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the dream of flight persists - victoria_p (musesfool) - Star Wars Prequel Trilogy [Archive of Our Own]
Anakin's never found much serenity himself, despite all the meditation he's been subjected to over the years; maybe working on this ship will do it.
starwars  firefly  fusion  anakinskywalker  au  kaylee  anakin/kaylee  obi-wan  victoriap  length-medium  pov-anakin  lukekywalker  leiaorgana  rivertam  jedi 
october 2016 by ratcreature
It Seems To Be Powered By Some Sort of Electricity - Jedi Buttercup (jedibuttercup) - The Avengers (2012), Firefly [Archive of Our Own]
Everyone probably should have started the duck-and-cover process the moment Kaylee started exclaimin' over the hydraulics in Tony's suit.
crossover  gen  firefly  avengers  ironman  tonystark  jedibuttercup  length-short  humor  kaylee  pov-tony 
may 2013 by ratcreature
i_claudia: prologue: 'wider than the sky'
Arthur, the disillusioned son of an important Parliament member, has never questioned his orders or his life too closely. But when his cruiser finds an ex-Browncoat named Merlin drifting through space near the Rim, he is forced to choose between remaining in the life he knows and joining a motley crew of criminals and Independence fighters set on overturning everything he’s ever worked for.
merlin  au  crossover  merlin/arthur  firefly  wip  arthurpendragon  malreynolds  inara  rivertam  simontam  jayne  i_claudia  reincarnation  slash 
june 2011 by ratcreature
tassosss | Fic: The Noodle Fic, or Mama Bears Don't Stand Aside
Another deal has gone sour for Mal, but a pair of rather interesting locals are willing to trade gunslinging skills for medical help. Yeah, Mal's not sure what he's got himself into either.
farscape  firefly  crossover  illness  johncrichton  tassosss  length-medium  pov-crichton  aerynsun  pov-mal  malreynolds  zoe  simontam  d'argo  sick-dargo  escape  fighting 
december 2009 by ratcreature
st_reboot: Fic: Turn of the 'Verse
The crew of Serenity spends a couple weeks aboard the Enterprise, and really, when you put that many sexy people together, hilarity and hookups are bound to ensue.
startrek  st:aos  slash  het  crossover  firefly  humor  scotty  kaylee  scotty/kaylee  kirk/spock  malreynolds  jayne  cupcake  pov-multiple  pov-3rd  sulu  leonardmccoy  simontam  jamestkirk  spock  rivertam  wip  tense-present  dimensionalportal 
august 2009 by ratcreature
sardonicsmiley: can't take the sky (1/?)
Captain John Sheppard needs a new mechanic. Good thing he finds broken Rodney McKay to fix his ship. SGA cast becomes the Firefly cast... Featuring River-Rodney, Reynolds-John, Zoey-Teyla, Inara-Ronon, Simon-Carson, Jayne-Cadman, and Shepherd-Weir.
sga  slash  wip  sardonicsmiley  mckay/sheppard  fusion  firefly  au  johnsheppard  rodneymckay  teylaemmagan  ronondex  elizabethweir  carsonbeckett  lauracadman  mechanic-rodney  spaceship  pov-sheppard  pov-3rd  tense-present  fugitive  series-canttakethesky  crazy-rodney 
august 2008 by ratcreature
tielan: fic: Fly The Stars
When Ronon's family is slaughtered by Reavers as a child, he makes a new home among the Athosians. But, unknown to him, there's a war coming, and things are going to change.
sga  firefly  gen  au  crossover  fusion  ronondex  teylaemmagan  athosians  melena  charin  taganemmagan  reavers  war  halling  sateda  experiments  precognition  spaceship  repairshop  johnsheppard  sumner  tielan 
december 2007 by ratcreature
Multiverse 2007: The Neon City
He sets his jaw and tells the mechanic he'll come up with the money, then goes out to find a way to make it true.
farscape  firefly  crossover  actionadventure  malreynolds  aerynsun  peacekeepers  thieves  spaceship  timetravel  wormholes  d'argo  ancients  gen  ust 
august 2007 by ratcreature
Multiverse 2007: in the end we are one tree
"The transmissions are breadcrumbs; come hell or high-water they plan on finding the gingerbread house."
firefly  roswell  crossover  toread 
august 2007 by ratcreature

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