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Lighting Fires by Gwynnyd - Stories - Henneth Annûn
How do you convince a boy to stop skipping school when he doesn't know he's supposed to grow up to be king? Elrohir gets handed the task by a very exasperated Erestor, and learns some things about Estel he didn't expect.
lotr  gen  pre-lotr  rivendell  young-aragorn  elrohir  schooling  erestor  gwynnyd  length-long  pov-elrohir  hunting  training  games  woodcraft 
january 2011 by ratcreature
Black Helicopters at Dawn
Screw the bet. Rodney was going to prove the existence of extraterrestrial intelligence. Oh, and incidentally, he might just catch the United States Air Force with their pants around their ankles.
sga  earthside  mckay/sheppard  au  whizzy  pre-canon  slash  ust  pining!rodney  rodneymckay  johnsheppard  radekzelenka  puddlejumper  ancienttech  crashlanding  pov-rodney  pov-3rd  length-novel  tense-past  sabotage  hacking  stranded  radio  geek!john  humor  flying  helicopters  injury  injured-sheppard  conspiracy  canada  friendship  games  shootingpractice  recruiting  atagene  emails  series-blackhelicopters 
march 2009 by ratcreature
kristen999 - “Through the Looking Glass” (1/2)
"Madness is to think of too many things in succession too fast, or of one thing too exclusively” - Voltaire. There is something odd going on with John and Rodney. Maybe everyone. Or it could be the darkness closing in.
sga  gen  kristen999  h/c  atlantis  atagene  atlantis-malfunction  hallucination  angst  paranoia  mentalillness  tech-malfunction  ancienttech  johnsheppard  rodneymckay  teylaemmagan  team  woolsey  radekzelenka  ronondex  birthdays  games  pov-multiple  pov-3rd  pov-sheppard  pov-rodney  impliedhet  mckay/keller  jenniferkeller  during-season5  tense-past  suspense  injury  injured-sheppard  depression  suicide  length-medium  pov-teyla  pov-ronon 
january 2009 by ratcreature
SGA Big Bang: "The Axis of Pythia" by packyrsuitcases
"The machine is a broken ascension machine and now I'm evolving at an accelerated rate..." John trailed off as he tried to assimilate the two very different viewpoints on the current information coming from Elizabeth and Rodney.
sga  au  bigbang  packysuitcases  length-novel  slash  johnsheppard  rodneymckay  establishedrelationship  episoderelated  ep-taoofrodney  mckay/sheppard  ronondex  teylaemmagan  carsonbeckett  elizabethweir  offworld  ascension  originalcharacter  ascended!john  descended!john  amnesia  amnesiac-sheppard  punishment  captive  games  ancients  ancienttech  pov-sheppard  pov-3rd  pov-rodney  pov-multiple  tense-past  radekzelenka  teer 
august 2008 by ratcreature
girlfan1979 - SPN fanfic: No man is a hero to his valet
Sam and Dean get drunk. Brotherly banter ensues. Those interested in “that time Dean got stung by a bee” will find the answer here. One shot.
supernatural  gen  drunk  samwinchester  deanwinchester  girlfan1979  humor  length-short  pov-3rd  games 
july 2008 by ratcreature
sga_flashfic: The Lower Levels, by rhymer23 (Animal, vegetable or mineral challenge)
Enraged squirrels, angry daisies, butter knives and other horrors even less fearsome. Life's tough when you're a first level adventurer - and even tougher when a certain Rodney McKay's in your party.
sga  humor  johnsheppard  rodneymckay  d&d  games  rpg  gen  rhymer23 
june 2008 by ratcreature
Constant Craving... - New Fic: Somewhere Between Skin and Script - McShep (R)
"Your jocularity knows no bounds, does it, Colonel?" Rodney said as he pulled off his shirt. "Simple. Like I said, we take turns. I write a word on your back, you have to guess the word. You don't guess it—that's a point for me. You get it right—
sga  slash  johnsheppard  rodneymckay  mckay/sheppard  firsttime  offworld  cave-in  games  touch  bodywriting  writing  neevebrody 
may 2008 by ratcreature
Die Anstalt
The Asylum: Psychiatric Clinic for Abused Cuddly Toys
games  flash  humor 
november 2007 by ratcreature
Rock, Paper (No Scissors)
First of all--as impressed as I am by the nonchalance with which you can just decide to risk life and limb, 'Oh, I think I'll escape from the prison camp today,' the way most people say 'I think I'll wear the blue tie'--as impressive as that admittedly is
sga  slash  mckay/sheppard  johnsheppard  rodneymckay  angst  letterfic  captive  randomlyviolentnatives  prison  swamp  geek!john  exhaustion  games  firsttime  dadt  torture  fighting  injury  hallucination  teylaemmagan  carsonbeckett  humor 
august 2007 by ratcreature

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