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SGA Saturday - For Week #7 Launch: The Natural (Gen, G) by esteefee
Ronon gave him an uncertain look, then touched his comm unit. "Flight, this is Puddlejumper Two. We're go for bay launch."
sga  gen  ronondex  johnsheppard  atagene  genetherapy  pov-sheppard  pov-3rd  puddlejumper  flying  esteefee  friendship  length-short  post-canon 
november 2011 by ratcreature
SGA Big Bang: "Mercy of the Fallen" by Kat Reitz and Perryvic
Rodney turned away from the Captain, and moved towards the middle of the room. "Good afternoon. I'm sure we're all anxious for this interviewing process to start, but there's a demon in the room. Lieutenant Barnes there is possessed, and I'm not going to
sga  slash  threesome  au  bigbang  length-novel  johnsheppard  rodneymckay  wingfic  carsonbeckett  mckay/sheppard/beckett  magic  were-ronon  werewolves  angels  angel-mckay  winged-rodney  demons  wizard-sheppard  powerful-rodney  pov-multiple  pov-rodney  pov-sheppard  danieljackson  jackoneill  katreitz  perryvic  atagene  genetherapy  fantasy  supernatural  possession  tattoo  hell  torture  injury  injured-rodney  injured-sheppard  healing  healer-carson  superpowers  visions  precognition 
november 2009 by ratcreature
Altar of the Holy Triumvirate - “Perchance to Dream.” (1/2)
John’s ATA gene brought him a new life in the Pegasus Galaxy. Now it may be the very same thing that takes his life away completely. Primarily Sheppard and Rodney with the rest of the Team plus special guest stars.
sga  gen  johnsheppard  h/c  sick-sheppard  illness  atagene  insomnia  braindamage  everybetty  rodneymckay  jenniferkeller  carsonbeckett  teylaemmagan  ronondex  pov-multiple  pov-sheppard  pov-3rd  pov-rodney  length-medium  tense-past  nanites  genetherapy 
february 2009 by ratcreature
The Water Grinds the Stone
War and peace, ebb and flow, love and loss, damned duty and dearest enemies, end and begin and come around again. When the Stargate Program goes public, old loyalties are set against new ambitions for the Atlantis team.
sga  sg-1  bigbang  auburn  futurefic  slash  h/c  angst  establishedrelationship  mckay/sheppard  sgc-goes-public  wraith-gone  atlantis  earthside  plague  ancienttech  zpm-search  dadt  homophobia  religion  atagene  genetherapy  politics  promotion  ioa  hatecrime  lucianalliance  ancientoutpost  betrayal  clones  clone!oneill  sabotage  music  nobelprize  torture  teleportation  alienculture  atlantis-governed-by-pegasus  treason  healing  spaceship  spacebattle  siege  invasion  antarctica  assassination  breakup  team  vala  kidnapping 
august 2008 by ratcreature
SGA Big Bang: "Imago: The Tao of John" by Kristen999
Imago: a creature in its final stage of development. John receives a gift that might be used to destroy the Wraith. It might also kill him. Can his team convince him that the cost is too high? Team plus Carson and Elizabeth.
sga  bigbang  gen  kristen999  length-novel  team  johnsheppard  au  episoderelated  ep-taoofrodney  rodneymckay  ronondex  teylaemmagan  elizabethweir  carsonbeckett  ancienttech  tense-past  atlantis  atlantisexploration  radekzelenka  john/atlantis  lorne  geek!john  equations  pov-3rd  pov-sheppard  senses  superpowers  offworld  trading  wraith  puddlejumper  fighting  actionadventure  telekinesis  sparring  mindreading  zpm-search  ascension  caldwell  telepathy  telepath-sheppard  h/c  injury  injured-sheppard  genetherapy 
august 2008 by ratcreature
Babette's Plague, a Stargate: SG-1 fanfic - FanFiction.Net
Summary: They both stood, looking warily at each other for a few moments, breathing heavily, Daniel recovering from his fright and Jack from his giggles. They both grinned and Jack punched Daniel in the shoulder affectionately. “Should we start again, this time like normal people?” he asked and Daniel snorted.

“You’ve never been normal.”

also at: http://jackslashdaniel.livejournal.com/210137.html
sga  sg-1  slash  kellifer_fic  plague  johnsheppard  danieljackson  jackoneill  carsonbeckett  samanthacarter  jack/daniel  biowarfare  genetherapy  retrovirus  bug!john  flashbacks  cameronmitchell  tealc  caldwell  rodneymckay  illness  angst  cryogenicsleep 
march 2008 by ratcreature
SGA Big Bang -- Aegis by Springwoof and Leah
The Ancients' genes didn't just confer the power to activate their technology. For ten percent of Earth's population, like John Sheppard, the ATA gene also gave them Gifts: special abilities that made them admired, envied, and feared. 90748 words
sga  slash  mckay/sheppard  au  springwoof  leah  johnsheppard  rodneymckay  elizabethweir  jackoneill  danieljackson  earthside  antarctica  ancienttech  ancients  atlantis  superpowers  plotty  mindcontrol  flashbacks  sumner  offworld  athosians  halling  aidenford  teylaemmagan  firstcontact  episoderelated  wraith  carsonbeckett  teleportation  hypoglycemia  telepathy  sheppard/omc  angst  healing  injury  sparring  shield  bates  empathy  suicide  keras  genii  masturbation  firsttime  illness  trading  mystery  grodin  kolya  originalcharacter  sheppard/ofc  impliedhet  gall  abrams  mentalillness  kateheightmeyer  therapy  touch  chaya  precognition  everett  exhaustion  sleepdeprivation  janetfraiser  caldwell  genetherapy 
august 2007 by ratcreature

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abduction  abrams  actionadventure  addiction  aidenford  aids  alienculture  alientech  allergy  amnesia  amnesiac-rodney  ancientoutpost  ancients  ancienttech  angel-mckay  angels  angst  antarctica  ascension  assassination  atagene  athosians  atlantis  atlantis-governed-by-pegasus  atlantis-malfunction  atlantisexploration  atlantissecedes  au  auburn  baby  badass-sheppard  bates  beckett/cadman  betrayal  bigbang  biowarfare  biro  birth  blood  bloodtransfusion  braindamage  breakup  bug!john  caldwell  cameronmitchell  captive  capture  carsonbeckett  chandri  characterstudy  chaya  chess  clone!oneill  clones  collapsedbuilding  creepy  cryogenicsleep  dadt  daedalus  danieljackson  dark  davesheppard  demons  derryderrydown  dex/keller  domenikamarzione  doppelganger  dreams  drugs  drunk  dubcon  earthside  eldon  elizabethweir  empathy  ep-conversion  ep-hideandseek  ep-sga-04x20-lastman  ep-spoilsofwar  ep-taoofrodney  episoderelated  equations  escape  establishedrelationship  esteefee  evacuation  everett  everybetty  everydaylife  exhaustion  experiments  fantasy  fighting  firstcontact  firsttime  flashbacks  flying  food  friendship  futurefic  gall  geek!john  gen  genetherapy  genii  ghosttown  giogio  grodin  h/c  halling  hatecrime  healer-carson  healing  hell  het  homophobia  hypoglycemia  illness  impliedhet  impliedslash  injured-lorne  injured-rodney  injured-sheppard  injury  insomnia  interrogation  invasion  ioa  jack/daniel  jackoneill  janetfraiser  jenniferkeller  jinto  john/atlantis  johnsheppard  kateheightmeyer  katreitz  kavanagh  kellifer_fic  keras  kidfic  kidnapping  kolya  kristen999  lauracadman  lavvyan  leah  length-long  length-medium  length-novel  length-short  lorne  lorne/weir  lorne/zelenka  lucianalliance  magic  marines  marriage  marriage-of-convenience  masturbation  mckay/cadman  mckay/sheppard  mckay/sheppard/beckett  mentalillness  michael  miko  mindcontrol  mindreading  movienight  mpdjk  music  mystery  nanites  nobelprize  non-con  offworld  olesians  originalcharacter  outsider_pov  party  perryvic  pet!john  plague  plotty  politics  possession  post-canon  pov-3rd  pov-michael  pov-multiple  pov-oc  pov-rodney  pov-sheppard  powerful-rodney  precognition  pregnancy  promotion  protective-rodney  protective-sheppard  pts  puddlejumper  purna  quantummirror  radek/miko  radekzelenka  refugees  religion  reports  rescue  retrovirus  ritual  rodneymckay  ronondex  sabotage  sad  samanthacarter  sapote3  saraht  sardonicsmiley  scientist-sheppard  senses  sentientatlantis  seperis  sg-1  sga  sgatlantislight  sgc-goes-public  sheep  sheppard/ofc  sheppard/omc  shield  sick-sheppard  siege  slash  slave-john  slavefic  sleepdeprivation  spacebattle  spaceship  sparring  springwoof  stackhouse  suicide  sumner  supernatural  superpowers  t'pring  tarlan  tattoo  tealc  team  teer  telekinesis  telepath-sheppard  telepathy  teleportation  tense-past  tense-present  teylaemmagan  therapy  threesome  titan5  todd  torrell  torture  touch  trading  transformation  treason  trinityofone  vala  vampire  vampire!sheppard  vampire!teyla  virtualreality  visions  were-ronon  werewolves  winged-rodney  wingfic  wip  withdrawal  wizard-sheppard  wraith  wraith-gone  wraithtech  wraithworship  zpm-search 

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