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Chew Toy - gettingbetter (grkuvus) - Daredevil (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
For the kinkmeme prompt: "So college days, Matt must have had the same awful and seemingly genuine dichotomy going on where he's both this super-sweet snarky puppy (avocados at law, man) and this raging focus of damaging intent -- which he now puts to use as the resident Hell's Kichen chew toy.

Before he had that as his regular outlet, though -- how did he work it out? You have to learn how to like getting hit that much, and college tends to be where most kids try and work their kinks out."

or: Matt Murdock enjoys provoking angry people into giving him the fight he wants, and then some.
daredevil  length-short  slash  matt/omc  pain  fighting  pre-canon  grkuvus 
april 2015 by ratcreature
of all the fights in all the back alleys in all of new york - ataxophilia - Daredevil (TV), Hawkeye (Comics), Marvel Cinematic Universe [Archive of Our Own]
“Huh.” Clint runs a hand through his hair again, stumped – but amused – by this development. “Deaf and blind. This is like something out of a sitcom.” The dumpster bros meet for the first time.
hawkeye  avengers  daredevil  crossover  mattmurdock  clintbarton  firstmeeting  gen  humor  fighting  mob  ataxophilia  length-short  h/c  injury  injured-matt 
april 2015 by ratcreature
Dealing with the Consequences - nemo_r - The Eagle | Eagle of the Ninth (2011) [Archive of Our Own]
From this prompt at eagle_kink: "Esca and Marcus, instead of killing the Seal Prince in the final battle, capture him instead and bring him back as sort of a prisoner of war. Having been captured, the Seal Prince is shamed and can never return to his tribe..."
eagleoftheninth  au  slash  marcus/esca  marcus/esca/sealprince  length-novel  war  pov-multiple  pov-marcus  pov-esca  politics  fighting  slavefic  threesome  pow  actionadventure  nemo_r 
january 2012 by ratcreature
the_eagle_kink - Prompt Post 2
Esca and Marcus, instead of killing the Seal Prince in the final battle, capture him instead and bring him back as sort of a prisoner of war. Having been captured, the Seal Prince is shamed and can never return to his tribe. I'd like to see how he would adjust to being amongst the Romans, living with his captors/masters: the Roman former slave and Esca, the Betrayer, the Liar. If their relationship developed into slash that would be awesome, but honestly, gen would be just as great. Angst is good, but I'd like a somewhat happy ending, please!
eagleoftheninth  au  slash  marcus/esca  marcus/esca/sealprince  length-novel  war  pov-multiple  pov-marcus  pov-esca  politics  fighting  slavefic  threesome  pow  actionadventure  nemo_r 
january 2012 by ratcreature
Inevitable Things - madcap_allie - X-Men: First Class (2011) [Archive of Our Own]
Missing scenes hurt/comfort. In between the nightmares, allusions to self-harm, rough-housing that goes too far, experiments that go awry, and (what we would now recognize as) risky sexual behavior, Charles has to get a handle on his issues before the inevitable happens.
x-men  slash  charlesxavier  eriklehnsherr  pov-xavier  during-movie  telepathy  moira  hankmccoy  raven  cerebro  mindcontrol  training  fighting  madcap_allie  dreams  h/c  firsttime  chess  length-long  pov-3rd 
november 2011 by ratcreature
MCIS: First Case - Pookaseraph - X-Men: First Class (2011) [Archive of Our Own]
Erik Lehnsherr considers himself a great MCIS agent, and he puts up with a lot from his boss - Moira MacTaggart - in the name of solving crimes against mutants, but he's not so sure about this new empath, Charles Xavier. Their first case together will test Erik's patience, but doubtless be the beginning of a brilliant friendship.
x-men  au  gen  charlesxavier  eriklehnsherr  mutants-are-public  power-suppression  powerful-xavier  raven  emmafrost  length-long  pov-3rd  pov-erik  mutant-registration  modern-au  moira  agent-erik  azazel  sebastianshaw  gladiator  fightring  fighting 
october 2011 by ratcreature
Fighter - PlaneJane - The Eagle | Eagle of the Ninth (2011) [Archive of Our Own]
Marcus Aquila is an undercover Metropolitan police officer. His assignment is to infiltrate a slave-trafficking organisation which trades in men, bought and sold to fight in cages, sometimes to the death. When he makes the impulsive decision to intervene during a 'kill fight' involving a fierce young fighter called Esca, Marcus inadvertently finds himself the owner of his very own slave. Now Marcus has to find a way to complete his assignment, as well as gaining Esca's trust, without blowing his cover. The question is, can he do it before the secrets and lies catch up with him, and Marcus loses everything?
theeagle  esca  marcusaquila  marcus/esca  au  modern-au  undercover  angst  slash  firsttime  originalcharacter  fighting  gladiator  planejane  length-novel  pov-marcus  pov-3rd  slavefic  pts 
august 2011 by ratcreature
Until All the Songs Are Sung - Carmarthen - The Eagle (2011) [Archive of Our Own]
The farm is not producing enough to feed him and Esca and pay the field-hands, and little remains of the money Marcus received from the senate for retrieving the Eagle of the Ninth Legion Hispana. This bad harvest is the last bad harvest they can afford, and it does not seem likely that Marcus will discover a gift for farming now."

In which Esca seeks out his kin in Hibernia and Marcus goes with him; naturally, sex, adventures, and miscommunications ensue.
theeagle  esca  marcusaquila  marcus/esca  travel  family  post-movie  slash  firsttime  originalcharacter  bodypaint  fighting  misunderstanding  carmarthen  length-long  pov-marcus  pov-3rd 
august 2011 by ratcreature
Dead Man's Paradise - Yahtzee - X-Men: First Class (2011) [Archive of Our Own]
Written for the XMFC Kink Meme, specifically this prompt: "Nazi hunter Erik Lernsharr is apprehended and sentenced to prison for the sheer trail of brutality and blood he left in his wake. But before he can be sent to prison, he's purchased by a Deadman Wonderland, the world's only privately owned prison come amusement park, where the prisoners are the entertainment.
x-men  fusion  au  length-long  eriklehnsherr  charlesxavier  prison  sebastianshaw  raven  charles/erik  pov-erik  pov-xavier  telepathy  gladiator  fighting  fuckordie  dubcon  non-con  collar  power-suppression  logan  slash  yahtzee 
july 2011 by ratcreature
friendshipper: Highlander (crack)fic: Metamorphosis
Nobody knew about this aspect of being Immortal because nobody had ever gotten this old before. This was started for a prompt at [community profile] fic_promptly -- Any fandom or characters, wingfic curtainfic -- and quickly got out of hand, assuming it was ever in hand to begin with.
highlander  humor  sholio  wingfic  establishedrelationship  het  slash  threesome  duncan/methos/amanda  length-short  winged-methos  pov-duncan  pov-amanda  duncanmacleod  amanda  joedawson  fighting 
june 2011 by ratcreature
Keep Your Secrets - LolaFeist, new_kate - Merlin (BBC) [Archive of Our Own]
Arthur Pendragon is captured by the bandits. While he waits to be ransomed, he slowly gets to know Merlin, the prisoner being held in the next cell.
merlin  merlin/arthur  arthurpendragon  captive  bandits  magic-revealed  au  pov-arthur  fighting  non-con  starvation  length-medium  escape  au-ends-up-near-canon  firsttime  lolafeist  new_kate 
march 2011 by ratcreature
Knife Work, a Lord of the Rings fanfic - FanFiction.Net
While perusing one of my favorite sections from The Two Towers, I stumbled across a passage that had bothered me for some time. Those of you familiar with the books will recall that Gimli and Legolas have an Orc-killing contest at Helm's Deep, a contest that Gimli wins by one Orc. About halfway through this little game, while comparing tallies, Gimli reports that he has killed twenty-one Orcs while Legolas responds with a number of twenty-four Orcs. However, just before this, Legolas had twenty Orcs to his tally while Gimli had two. How did Gimli manage to come up with nineteen Orcs while Legolas dispatched only four during the same interval of time? I thought about this for a bit and then decided to write an answer to my self-imposed question. And for those interested, here is my theory on this little puzzle…
lotr  during-ringwar  helmsdeep  legolas  aragorn  orcs  eomer  gimli  canonexplanation  thunderatiger  length-short  pov-legolas  fighting  actionadventure 
march 2011 by ratcreature
The Dûnhebaid Cycle - Playlists - Henneth Annûn
Dúnedain and Dwarves--and oh, yes, some Elves--on the northwest shore of Middle-Earth, not quite a century before adventures first befall Bilbo. Rampant Subcreation and Niggling in the margins.
lotr  het  gen  series  actionadventure  pre-lotr  dunedain  rangers  everydaylife  originalcharacter  adaneth  dwarves  cirdan  elladan  elrohir  romance  non-con  politics  trading  diplomacy  alienculture  mining  monsters  hunting  sea  friendship  length-novel  fighting  healing  elves  prejudice 
february 2011 by ratcreature
Aspects of Aragorn by Inzilbeth
This is Aragorn's story, told in forty-two individual tales, which span from the day of his naming to the penning of 'The Tale of Aragorn and Arwen'. Each chapter explores a different aspect of his life and, collectively, they draw together all the known facts at our disposal into one strictly canon-based saga. Winner at 2009 MEFA Epilogue: 'The Tale of Aragorn and Arwen' This story is now complete.
lotr  length-novel  aragorn  pov-multiple  pov-1st  pov-3rd  het  aragorn/arwen  arwen  pre-lotr  during-ringwar  postwar  fourth-age  rebuilding  gondor  rohan  arnor  dunedain  elladan  elrohir  elrond  gilraen  halbarad  pathsofthedead  denethor  rivendell  young-aragorn  angst  orcs  trolls  fighting  galadrien  gandalf  gollum  palantir  characterstudy  introspection  injury  injured-aragorn  inzilbeth 
february 2011 by ratcreature
Day and Night by peredhil_lover - Stories - Henneth Annûn
Glorfindel leads a patrol to deal with trolls plaguing the High Pass and Estel is included despite Elladan's objections. When trapped in a dire situation, Elladan discovers that there is much to learn from this human youth.
lotr  pre-lotr  gen  elladan  elrohir  aragorn  young-aragorn  pov-aragorn  pov-elrohir  glorfindel  trolls  fighting  cave-in  healing  length-long 
january 2011 by ratcreature
In the Wild by Forodwaith - Stories - Henneth Annûn
A tale of Aragorn as a young Ranger on a perilous journey. Inspired by the "Things That Go Bump In the Night " challenge.
lotr  pre-lotr  mirkwood  nazgul  young-aragorn  aragorn  gen  originalcharacter  injury  injured-aragorn  wargs  pov-aragorn  length-short  forodwaith  fighting 
january 2011 by ratcreature
Light Lingering in Eldarion - Playlists - Henneth Annûn
Swordplay, Adunaic and dreams, over which Faramir makes a new friend. PG for just a little swearing.
lotr  fourth-age  gen  faramir  eldarion  pov-faramir  pov-3rd  length-short  aragorn  fighting  training  war  angst  introspection  dreams  precognition  linguistics 
january 2011 by ratcreature
Promises to Keep by Leaward - Stories - Henneth Annûn
OMC Ranger of the north patrols the Bree area during the Nazgul attack in 3018, while trying to attract the attention of a Bree girl.
lotr  during-ringwar  bree  originalcharacter  aragorn  theangle  nazgul  dunedain  leaward  het  omc/omf  courtship  romance  fighting  injury  halbarad  length-novel 
january 2011 by ratcreature
The Sword of Elendil by Gandalfs apprentice - Stories - Henneth Annûn
A tale of the young Aragorn facing the challenge of his new name and identity: what does it mean to be the Heir of Isildur? A story of personal growth, friendship, love and betrayal. A canon-mindful AU. Adult themes and battle scenes.
lotr  aragorn  comingofage  young-aragorn  elrond  dunedain  length-novel  halbarad  aragorn/arwen  gen  pining-aragorn  elladan  elrohir  gilraen  ivorwen  pre-lotr  precognition  healing  orcs  trolls  hunting  politics  fighting  militarytraining  betrayal  magic  possession  originalcharacter  family  rivendell  injured-aragorn 
january 2011 by ratcreature
Brothers at Heart by Radbooks
As Aragorn arrives among the Dúnedain to take up the reins of leadership, he meets his cousin, Halbarad, who helps Aragorn find his place amongst his people and they begin a friendship that will last a lifetime.
lotr  aragorn  halbarad  dunedain  originalcharacter  young-aragorn  militarytraining  patrolling  execution  theangle  orcs  pre-lotr  pov-multiple  ivorwen  fighting  injury  injured-halbarad  angst  actionadventure  bree  comingofage  radbooks  length-novel 
january 2011 by ratcreature
Stories of Arda - Lord of the Rings Fan-Fiction Archive
: When the quest for Gollum fails due to a mishap, a sick Ranger finds shelter in a small village. But this is only the beginning of a new part of Aragorn's search.
lotr  actionadventure  timmy2222  aragorn  gollum  pre-lotr  originalcharacter  dwarves  moria  h/c  orcs  injury  injured-aragorn  fighting  length-long  pov-aragorn  pov-oc  mentor-aragorn 
january 2011 by ratcreature
Roots by Dwimordene - Stories - Henneth Annûn
So when did Legolas meet Aragorn anyhow, and under what circumstances? Goes from light to heavy and back again. Gap-filler set between Gollum's arrival in Mirkwood and his interrogation; violent in places, plenty of fake elven metaphysics, traces the beginnings of the friendship between Aragorn and Legolas. Original characters, Gandalf, Gollum, and Thranduil also figure in this fic.
lotr  aragorn  legolas  friendship  gollum  gandalf  pre-lotr  dwimordene  mirkwood  elves  angst  thranduil  dunedain  oath  hunting  werewolves  wargs  fighting  pov-aragorn  pov-3rd  length-novel  alienculture  militarytraining  originalcharacter  pov-oc  pov-legolas  actionadventure 
january 2011 by ratcreature
The Adventures of Lady Sockalot - Fic: The Peasant King - Masterpost
When King Uther dies after the birth is his son, Arthur, Camelot proves to be a dangerous place for his widow, Ygraine, and their son. With Gaius they take refuge in the village of Ealdor where they helped by Hunith. Arthur grows up as a peasant with his
merlin  slash  au  uther-dead  merlin/arthur  establishedrelationship  ygraine  ygraine-survived  balinor  arthurpendragon  arthur-knows-of-merlins-magic  ygraine-raises-arthur  bigbang  length-long  a8c-sock  fighting  will 
september 2010 by ratcreature
access_fandom | Festibility: Prompt Post
X-Men, Scott Summers, the material for his visor and glasses was never developed so he had to adapt to being permanently blind.
marvel  x-men  scott  blindness  au  pov-scott  fighting  scott/jean  jean  het  length-short  pov-3rd 
august 2010 by ratcreature
rotrude - Fic: Trial by Combat
It's fair time in Camelot and Merlin is too outspoken with the wrong person, a visiting, foul tempered knight. Also feauturing a mediaeval ordeal imposed by Uther and a very worried Arthur.
merlin  merlin/arthur  protective-arthur  slash  rotrude  length-medium  arthurpendragon  utherpendragon  knights  fighting  gwen 
june 2010 by ratcreature
chosenmortal: FIC : Star Trek XI : Arena (the Walk Without Rhythm remix), PG-13
After a Federation colony is attacked, the Enterprise pursues an alien ship into uncharted space. There they meet with a race of beings who kidnap Captain Kirk and force him to fight the alien captain in a battle to the death, while Spock must lead the En
startrek  st:aos  episoderelated  length-medium  operation80  slash  kirk/spock  ep-tos-arena  gorn  jamestkirk  uhura  spock  leonardmccoy  chosenmortal  fighting  metrons  diplomacy  starfleet  colony 
may 2010 by ratcreature
tristesses: Fic: The Ruling Passion (Spock/Uhura, misc. others, R)
A Starfleet officer must be prepared to go above and beyond the call of duty to aid those in need. When rumors of a slave uprising on one of the Romulan homeworlds are heard by the Federation, Lieutenant Uhura is prepared to assist. Of course, rebellions
startrek  st:aos  romulan  remans  revolution  rebellion  alienculture  telepathy  language  het  uhura  spock  spock/uhura  tristesses  actionadventure  mindmeld  mine  originalcharacter  length-medium  fighting 
january 2010 by ratcreature
tassosss | Fic: The Noodle Fic, or Mama Bears Don't Stand Aside
Another deal has gone sour for Mal, but a pair of rather interesting locals are willing to trade gunslinging skills for medical help. Yeah, Mal's not sure what he's got himself into either.
farscape  firefly  crossover  illness  johncrichton  tassosss  length-medium  pov-crichton  aerynsun  pov-mal  malreynolds  zoe  simontam  d'argo  sick-dargo  escape  fighting 
december 2009 by ratcreature
igrockspock: Fic: Command Decisions (Uhura, gen)
Uhura didn't sign on to be a soldier or a killer. That's not going to stop her from getting her captain back.
startrek  st:aos  gen  uhura  length-short  pov-uhura  pov-3rd  fighting  leonardmccoy  jamestkirk  hostages  injured-kirk  injury  igrockspock 
december 2009 by ratcreature
Sangue's Fan Fiction - FIC: nc-17 - Fight Club, Kirk.McCoy 1/2
Through the academy years, Kirk and McCoy share a secret. Kirk runs underground fight clubs for men to work off their frustrations. How will he rein himself in and become fit for command?
startrek  st:aos  au  academy  pre-canon  kirk/mccoy  angst  pov-mccoy  fighting  fightclub  fusion  length-medium  pov-3rd  delinquent-kirk  jamestkirk  leonardmccoy  roughsex  slash  sangue  alcoholism 
september 2009 by ratcreature
st_reboot: fanfic: Atheists in Foxholes
When captured by natives who decide to kill their victims via ritual gladiator fights, Jim steps up to the plate and shows that there really is a reason you don't mess with the Captain of the Enterprise.
Notes/Warnings: Violence! It's a ritual gladiator f
startrek  st:aos  randomlyviolentnatives  gen  gladiator  fighting  jamestkirk  leonardmccoy  violence  pov-mccoy  pov-3rd  injured-kirk  injury 
september 2009 by ratcreature
friendshipper: eeeeeee!
astridv made gorgeous fanart inspired by ME! It's for my story Night Ops (Jennifer, Rodney, John; mostly gen with light McKeller, though not in this scene).
fanart  sga  gen  astridv  jenniferkeller  actionadventure  snow  fighting  weapons  johnsheppard  rodneymckay  offworld 
august 2009 by ratcreature
When I was young and fever fell 1/?
AU in which Spock grows up on Earth and meets Kirk as a kid. A series of snapshots of their bond and its growth over the years. In this installment, you'll see the boys at ages 5 and 8.
startrek  au  kidfic  jamestkirk  spock  school  amanda  sarek  winonakirk  spock-raised-on-earth  folklore  kirk/spock  slash  fighting  bullying  fluff  pov-kirk  pov-3rd  earthside 
august 2009 by ratcreature
The Hunters' Archives - Walking Backwards
At the first rest stop, two hours down the road, Sam pays the driver an extra $20 to forget he was on the bus in the first place.
supernatural  gen  stanford-era  samwinchester  pre-canon  roadtrip  pov-3rd  pov-samwinchester  hunting  fighting  bleak  paxlux  length-short  tense-present  estranged  deanwinchester  johnwinchester 
august 2009 by ratcreature
vampychick: Earth Kids Are Assholes
Spock and Kirk make friends while bleeding. So exactly what happened, except they're in grade school. AU. Gen.
startrek  st:aos  earthside  vulcans  academy  spock  gen  jamestkirk  vampychick  length-short  pre-canon  amanda  fighting  friendship  pov-spock  pov-3rd 
may 2009 by ratcreature
auburnnothenna: Fic: WiP: Gypsies, Tramps, and Thieves :: SGA/SG-1 :: a
The first part of a multi-part Alternate Universe story, aka space pirates the au epic of doom. Some bits of teasers previously posted may be recognized. Some dialogue repurposed from SG-1 episodes Prometheus Unbound, Summit and Last Stand.
sga  sg-1  au  spaceship  spacestation  pirates  het  slash  auburn  wip  goa'uld  tok'ra  tok'ra-rodney  lucianalliance  johnsheppard  rodneymckay  vala  danieljackson  janetfraiser  novak  prometheus  offworld  actionadventure  alienculture  aliens  alientech  nonhumanoidaliens  captive  fighting  mckay/sheppard  thieves 
april 2009 by ratcreature
goss: Art (Merlin)
I was looking at ep. 10 and the girls in their battle gear. Was thinking about AUs and switches. What if Morgana and Gwen stepped into the traditonal roles of Arthur and Merlin. Anyway, this resulted...
fanart  goss  merlin  gwen  morgana  gen  fighting  au  episoderelated  ep-merlin-1x10 
february 2009 by ratcreature
That Shall Achieve The Sword
Arthur had just started to get really irritated, as opposed to the low-grade and permanent Merlin-is-late-again irritation that somehow managed to be endearing -- and how exactly Merlin had managed that, Arthur would really have liked to know, mostly so h
merlin  arthurpendragon  utherpendragon  yuletide2008  exile  magic-revealed  fighting  length-short  pov-arthur  pov-3rd  tense-past  protective-merlin  protective-arthur  execution  shalott  series-beltane 
december 2008 by ratcreature
Just Because ♥ - Fic: Coliseum (SGA, Gen, John & Ronon)
He looked up to see them cutting their thumbs across their necks, telling him to kill – and he knew what Gladiators felt. The swell in the chest when they dodged lethal blows, the power of the roar of the crowd, and the pitiful drowning when they passed j
sga  angst  gen  johnsheppard  captive  gladiator  fighting  pov-sheppard  pov-3rd  dogtags  length-short  bakarini  ronondex  offworld  rescue  tense-past 
october 2008 by ratcreature
metroid13 - Daddy (T:SCC Fanfiction)
Always dead. And always a hero. Reflections by John and the last moments of Kyle's life before he steps through the time portal.
terminator  scc  timetravel  gen  johnconnor  kylereese  cameron  angst  derekreese  introspection  pov-kylereese  pov-johnconnor  pov-3rd  length-medium  tense-past  fighting  resistance  metroid13  bloodtransfusion  ep-scc-1x06-dungeonsanddragon 
october 2008 by ratcreature
Horse Machine - FIC: We Say Grace, We Say Ma'am (1/1)
It’s hard to be idealistic when you’re 19 years old. Even harder when you live in a trailer park. Almost impossible when your dad is John Winchester.
supernatural  pre-canon  gen  kimonkey7  samwinchester  deanwinchester  johnwinchester  neighbors  trailerpark  domesticviolence  injury  injured-dean  hospital  teen-chesters  fighting  pov-3rd  pov-dean  tense-past  length-short 
august 2008 by ratcreature
SGA Big Bang: "Imago: The Tao of John" by Kristen999
Imago: a creature in its final stage of development. John receives a gift that might be used to destroy the Wraith. It might also kill him. Can his team convince him that the cost is too high? Team plus Carson and Elizabeth.
sga  bigbang  gen  kristen999  length-novel  team  johnsheppard  au  episoderelated  ep-taoofrodney  rodneymckay  ronondex  teylaemmagan  elizabethweir  carsonbeckett  ancienttech  tense-past  atlantis  atlantisexploration  radekzelenka  john/atlantis  lorne  geek!john  equations  pov-3rd  pov-sheppard  senses  superpowers  offworld  trading  wraith  puddlejumper  fighting  actionadventure  telekinesis  sparring  mindreading  zpm-search  ascension  caldwell  telepathy  telepath-sheppard  h/c  injury  injured-sheppard  genetherapy 
august 2008 by ratcreature
spn_summergen: Losing is More Fun Than Winning
Dean couldn't believe that Sam was this much of an idiot. There was a reason you never talk to the quarterback's girlfriend.
supernatural  gen  spn_summergen  samwinchester  deanwinchester  pre-canon  teen-chesters  highschool  fighting  injury  injured-sam  badass-sam  pov-dean  tense-past  pov-3rd  length-short  characterstudy  littlealex 
august 2008 by ratcreature
thetruebard: Avatar/SGA Fic: "Needs Salt"
Rodney hadn’t expected to be buying supplies in a landlocked nightmare a whole continent away from home, and he was logically getting pretty cross with the merchant across the counter.
sga  avatarthelastairbender  gen  fusion  au  thetruebard  pentapus  artword  fanart  humor  team  johnsheppard  rodneymckay  teylaemmagan  ronondex  elements  waterbending  fighting  trading  length-short  pov-3rd  pov-rodney  tense-past  earthkingdom  firenation 
august 2008 by ratcreature
Black Dragon - Story - Eternity: Ch. 1
“There are a lot of galaxies out there. Lots of worlds to explore. Things we can't possibly begin to imagine. If... if you... survive, if you make it back in our lifetime, find me, okay? Because I want to hear all about it.”
sga  kriadydragon  johnsheppard  futurefic  gen  actionadventure  atlantis  spaceship  atlantis-cut-off-from-earth  stranded  spaceexploration  alienculture  nonhumanoidaliens  alienwildlife  alientech  ori  asurans  john/atlantis  immortal!john  offworld  originalcharacter  pov-3rd  pov-sheppard  tense-past  jungle  aliens  firstcontact  rodneymckay  isolation  trading  food  puking  teaceremony  grieving  fighting  length-long  sad  impliedhet  sheppard/ofc  rodney/teyla 
july 2008 by ratcreature
Pegasus Galaxy Moments - SGA fic -- New Tricks ch.1
My first multichaptered SGA fic. I don't really know why, for a first fic, I went with AU. Especially dog!fic AU...
sga  wip  gen  au  dog  dog-pov  dog!sheppard  dog!ronon  ronondex  pov-ronon  wraith  earthside  non-stargate  fighting  tense-past  animals  dogfighting  police  alleonh 
july 2008 by ratcreature
...Daydream Believer... - SPN Fic: The Empty Man (1&2)
Sam managed to get Dean out of the deal. But six months after Dean's year should have been up, Sam and Dean still have to deal with the aftermath.
supernatural  legoline  gen  samwinchester  deanwinchester  bobbysinger  angst  melodrama  reel-spn  blindness  blind-dean  deal  language  college  pov-samwinchester  pov-dean  pov-3rd  pov-multiple  disability  h/c  fighting  injured-sam  injury  length-long  tense-past 
july 2008 by ratcreature
Balance of Power, a Supernatural fanfic - FanFiction.Net
Dean and Sam get into a fight at school, and John finds himself in the principal’s office. Lucky for the boys, his standards for behavior are a bit different from hers.
supernatural  gen  pre-canon  wee-chesters  school  teachers  bullying  fighting  samwinchester  deanwinchester  johnwinchester  pov-3rd  pov-johnwinchester  length-short  tense-past  philote  injury  injured-sam  injured-dean  protective-sam  protective-dean 
july 2008 by ratcreature
Fangirling - Fic: Helping Hands
John and Teyla search for the Athosians after a possible clue is found during the clean up of the settlement.
sga  gen  impliedhet  johnsheppard  teylaemmagan  offworld  athosians  alienculture  friendship  music  trading  lorne  reports  wildcat88  fighting  teyla/kanan  samanthacarter  pranks 
june 2008 by ratcreature
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