodney  funeral  mpdjk  ascension  ascended!rodney  descended!rodney  length-medium  tense-present  caleb  ronondex  teylaemmagan  rodneymckay  jackoneill  stargazing  samanthacarter  grieving  afghanistan  cameronmitchell  tealc  movienight  helicopters  amnesia  amnesiac-rodney  madison  music  elizabethweir  atlantis  radekzelenka  puddlejumper 
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